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straight Roomate’s drunk friend’s heartbeat with snoring and stomach

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This is my straight roommate’s best friend heart beating (and snoring) while passed out in the living room. They came home drunk and my roommate went to bed. His friend was passed out in the loveseat. I came out to use the bathroom, and saw him there, passed out cold. I checked his pulse on his neck, and he didn’t move, so I got my phone and recording gear, and went for the heart! Got it!!!
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loudheart2003 (2 months ago)
This recording was made with a cheap “heart buddies” plastic stethoscope, if you can call it that. I ordered a ThinkLabs One. Should arrive this week! Can’t wait to try it out! It’s self-powered with built-in amplification and filters. Sound quality should be MUCH better. Unfortunately, Matthew and I are no longer roommates. So it’s unlikely I’ll get to record his or his hot friend’s heart again. 😔
waterfirethunder (4 months ago)
That's awesome. Please share more videos with images next time.

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