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Has Meghan Markle already had a style makeover? Then and now

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Meghan Markle style: Has Prince Harry's girlfriend ALREADY undergone a wardrobe makeover? Suit star's fashion transformation uncovered Meghan Markle has made some BIG changes since going public with Prince Harry.
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Tiny Dancer (1 month ago)
Horrible Bosses actress? I saw the movie and if you didn't tell me I would have never realized she was the Fed ex girl...
Cristina Kurland (2 months ago)
She did a lot of modeling before she married harry. A gorgeous woman, she did some work in creating clothes and unique dresses. Talented girl.
jean myers (3 months ago)
You have great taste in clothes Megan please don’t change, you look gorgeous.
Cristina Kurland (3 months ago)
Meghan should be firm and not be afraid to speak up how she feels about the Royal. I wish Harry back her up.
Judy Larcom (5 months ago)
Divorced black woman and left over by many man.harry so desperate as if no more other woman he’s so stupid
Tess Deboutellier (5 months ago)
If shes all about htis androgynous bullshit then you know shes got a few screws loose.
Mrs. Greene (6 months ago)
She should change and not rebel against the basic royal ways.
Bobbie Montgomery (6 months ago)
It will be strict but not be as strict as Kate.....
xVSupremacy (7 months ago)
xVSupremacy (7 months ago)
Anorexic with a big Barry head
xVSupremacy (7 months ago)
Deep State Buddhists Wallace Simpson the 2nd
Margo Hr (8 months ago)
Megan is 'trouble' and a divorced slut! Further, the toothless white trash father - looks like a hillbilly and is actually BANKRUPT ! The uppity black trash mother yoga teacher walks around with dirty 'ghetto whore' dreadlocks. Hopefully they will tidy up these two inbreeds before the wedding! I genuinely feel so sorry for Harry he is obviously emotionally quite fragile and now this divorced half breed slut (had over a dozen 'boyfriends'!)has caught him hook line and sinker - I just hope with her promiscuous past they have her checked out for STD's. The bitter half sister is writhing a 'tell all expose so God knows what filthy secrets will be disclosed!
desiree shine (8 months ago)
Megan life in curse always divorce soon or later in few years beside she is crack and fake woman she is not classy and not fit as duchess she will bring harry life in lower position
Catherine Murphy (9 months ago)
my heaven's since Meghan arrived at the Firm, Kate has NOT been off the TV....................so many PR Engagements Kate...........was it worth becoming Mrs Wills...........so much work you'd prefer NOT to do..................Carole you bit off more than Kate can chew????
Anushka Shetty (9 months ago)
When you get a body like 0:46, then you can talk shit. So many jealous women here! 😂😂😂
Anushka Shetty (7 months ago)
0:46 looks like a figure to me 👀
Anushka Shetty (7 months ago)
Anna B, 🗣you are a hater! 😂
Anna B (7 months ago)
Anushka Shetty markle doesnt have a figure shes just a walking skeleton with scrawny chicken legs that loves showing off her fake smile with her veneered teeth!
Catherine Murphy (10 months ago)
my heaven's she has a bit of a Kate Middleton androgynous figure, no waist & not a lot going on up top? but her figure is better than Kate's. Kate's totally straight up down, no waist, no hips, and pimples upstairs.
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+Anna B Shooo... Strong words. Do you hate her that much? What has she ever done to you?
Alexandra Coetzee (6 months ago)
Auctioned and present. Excuse the misspelling
Alexandra Coetzee (6 months ago)
Kate gave herself a parent for graduating from st Andrews Then found out said nose job didn't suit the remaining nose n cheekbones. She had subsequently auctioned her cheekbones and had the bags under her eyes done to Finally another nose job to get the Kate we see today. AND THAT IS GOSPEL TRUTH !!!!!
Anna B (7 months ago)
Catherine Murphy kate haters, well shes certainly alot better than the tramp markle monkey face. At least kate is naturally beautiful and doesnt have to try hard unlike the markle mouse, just watching her acting and being a fake bitch is too hard to watch!
Grace Bertrand (9 months ago)
Catherine Murphy Kate is gorgeous..got everything going for her...Most of all, a total lady and great mother!
