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Dirty Grandpa (Unrated) - Daytona Beach - HD

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Grandpa: You need me to get your back? Lenore: Only if you promise to get my front first.
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Text Comments (1576)
Batmad28 !! (2 days ago)
Ohhhh God just... Come on Bob... I mean... Really?!!
Shankar Bagade (3 days ago)
She had six packs
Pastato (4 days ago)
Sorry did this for my own reason 2:04
Pastato (4 days ago)
Audio quality tho
Squeaker Nerd (7 days ago)
Welcome to episode 7 of why the hell is this in my recommended!
enednas801 (7 days ago)
Would be cool if de niro could just be 30years again and in that insane shape he was in Raging Bull and played in this movie ;) he woulda slapped these pretty boys all over the place ;)
Kyudo Kun (8 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation?
Dave Beyer (9 days ago)
Something tells me that was the funniest scene in the movie 🍿 and it was cringeworthy. Like trying to rehash an old 80’s movie
Ninja 2 (9 days ago)
I got this movie confused with the other bad grandpa movie starring Johnny Knoxville
Kalyan Gautam (9 days ago)
Thats a deformed girl. No boobs
Mr. Reality (10 days ago)
I never thought this movie would be this funny. F’n hiiiiiilarious! Take this movie for what it is...raunchy humor. I see a lot of comments about how De Niro used to be in great movies and has “fallen so low.” He was in great movies and they still play on forever. Now get the stick out of your ass or go to your city’s nearest PAC and watch you some Phantom of the Opera.
bbz232 (11 days ago)
This movie looks cringey
Med Zahr (11 days ago)
Dirty culture alcohol and an old men trying to score girls in his grand children’s age What is funny about that? And they want the world to be like them
Mrigank Gurudatt (11 days ago)
One of the best Classic Modern Day Comedy Movies of all time...Legend Zac Efron lived up to his reputation .
Jesse Clamp (11 days ago)
“Your chuggin a beer not takin down a horse cock Jason” will forever be my favorite movie line 😂
jj rank (11 days ago)
dwl what about u u want some a that drank so a that purple drank
Pastato (4 days ago)
jj rank some of that purple drank
Josh Benton (12 days ago)
Your chugging a beer down not sucking on a horse cock lol
Wendell Thomson (13 days ago)
When someone ask about my retirement plan
Justin Hall (13 days ago)
So how was college?
pykkervots (13 days ago)
DeZiros roles have gone down the pan along with his political views and his disrespectful gutter language. In fact he needs punching in the face
joe bloggs (14 days ago)
What a load of crap
steevev buchsemi (14 days ago)
Aubrey plaza is so hot
Glenn Kile (15 days ago)
Robert De Nero is a piece of shit..
rezin russell (15 days ago)
It's difficult to believe that at one time DeNiro was in Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull.
RED CULT (15 days ago)
Neil McCauley if he wasn't in jail
Oh god, DiNiro must have needed the money to make this shit.
fidel ogbechie (16 days ago)
Damn Robert still giving the needful! Great Actor
Spencer West (16 days ago)
Why is everyone gagging so much. Did Charlie day poison the drinks again?..
axmed mohamud (16 days ago)
Where is my viagra come on girl
Richie Aprile (16 days ago)
HGH gut spotted
Tom bryan (18 days ago)
Embarrassing, De niro should be ashamed.
Devan Anderson (18 days ago)
Ted Bundy: the college years
Kris L (18 days ago)
Man comedy sucks nowadays, i miss the old rush hour style comedy
Arjun Shetty (18 days ago)
Finally this asshole actor robert de niro is doing the type of role he is fit for 🤣 he should stick to doing movies like this instead of giving his political comments about trump . Fuck you deniro . You only did crap 💩 type of roles your whole life 🤣
Tariq Awisat (19 days ago)
Aubrey Plaza is probably the only girl i would pay to have sex with or just talk to
sumit Kanu (19 days ago)
Jleed989 (20 days ago)
It’s always disappointing when a hot woman has an irritating voice
Critic . _. (20 days ago)
I am to be like this grandpa on day
stevenmitsy1 (20 days ago)
This cant be the same guy that was in Casino and Goodfellas ????
JakeArino (22 days ago)
Grand daddy issues
bayron Zavala (23 days ago)
1:38 music????
Youtube Moderator (23 days ago)
Pfft typical hollywood fakeness.... since when are blacks and gays allowed to the party
graveytrain (23 days ago)
Be better if shit around Zac Efron's eyes wasn't so painted on what the fuck is up with that Zach man chill bro
Wefarmer GT (24 days ago)
isnt the first vid was zac effron right?
Dr. Tiggy (26 days ago)
Hey you guys know who I really hate? Sluts. Can't we just have a new holocaust with sluts being the Jews? Hitler should have done that back in the 1940s, do some actual good for this world.
