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It All Ends The Same: Drunk Driving

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Drunk Driving is NOT a joke. I created this video after reading some stories about victims of drunk driving.
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123456RaulMorales (4 years ago)
2 drunk drivers disliked the video.
123456RaulMorales (4 years ago)
Drunk drivers are a bunch of losers and a bunch of wusses who have a license of getting away with murder!
123456RaulMorales (4 years ago)
I hate drunk drivers UNTIL THE END OF MY LIFE! Drunk drivers are responsible of ALL OF THE tragedies around the world! 
Evan Levow (5 years ago)
When someone chooses to drive with their BAC above the legal limit, they make a very bad choice that can cause a lot of harm to themselves and anyone who has the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
bluelover1430 (5 years ago)
my husband is army reserves.
bluelover1430 (5 years ago)
I see you are in the army. Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for making this video. My friend was hit by a drunk driver who was 3x the legal limit. He was going 90 mph when he hit her jeep which caused her to roll numerous times and land in a field. She was upside in her jeep for almost 4 hours, in a coma for 47 days and suffered a TBI. The idiot went out and got another DUI but luckily no one was injuried that time. He is still on trial for my friend's accident.
David Katz (6 years ago)
You are absolutely correct in that these persons chose to take that first drinks. They also chose to continue drinking and to get behind the wheel of their vehicles. Drunk driving is completely avoidable. With so many alternatives that are available, there is no reason for anyone to drive drunk.
Paul Mendoza (6 years ago)
Anybody else had to MUTE the song, some people can't stand country music, no matter what, its irritating to my ears
DoubleM55 (6 years ago)
I was once drunk while driving, it didn't end the same! ha...
gosportjamie (2 years ago)
+DoubleM55 It didn't end the same THAT TIME. BUT it's a law of diminishing returns, every time you drive drunk your chances of being involved in a serious or fatal crash increase massively. Eventually it WILL happen...
lostinYourReality (7 years ago)
I'm a victim of a drunk driver as my cousin who was in a passenger seat. Let me tell you that we are extremely young. I am 18 and she is 16. Thank god no serious injury was involved but the whole mentally ruined us. It was kinda hard to deal with at first. We thought that stuff would never happen to us. We were just talking and suddenly out of nowhere on top of a hill a driving on the opposite lane approached us and he was swerving his car severely. And ran into us. The mental image still burns!
Ecolife Spa (7 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this and reminding us all the lesson.
spencer9449 (7 years ago)
My friend just died last night because of a drunk driver....
Trainmasterryan (7 years ago)
the sooner i finish school the sooner i can start taking drunks off the road, wish me luck everyone and hopefully i can prevent accidents like this from repeating
Robbie Gotcher (8 years ago)
@skunkapotamus still you
Robbie Gotcher (8 years ago)
@skunkapotamus your a fucking idiot
Ann M (8 years ago)
@goldenflag2 Dear heavens I am deeply sorry that you lost your little sister.
Ann M (8 years ago)
Thank you for this amazing video. I hope people will think before driving drunk. R.I.P to all victims.
rayne bubble (8 years ago)
hi i sent your video to an ex friend who thought it was a good idea to drive home last night while over the limit, i hope he watches it and understands that doing such a stupid thing can ruin so many lives.. its a very moving video and you have done a great job. i think it should be shown in schools, and on national tv to show the impact it has on people.. and hopefully people will take note, and lives can be saved. well done x
Jerimiah1977 (9 years ago)
Awesome video, forget all the special effects and stuff, get the stories out there, that's what is important.
William Irwin (9 years ago)
They could try calling a taxie, then when they wake up in the mornign and after they have breakfast and sovberup, the could call another Taxi, and go get their car.... If you can afford to DRINK!, you dcna AFFORD TO CALL A CAB!!!
carlos esquivel (9 years ago)
its the politics, who allowed drinking, besides peop
Dawn Cherie (10 years ago)
This is so horrible to see. All these innocent people that did nothing wrong, minding their own business get taken out of this world, because of someone wanting to have "fun". It's so heart breaking. To all the victims of this horrible act, I will keep you all in my prayers. NOBODY should have to go through the pain and sorrow of what a drunk driver does. Always remember, they are watching over you in Heaven. They'll never leave you...God bless you...
chrissiexxowns (10 years ago)
you did an amazing job on this video, and i'm shocked it has no comments. it really made me think. i've always been very opposed to drunk driving, but this confirms it. this video was really sad, but it sure is an eye-opener.

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