Catherine Murphy (10 months ago)
love the shorter shaggier front wear hair, and what a bum???? hope she throws out those wonderful torn jeans......I'm first in the que?
Lynne Williams (11 months ago)
Well it doesn't show
Jamila Nanyondo Kaweesi (11 months ago)
Megan dear, don't mind the negative comments be happy and enjoy for life is short beautiful flower😍😚😘💃💃.
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+desiree shine So that is what you wish? I assume you are classy. You are so judgemental...
Lanisready T (8 months ago)
I love the jealousy that is oozing out of these losers. Lol!!!!! It is fun to watch.
desiree shine (8 months ago)
Jamila Nanyondo Kaweesi her curse life always divorce beside she not come from pure duchess she is not fit as princess and not classy so soon or later she will be divorced before 5 years she really crack and fate woman not classy and not elegant
O O (11 months ago)
Meghan's hair is straggly
Maryann Davey (6 months ago)
Ida Down at least its hair and not fur🐶🐵
Anna B (7 months ago)
Her hair always looks greasy as it she doesnt wash it often, she always looks like she just crawled out of bed and thrown anything on!
desiree shine (8 months ago)
Her hair dreadlocks
O O (9 months ago)
Grace Bertrand For Harry's sake let's hope so
Grace Bertrand (9 months ago)
Ida Down True...but give her time.. she's going to do well...
Grace Bertrand (11 months ago)
Tacky jeans, greasy hair. Clean her up,!
Grace Bertrand (9 months ago)
Anushka Shetty Really...hmmmm
Anushka Shetty (9 months ago)
Grace Bertrand, when you get a body like 0:46..then you may talk shit. BUT I highly doubt that you do. You're just jealous pen hen 🐓
Grace Bertrand (9 months ago)
Anushka Shetty You going someplace miss snotty? Make it faaaar away.
Anushka Shetty (9 months ago)
Grace Bertrand, 🗣girl bye! 🙋
O O (10 months ago)
THE NINJACAT It's free speech comments, my opinion your opinion
mujeres luchonas (11 months ago)
I'm sorry but this couple is not a match. This girl is just a gold digger. Figure out who she is people. She is going to bring conflicts to the royal family watch!
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+Judy Larcom No you are stupid. You see a divorced black woman and you see loose morals?
Judy Larcom (5 months ago)
mujeres luchonas Divorced black woman and left over by many man.harry so desperate as if no more other woman he’s so stupid
Anushka Shetty (9 months ago)
Angelica SIordia, 🗣girl bye! 🙋
THE NINJACAT (10 months ago)
Angelica SIordia gold digger? oh you know her? newsflash...Harry is getting the bargain.
patience obasogie (11 months ago)
Jacqueline Flores True or no truth is irrelevant at this time. What does the royal family bring to the table. They need her more than she need them. If you care about the royal family Don't say anything that will bring wrong comments about the family. I like the royal family. Fan of Harry and Meghan.
Lanisready T (11 months ago)
Please don't let them change you or take away your personality Meghan
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+Anna B Aaargh grow up. He made his choice isn't?
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+Lanisready T I agree with you. Clearly some people need to grow up and concentrate on their lives... Classy? What utter nonsense.
Nondumiso Voyi (1 month ago)
+desiree shine What are you talking about? So you know her very well?
Hermione Granger (4 months ago)
Lanisready T YOU can't change someone who has a NARCISSISTIC personality!
Anna B (7 months ago)
Judy Holiday i agree, harry is just her new play thing for now, i bet she dumps him for one of his richer mates!!
faith (11 months ago)
all of meghans looks are from events and carpet events, where you don’t exactly look casual or dress down
Mayling chang gil (11 months ago)
Noooo i hate this dugger girl😡
Anushka Shetty (9 months ago)
Mayling chang gil, 🗣girl bye! 🙋
Megs (9 months ago)
life is short be like a a flower not like a thorn.
Jennifer Yearwood (11 months ago)
Grace Mukemba (1 year ago)
im happy fore them 😆
Jen Perreault (1 year ago)
Kissing cousin's

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