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French Country Kitchen Decoration_SLIDE_VIDEO

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French country kitchen decor ideas in blue and white traditionally goes with deep reds, vivid gold, rich blues, and muted greens. But, it is possible to create this kitchen style by combining cobalt blue and white for classic look. To incorporate these two colors, you have many ways to go including hand-painted tiles, wall and cabinet paints, fabrics, dishes and the last is accessories. With true blue and white color scheme, it gives you two wall color options that are white or blue. Many shade options you can go within this color palette. It would be interesting if you keep the walls in solid white and use the cobalt blue for decorative items to create outstanding look. The alternative could be by painting the walls in soft and pale blue to add more color to your kitchen while providing plenty contrast for cobalt blue items. Well, cobalt is very vivid and strong. Therefore, when you use cobalt to paint all walls in your kitchen, it makes the room overpowered. It is better to use cobalt for one well-chosen accent wall to give rich color. It looks very much to add painted cabinet in French country kitchen. It is allowed to have stained wood and paint your cabinets in either blue or white so that the focus will be on blue and white color scheme. Get rustic and aged feel by painting the cabinets in antique white. If you think that white cabinets are too common, you can choose blue cabinets and paint it carefully. Be sure that it doesn’t too bright. Muted gray-blue or antique pale blue will create Old World French country look. However, cobalt will easily give too bright or contemporary design. It is important to note that the French country styling for kitchen requires tiles as the important part whether on floor, walls or backsplash. All-white subway could provide clean and classic look in walls or backsplash and at the same time it offers you to change the color scheme easily at anytime. You can add textural interest if you go with creamy white tiles in relief patterns. For you who love dramatic statement, adding cobalt and white tiles in checkered pattern is the best option. Use hand-painted tiles in country themes such as outdoor scenes, flowers and fruits are classic so that it could be a charming focal point. To add softness and authenticity, consider choosing the right fabrics for table linens, upholstery or curtains. Toile is the traditional French fabric that commonly used for outdoor scenes in single color on white background is the perfect option for French country kitchen decor.
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