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Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim

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Text Comments (22734)
Wavebuilder14 UDC (18 minutes ago)
Law and Order
Wavebuilder14 UDC (25 minutes ago)
0:53 Bruh
Epic Gunner (43 minutes ago)
Best part is the intro is so long thus only allowing a few seconds of actual show then ending
Carolyn Henry (1 hour ago)
What IS this? Like, who gets high and creates this? rofl :D
Eddie Bolacito (11 hours ago)
Jalon Fonseca (13 hours ago)
Sci fi COOKS soundtrack rips off Knight Rider
Edward Symbolist (22 hours ago)
Honestly? I thought Unedited Footage of a Bear was more interesting.
como estas (1 day ago)
i read it cocks 😲
So wait... Was the father the serial killer in the background the whole time? I LOVE IT!
Should be the opening song for Hells Kitchen
+Gordon Ramsay I'm aware of the meaning of this video. It was only intended as a joke. The same humor you are using pretending to be a millionaire chef.
Gordon Ramsay (1 day ago)
Have a good look at the comment bellow yours in the "newest comments section"...
Gordon Ramsay (1 day ago)
It's fuckin' bland.
Gordon Ramsay (1 day ago)
Good english. Edit: ...and, no.
JeremyJJMill5 (1 day ago)
But it doesn't they can't fill their hearts with so much love...?
Bent Helical (1 day ago)
not longer than the intro to the Brady Brides.
Roxanne Cirineo (2 days ago)
Lmao the killer just wanted to be the main character. Buddy did what he had to do, how are you gonna eliminate the competition with that many characters?? Exactly. Murder, duh. Gotta respect the hustle. RIP Smarf tho, was rooting for him.
A Blosch (2 days ago)
More like "Too Many Kooks."
TheTcGuy (2 days ago)
dragonball in a nutshell
Bigodinho gamer (2 days ago)
Vc vai ver só diogooooo kkk
2 minnie cooks
Monkey Jesus (4 days ago)
Too many cucks.
Diogenes TheDog (4 days ago)
Diogenes TheDog (4 days ago)
6:06 0_0 >.<
Diogenes TheDog (4 days ago)
now add John Wick
Lydia Hartzell (5 days ago)
Who else is watching this high?
This was a weird anime.
Honey I’m ho- “TOO MANY COOKS”
Natalie Skye (6 days ago)
Anyone else see a similarity with the “Don’t hug me I’m scared” series?
Was the title always the same font as in the actual video?
Game Corner Guy (6 days ago)
I think this video needs more Cooks.
Yoshimaniac (6 days ago)
it's really hard to pick a favorite character, there are just TOO many of them!
Derpiest Game-Blast (4 days ago)
What about Ken Delozier? He's amazing.
Lauren A. (7 days ago)
this is the rick and morty episode with the space parasites who come from flashbacks open your third eye!
TheresNoHappyEnd (7 days ago)
When your fanfiction derails
just poseidon (7 days ago)
I Knew That Adult Swim Shows Some Very Weird Stuff, But This, This Is Ridiculous.
Gabriel Wells (7 days ago)
I wonder how many will have this song in their head while on their deathbed thinking about the absurdity of existence?
Slaps and bops, cooks, stews and disturbs
Maekar I Targaryen (7 days ago)
Damn Victoria Sun
I played this at 0.25 speed and used it as spooky background music
Gaea Cassidy (8 days ago)
Apparently I've seen this before, but I have no memory of it
Ashwin Halepet (8 days ago)
Excuse what the actual fuck did I just watch?
GavBreezy FC (8 days ago)
This is literally a masterpiece
NickHomie (9 days ago)
The cat, in his dying effort, tried to activate the bomb and exterminate the amount of cooks in the universe. In his dying efforts, he activated the bomb but only found, in his death, a hellish after life of every cook that every was or will be.
Brooklyn P (9 days ago)
Doctor: You have exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds left to live... use your time wisely... Me: *watches this video*
BabyZen86 (9 days ago)
I think it’s suppose to show the underlying darkness that surrounds our nostalgia
Lewis's rant (9 days ago)
James Elzie (9 days ago)
0:15 Enid from The Walking Dead
Urion (10 days ago)
I'm still wondering how they made the title look like that
killgaz motron (10 days ago)
3:02 hes in the back. (edit, hes all throughout the vid before he starts killing people, stalking the characters, holy shit lol. first shot is 0:20 )
Darius (11 days ago)
i was way too high when i first watched this
justin fwibber (11 days ago)
Honestly my biggest problem with this is the fake screams. Remove them and this would be perfect.
armageddon1981 (11 days ago)
Still waiting for season 1 😂😂😂
killgaz motron (11 days ago)
This is why i like adult swim. sometimes they just make nonsensical terrifying nightmares from my childhood.
Matt Welch (11 days ago)
Fill our hearts with so much, so much love.
