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Dirty Grandpa (Unrated) - Daytona Beach - HD

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Grandpa: You need me to get your back? Lenore: Only if you promise to get my front first.
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Text Comments (1342)
D_oGe (14 hours ago)
everyone meet the ugliest gold digger in the world...
AllseeingI Lurch (21 hours ago)
SπdR (22 hours ago)
This old ass put like 10 xans in one fucking cup
Phuk Yu (22 hours ago)
Wonder how much jail bait di niro has stuck his shit into...
jackie barren (1 day ago)
Chugging. These pansies with their plastic cups of Coors Light wouldn't last farting time in an Irish party or pub crawl. I met a couple of US servicemen at the Munich Beer Festival. They were yammering about how hard-drinking they were. They were fucking wasted after 4 steins.
*De Niro is a legend. One of my favorites of all time*
Wade Hardel (2 days ago)
Don't watch liberal socialists movie actors.
Richard Sorel (2 days ago)
"A gag reflex? You're chugging a beer, not taking down a horse cock Jason!" Lol
Cletus VanDamme (2 days ago)
3:56 The tug and toss, beautifully executed.
col (2 days ago)
I'd love to left elbow and then knee Bobby in the head
Austin Scott (2 days ago)
Some of that drankkkkk
Shawn Smith (2 days ago)
That purple drank lol
ralphielaurence (2 days ago)
don't use xanx with alcohol kids
zamborghini green (3 days ago)
So much hate in these comments, I actually really enjoyed the comedy
kiyonexus (3 days ago)
Man did a 13 year old write this movie? It's soo bad... I mean like everything, the acting and dialogue... Jeez what fools actually paid to see this? Robert De Niro must have really needed money or wanted to "act" with younger girls
brian5682 (3 days ago)
damn who's the girl at 1:50 she's sexy as hell
Kolby Brian2412 (4 days ago)
What the shit is with this audio?
FaDe_ jsauce (5 days ago)
1 like = 1 person who agrees Aubrey Plaza shouldve been a pornstar
MrMedukneusha (7 days ago)
alcohol tastes so gd disgusting. People that drink it earn my contempt.
Jerry Humphrey (8 days ago)
Daytona beach scene actually shot on tybee island georgia
AirSandFire (10 days ago)
0:57 Sam Hyde
theajtruth (10 days ago)
This movie was great , for the people complaining maybe pull the broom out of your ass and live a little?
Zoey Deutch is the exact female version of Matthew McConaughey . She even talks like him.
Legendary beast (11 days ago)
one of them look like logan paul
My Name is Gladiator (12 days ago)
Another movie ruined by that POC Robert De Niro
JimmyWatchingGames (13 days ago)
Weazel_Withaz (13 days ago)
I wish Daytona Beach was this poppin lol
what a terrible movie lmfao
Robert Polanco (14 days ago)
Personally, I wished that Robert De Niro had NEVER done the movie, "Dirty Grandpa," because it was a BAD comedy film. I can only speculate that De Niro had done the movie for purely financial reasons and nothing else. I can honestly say that I now understand that there is a difference between HIGH cinematic art and LOW cinematic art in historical terms. For me, I seriously blame the powers-that-be in Hollywood for not having better original ideas that have been hard to find.
budha2924 (14 days ago)
The gay black dude and DeNiro MADE this movie
Jim Melton (16 days ago)
I want to see you in person
Christopher G. (16 days ago)
Jesus Christ..... how far has DeNiro fallen? Martin Scorsese has died of embarrassment of ever putting this retard in any of his films.
Prod. Hxrford (20 days ago)
I want some of that motherfuckin draaaaänk
Topgun God (22 days ago)
Isn't this guy embroiled in the hollywood paedo scandal?
0nETAp 1KILL (23 days ago)
That black guy is so fucked
WC Evangelista (23 days ago)
Can't wait for DG 2 !
chris hansen (24 days ago)
Damn I didn't know swoozie was in this
Justin Hall (25 days ago)
A.P..is the victim.
Isaiah rei Tukuvaka (26 days ago)
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Isaiah rei Tukuvaka (26 days ago)
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Renee Del Borrello (26 days ago)
I love this movie so many funny lines. Idk why everyone is hatin
Kakashi Hatake (29 days ago)
I was born in Daytona Beach lol
Feryo ! (30 days ago)
“The diabetes conference?” 😂💀
Danial Dean (1 month ago)
What happen to you robert ... what happen
hunter ricard (1 month ago)
a comedy isn’t supposed to have such disgusting, vulgar, and inappropriate things. ya you can have a funny movie with cussing. ya you can have a funny movie with jokes about body parts. but this is going too far, i mean it’s not even funny-it’s just uncomfortable to watch.
