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City Girls - Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)

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Stream "Girl Code EP" featuring "Twerk ft. Cardi B" https://qualitycontrol.lnk.to/GirlCode Follow City Girls: https://www.instagram.com/citygirls https://twitter.com/CityGirls_QC https://www.facebook.com/CityGIrlsQC Music video by City Girls performing Twerk. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/7VCFXh
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Text Comments (108044)
SeekingHeizzer (8 minutes ago)
This song is nuts
MrBankShot4Life (10 minutes ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I’m bad at poems Cardi B is a rapist
Tashon Fitzpatrick (11 minutes ago)
I sho bee on here twerki my ass 💯💯💯😋😋
jordan williams (26 minutes ago)
The song is called Twerk
Indicasesh (1 hour ago)
This shit was written by lil yachty to or what 😂
Jain Nassir (1 hour ago)
Lmfao Cardi dressed as tigger on the pole literally climbing it like a gym rope is hilarity at its finest 😂
Anaella Anna (1 hour ago)
Bonjour Nicki Minaj & cardi B vous voulez bien mémoriser
Sabriel Lone (1 hour ago)
of course cardi would do good on the pole
Hakan Cage (2 hours ago)
nigga's paradise
porcelain100 (2 hours ago)
y'all need a t shirt that says "flewed out airlines". I'd buy tf out of it haha
Alexacastro 509 (2 hours ago)
La culiza jajajajaja
SonicSwift99 (3 hours ago)
The national thot anthem
Diana Ngotho (4 hours ago)
The last gurrrl got me in my feelings
Reyana Marie (4 hours ago)
ooh I know that they had to have sand all in the booty and toe nails
fatbanana (5 hours ago)
Woooowwweee so empowering!!! This truly makes me feel like I'm not just a pair of tits and ass, thanks cardi hun xo
King E. (5 hours ago)
3:16 wtf LMAO
Azim Malik (5 hours ago)
I find this video very disgraceful, disgusting, disturbing, and so distastefully done.
the heel (6 hours ago)
Just a male viewer..
82727192 72728282 (6 hours ago)
I'm watching this with one hand
Aleksandar Nikolic (6 hours ago)
Song made for eyes...yuck
Jean Ndukwe (7 hours ago)
fack u
Naughty Grandpa (8 hours ago)
I want to impregnate every girl in this video and have twins with cardi because she is very special and deserve it
mike bye (9 hours ago)
keepnet t dutch told my to come
Random Videos (9 hours ago)
MAAAn that place must smells something!!!
Andraya Smith (9 hours ago)
1:40 and 2:24-2:26 haha so funny y'all and at the end was so funny hahaha Such a big fan of rap eooowwwww
mc kolibandı (9 hours ago)
Madison Keisha (10 hours ago)
Lol you can see cardi spitting while rapping
Madison Keisha (10 hours ago)
In these clips city girl looks like henessy
Lea Try (10 hours ago)
To. Inappropriate for me and kids
siti munirah (11 hours ago)
Tron Cat (11 hours ago)
Ok fr fuck the twerking can you imagine how annoying these hoes were on set
VideoDj Source (11 hours ago)
Video Remix Source https://youtu.be/5WdLGVpDqpY
IntR Gold (13 hours ago)
“Flaud our” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Kiean Shay (14 hours ago)
hey Female empowerment am i right. LOL the feminists should be pissed off at this.
Kiean Shay (14 hours ago)
Wtf, is this
Darli Sandoval (14 hours ago)
Outta all of them girls cardi the baddest🤪
Hollynking Jones (15 hours ago)
Trash trash trash
canadianhaitian (15 hours ago)
Kids dying of poverty and these idiot giving away 25k for the best “twerker” 🤦🏽‍♀️
cWitDaTrees (15 hours ago)
I kinda like this song KINDA
Jay C (15 hours ago)
Bitch spell it, butta brain ass lil gul
This divine ass (15 hours ago)
Women EMPOWERMENT idcidcccc🍑🍑🍑✨✨✨
Fenixlegacy Purpleashes (15 hours ago)
Fat ass bitch
Sonny Rodgers (15 hours ago)
Ok who else jacked off to this 🍆
Hailee Ifk (15 hours ago)
hezo lol
David Santiago (15 hours ago)
3:16 lmao that shit mad funny
The Crowned One Israel (16 hours ago)
That’s all our blacks sisters know how to do now days... and they claim they want respect.
Jbdadon01 _Yt (17 hours ago)
Jbdadon01 _Yt (17 hours ago)
We all know she stole 69 memo
Cardi's twerking reminds me of when she was a stripper. Before you butthurt Cardi fans come at me, I love Cardi, this is me reminiscing on her stripper days. This is me simply trying to make a joke.