Paul Decker (11 days ago)
2:23 First sighting of the killer.
malyee (12 days ago)
The creepy murder guy: *smiling and eating a human foot* Me:*smiles back*
malyee (12 days ago)
Coat looks like pete wentz
Hasan mert şimşek (12 days ago)
Not enough cooks. I am disappointed
ColoroadoKid (12 days ago)
Now that’s what’s I call television
Andrea Dr Fanis (12 days ago)
Influences from Inland Empire among the others
Dustan Carlson (12 days ago)
*too many cooks...*
GameWorks12 (13 days ago)
I remember when I first seen this and was SOOOOOOOO confused
Biniam Gaming (13 days ago)
I wonder how many cooks there are🤔
Too many cooks: the furries strike back
psychotrip (13 days ago)
I fucking love this. I love coming back to this and trying to make sense of it. There's so many angles to approach this video. My favorite is to try and look at it literally, and imagining this chaotic sitcom universe becoming increasingly chaotic and spreading like a virus into other sitcoms. But I think the "deeper meaning" is pretty simple. It's in the name itself. It's about the creative process in entertainment, and how too many people, ideas, outside influences, and too much ambition can ruin a creative project. It's about how trying to please everybody ends up with a garbled mess that pleases nobody. It's easy to see every "addition" to the show coming from some corporate office or focus group that doesn't really understand what people want to watch and why. Watch it again and try to imagine being in the studio when these ideas are pitched and thrown into the show without any deeper thought. "What if there were LITERAL cooks! We need a cute sidekick for the kids! People like sex right? Make her topless ALL THE TIME. Throw in some diversity but keep it shallow and pandering. Wait...guys...what if they were IN SPACE?!?!" In short, Too Many Cooks is about everything wrong with entertainment.
Cheryl Young (13 days ago)
What did i just watch
Ace C (14 days ago)
Cocaine is a helluva drug.
SAVUFILMS (14 days ago)
Will dove.
James Anderson (14 days ago)
2 cooks are present within this sketch episode
Morf Vandewalt (14 days ago)
They seriously named the Asian actor V.C.? 🤣
SpectrumTwelve (15 days ago)
I'm at the part where she runs away and the names are just on everybody this is so weird this is some black mirror shit
kotx3 (15 days ago)
Too Many Cooks
Monkey Jesus (15 days ago)
This is kind like what being in a 11 day meningitis coma is like. The closest I've ever seen.
Monkey Jesus (15 days ago)
Also this never not good.
Brandyn Little (15 days ago)
Oh I get it, it's an ironic comment on captilist society and the dangers of a free press. Inspiring
Creative Dreamer (15 days ago)
Is it sad that I know the whole theme song?
Thomas C. (15 days ago)
Doug Walker should review this.
THFrostyy (15 days ago)
I dont get blyat.
Jack Bous (16 days ago)
I heard the crazy lady from "Moms" is in this for a brief moment but I couldn't spot it, help me out someone
Eric Lemieux (16 days ago)
This felt hours long, others must experience this.
Addy Revolution (16 days ago)
This may very well be the funniest thing in the hole of the internet. f ckin' adult swim; you gotta hand it to the pros. 💯
Thomas Mueller (16 days ago)
i look like Will Dove
BabyBrwneyez (16 days ago)
There is just too many cooks...
TheGhostGamer (16 days ago)
this showed Sucked. this could've been good Show if it was actually a show... and not intro of people names and smiling at the Camera i mean really this was horrible the song was stick in my head for month till i had stop watching Adult Swim. they should've made it show
Lenka Anastasovskká (17 days ago)
Germany cooks XD :)
J T (17 days ago)
Well...it’s time for bed now. Can’t wait for a juicy slice of nightmare that this thing will give me.
TheGhostGamer (16 days ago)
they having theme song stuck in your head
???? (17 days ago)
holy fuck i thought it was almost over and i was only at 2:18
MarisPekTek 20667 (18 days ago)
9:00 me too.
Mr. Tux (18 days ago)
Nothing this perfect should be allowed to exist
jedijones (18 days ago)
As Ferris Bueller once said, A: You can never have too many Cooks and B: If I'm gonna get caught, it is NOT gonna be by a Cook like THAT.
Flacco Ohno (19 days ago)
Aye whoever came up with this put me on with your drug dealer cause he got some good shit
Skout (19 days ago)
what happened to the title?
Dragon Wolf (19 days ago)
Samuel Elijah (19 days ago)
I'm super high
Milton Lopes (20 days ago)
this series will have to exist!
Steven Park (20 days ago)
Reminds me of ddlc
Agent California (20 days ago)
To quote random Asian A-wing pilot: Theres...to many of them!
DarkurSrike (20 days ago)
3:35 that's the editor and producer of this. That's his name
Sable Table (20 days ago)
Not enough cooks
*********** (20 days ago)
Niggas can track my every move but can't keep calm and work well under pressure
Cambodian Exploits (21 days ago)
Genius. I really wish that was a real disease. Any mad scientists reading this...
Max Thyme (21 days ago)
Never hated you cunts more to death than I do every time this stupid garbage plays. Fuck off.
Ken Renzo (18 days ago)
You're getting really mad over a video, bud. Everything alright at home?
rockitawkwardly (21 days ago)
TOO MANY COOKS has the exact same philosophy as Thanos
Lanngeax. (21 days ago)
Lol, look at that title
yume mirai (21 days ago)
Something something lynks disease

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