Gordie Woodlee (1 month ago)
wasted xanax
coolio flite (1 month ago)
Metkel Samuel (1 month ago)
You don’t. Mix xans with alc
Kofs ! (1 month ago)
Only here for zac efron
Pandaiskey (1 month ago)
2:04 Cost 1 Like!
XD_ EpicShooter (1 month ago)
*unrated* Mom let's me watch *Hears swear word* Kicks my door down
Recruit Bot (1 month ago)
Beef Cakes (1 month ago)
Wish they would make dirty grandpa 2
Pez (1 month ago)
*If Zac was not handsome/good looking, that girl wouldn't even talk to him*
Ladie and gentlemen... We got him
CrocketNogget 420 (1 month ago)
If you took 30mg of Xanax you would actually die😂
JUAN CORDERO (1 month ago)
Venom God (1 month ago)
Greatest fucking vid ever
Marii Marrero (1 month ago)
Who drank the Xanax?
Dennis Teti (1 month ago)
“Dr. Smith Prescriber” ahahaha on the Xanax bottle
Dillon Robson (1 month ago)
I want a grandpa like that
Buddy Jesus (1 month ago)
Don't know about y'all, but the purple drank part got me real good...also I think right after 2:13 :D the blondes reaction is genuine...
Deez Nuts (1 month ago)
“Your chugging a beer, not taking a horse cock” lmfao
Blue Trefoil (1 month ago)
Zac Efron is always in movies that have something to do with love or sex like in bad neighbours he makes a dildo out of his dick
K3gsie (1 month ago)
What the fuck did I just watch.
Joseph Alvarado (1 month ago)
If only daytona was really this lit
Snowkiller92 & (1 month ago)
Sounds like Gordon Ramsay
Donnie De Leto (1 month ago)
I want to fuck Aubrey Plaza... such a seductress
Pierre Nat (1 month ago)
Such a good movie
Meech (1 month ago)
Ow my ear
Based Hollywood (1 month ago)
Those chugs were atrocious.
bob dylan (1 month ago)
this guy is my boss... literally my fucking boss... its amazing....
Cool Noob (1 month ago)
This inspired me to drink water xD
i'mMasterBaiting (1 month ago)
Who's grandpa is this? He still can kick some ass & t:ts.
Galaad Biganda (1 month ago)
0:49 to many abs bro I only got six
Spaghetti overlord (1 month ago)
Is that April from parks and rec?
Severn Lavigne (1 month ago)
Cody is really sexy. He has amazing body. It’s not a bad film I think. Seen worse.
Chris ray (1 month ago)
Daytona Beach is a dump
Ayhan Çapan (1 month ago)
03:20 He's looking in to the movie camera damn... I've never seen a mistake like this before in a Hollywood movie...
max shelltrack (1 month ago)
That must've been some thick ass horse cock for him to mention gag reflex in front of grandpa definitely wasn't afraid to admit it wonder if he swallowed.🤔🤔🤔🤔.
Rana Astitva (1 month ago)
"You're going down old men. Nobody chugs like me" "I bet, you've been chuggin' bras cum for years" 🤣🤣
Dillon Kummer (1 month ago)
3:21, how did the editor put this shot in? Dude looking straight at the camera.
VCres1000 (2 months ago)
Chugging a beer not a horse cock😭😂
VCres1000 (2 months ago)
All these fuckin people butthurt that's de niro did this movie but forgot all bout meet the fockers.
Wayne Rafferty (2 months ago)
Brilliant movie, de Niro is just fantastic I never thought he would do a role like that haha lol 😂
hagler10033 (2 months ago)
Despise these kind of movie scenes, we all on reality she just say ‘fuck off you dirty old sad bastard’
Delano Blanco (2 months ago)
Plaza is a [what ever chick]
Tanner Schaffer (2 months ago)
Scott Mactavish (2 months ago)
Robert Deniro- What an actor! Somehow he made Zach Efron look tall!
Starscream91 (2 months ago)
As if Zac Effron would ever get into law school.
Duke DownSyndrome (2 months ago)
All conference bruhh which one the diabetes conference?
Michael Rowland (2 months ago)
DeNiro is a weak little puss
Simple Me (2 months ago)
after get corrupted by malay's fucking premier minister, - DeNiro getting more and more ugly !!! - This film is - the confirmation UGLY CROCK !
Wise Ekrem Selim (2 months ago)
Destiny needs to let me fuck them
Sofiya Baimurzayeva (2 months ago)
aubrey plaza is just too old to play a college girl...
Bugler55 (1 month ago)
welcome to every single hollywood movie ever where hsers are played by 24 yos and college are played by 30 yo.
It’s annoying how that girl tries to keep rubbing in that Zach that he can’t fit in because he’s rich
TWO BRACKETS (2 months ago)
Daequans Loot (2 months ago)
Dillon Harper?
Autism Finest (2 months ago)
Bad grandpa better

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