Toyota Toddler (17 hours ago)
Nice when's the Christian version coming out
Townes McGehee (17 hours ago)
Hentaiheaven (18 hours ago)
looks like I don't need to go to pornhub anymore
Bryan Baker (19 hours ago)
Love this videos sucker for that ass LOL....Dope Video💯🤘
ϟ Spaso Limasse ϟ (19 hours ago)
I really enjoyed the music
Chase Cieslar (19 hours ago)
50 percent porn 50 percent music. Balanced as everything should be. Thanos loves it.
Gabby Baby973 (19 hours ago)
Anybody feel like Nicki Minajs neq song Wobble has that same sound in the beginning? Or is it me? Cuz the city girls and cardi did this a long minute ago.
Jeremy Benson (19 hours ago)
Her earing fell out 🤣🤣😅
itowickedcrack 16 (19 hours ago)
I imagined the camera guys looking at ass all the time 😂
Gucci Life (19 hours ago)
That's alot of ass 😂😂
Maddie Kirschner (20 hours ago)
This was for the best twerkers but that is not gonna happen by watching these girls holy crap
Ashley U (20 hours ago)
I loved those butts
Awa Samaké (20 hours ago)
lol all type of twerk
Magen Martin (21 hours ago)
What was 3:18 about LMFAO can't stop laughing
malik. tv (20 hours ago)
Magen Martin (21 hours ago)
Damn this made me wet
Lindsay Ford (21 hours ago)
That upsets me that there's only one white girl u barely see(with no ass)in this video. Like @CARDIB girrrrrl!!!!!!! U need some big booty white girlfriends???? Holla at me boo 😘 U KNOW COCO MY COUSIN, & U KNOW IT'S REAL WE GERMAN!! HEHEHEHE
Lil Cambo (21 hours ago)
One of my proudest nuts🙏🏾
Chango Diss Trackzz (21 hours ago)
Who needs pornhub when we got this
RT TeK (21 hours ago)
11% music 87% girls 99% ass 100% twerk
Airdoesmc (22 hours ago)
oh no I have to do something removes this from history
Philippe Lepage (22 hours ago)
Ce clips est vraiment dégelace!😳😳😳😳😳😳😤😤😤😳😤😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱
Maxstard (22 hours ago)
cardi is bad...
Zai Amissa (17 hours ago)
😆you are jealous
Ying Main (22 hours ago)
13 year old approved, don't ask how I judge...
Gob Berrit (22 hours ago)
I am not a fan of all twerking crap. I grew up in the 90s and girls shaked their ass but not so blatantly and obvious. It’s much more appealing when the girls ass and body shakes when they aren’t trying to make it! Like 2pac said “hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy!!
zanrath12345 (23 hours ago)
yall complaining about flewd out. @ 0:42 listen to what the pilot says
Haajacxc (4 hours ago)
I was here for some good quality music and to have a good time.... Now i gotta go to pornhub and finish this
Ved kolambkar (4 hours ago)
We gotta end what's started its time BLYAT to attack Berlin no time for fetish fulfilment do it back the way home (nothing serious just joking)
Nosipho Milomo (23 hours ago)
I'm literally reading the comments after watching the whole vid, on how one of the girls earings flew off, which i didn't see and i aint about to watch this again...HELL NAH!!!!
Sabrina Bynum (1 day ago)
The end omg the end! 😱
Ysa Ovalles (1 day ago)
Haws7 (1 day ago)
Zebul Qebul (1 day ago)
Why most of them are black?
PAPA DAPA (1 day ago)
Ass worship is an african trate, it basically means, I'm healthy and i have food. Twerking is an african fertility dance, oldest dance on earth 🌎
Pixel Pudding (1 day ago)
1:50 Is no one really gonna talk about this girl who backflipped into the water?
Jason mai (1 day ago)
No one actually payed any attention to the lyrics.
David James david (1 day ago)
WTF did i Just watch
PLAYPRO (1 day ago)
We all know why came here🍑... for the music ofc
What the fuck lovely
Alana Mathews (1 day ago)
I wish I had an ass
Orchid X (1 day ago)
OK. having watched the whole thing--women collaborating and dapping up other women. I can get with that.
Orchid X (1 day ago)
Flewed out? I hope they make a ton of money, and spend some on an education--and make more.
Tanniesha Dumas (1 day ago)
Oh shit my dad came in 😮
Jealous they can twerk better then me...
"Thick fine "
Nina Ali (1 day ago)
I love how they have mostly darker toned women in here!!!! 🍫💍💕😻
Deny Buga (1 day ago)
#Twerk #CityGirls #❤YaCardiB
Calais Hemara (1 day ago)
Go on ig look up @chimpbrothers click the vid with the chimp with a whit fluff by its butt
Ale Alexia (1 day ago)
Øperative FøX (1 day ago)
i got a boner 🤣🤣 my bad
82727192 72728282 (1 day ago)
1:50 I'm weak
82727192 72728282 (1 day ago)
Rafael Ramos (1 day ago)

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