Yoovie (26 days ago)
Florida where old man go to die
thot destroyer (1 month ago)
Lmao robert de niro can act any role. Everyone hating on him cuz he isnt playing some suited up mobster needs to shut that shit up and go watch siskel and ebert in a corner somewhere
Poon Handler (1 month ago)
What were the pills in the drinks?
phil mortlock (1 month ago)
My god Robert DeNiro's disgusting what a filthy man he is he doesn't need to act it's just his personality
wastegate (1 month ago)
deniro should be ashamed of himself for this trash
sandinyourshoes (1 month ago)
An old man is dirty because he still has a libido?
Jimmy Rodas Molestina (1 month ago)
Bitch wasn't even born when Gilligan's island was out
Teeleer (1 month ago)
i think the 1/3 stat is wrong, i think its higher, but only because herpes isnt a dangerous disease. the reason why is because even something like a cold sore is a strain of herpes and often times the symptoms are so benign you dont even know you have it
XxGacha_Cookie xX (1 month ago)
OMG for once Zac Efron isn’t the main character . Like in High school musical and in The greatest showman. And lots more
kobie Womack (1 month ago)
I have gag refleckses
Eric Hollen (1 month ago)
Never saw this movie but these clips are too good. The character dynamics are entertaining for a comedy
TGH Beast14 (1 month ago)
Lmao I just realised the girl was in parks and recreation😂
Ninja Nacho (1 month ago)
How tf did I get here
Sawyer Scott (1 month ago)
0:10 James Charlie’s has left the chat
Todd Egeline (1 month ago)
I would call Robert D. A prick but that's part of a man!!!
STELLA BISWAS (1 month ago)
Zac looks soooooo old here!!
the alpha (1 month ago)
0:35 really girl
M khan (1 month ago)
There were zero boobs between both these girls.
CyberCheese (1 month ago)
Did he just Bill Cosby that drink?
jim h (1 month ago)
Only if the girl gets it If the jerk gets it.. It's creating a good night without jerks...
Jo (1 month ago)
"Youre chugging a beer. Not taking down a hirse cock" oh man i cant wait tonuse this on my old friends
Seto Lucifer (1 month ago)
Aubrey channeled her inner Riley Reid
David Griffith (1 month ago)
This movie might have actually gone somewhere if they had use somebody other than that no Talent hack Dinero
monobg antonina (1 month ago)
One of the greatest compositions and pieces of art in history being degraded to be used in a retarded "comedy" flick. Absolutely degenerate.
TheDebilu (1 month ago)
sıqɐuuɐɔ (1 month ago)
How disgust is she.. Laying there with her booty up... Wtf are you(?)... 😂
onlythewise1 (1 month ago)
dirty granpa was not boring, kinda interesting and little funny four stars
Bliztero productions (1 month ago)
3:54 de Niro is thug 💥😂
Angel Gaming (1 month ago)
Jean Wilconsin (1 month ago)
“Try not to join the cast of rent” lmfao
deejaytrizay (1 month ago)
lmfao @ 30 MG Xan. haha. Yeahhhh...thats like them 7000 mg Lortab...not only that, but they're HUGE big and round...YES I have seen round ones made by Mylan, cool your nutts....but NOT that thick! AND TR's are not that big/nor white. :P
Geezahuh (1 month ago)
worst movie
MikeMeng 1988 (1 month ago)
Just because you don't like a certain type of comedy doesn't automatically make it trash, there's more people on the earth than you, while your opinion is valid, keep it in your own head if it's negative, don't we learn than when were like 4 or 5 years old?
CD Smith (1 month ago)
This movie is actually, aside from the so-called comedy, a serious commentary on the age gap that is everpresent whenever an older gentleman becomes involved with a much younger female. This is a win for every guy who's ever invariably felt out of place, "a little old"... or "a LOT old" around her friends, a little "been there, done that" when drawn into her party scene. De Niro is a champion for all who've ever found themselves in a May-December romance. Dalliance. Kur-fluffling. Whatever you want to call it. Watch and learn as the master show's us all how it's done.
Call me bitchacho¡ (1 month ago)
The best part of this film was De Niro, never put a great actor with shitty ones who can't live up to his reputation. This film was painfully dull at times.
Eachal Rivera (1 month ago)
Lmao all the dislikes are gays
Ethan Le (1 month ago)
Was Zac the one who took that was spiked with Xanax
Jackboy773 (1 month ago)
Just 1 2mg xanax would lay someone out cold if they don't have a tolerance, and would wake up not remembering anything. If they made 30 mg bars and he put 6 in his drink like he did that guy would die immediately on the spot!
Jake Johnson (1 month ago)
Anyone know the music starting around 1:40?
Adam Khid (1 month ago)
I love that look deniro gives when hes relized he tooked the wrong cup lol. No warning hes just like ohhh shit fuck it
2:04 Awesome line.
John Tambascio (1 month ago)
this is hilaiiiiirrrreeeeeyiiiizzzz
Glenn Belafonte (1 month ago)
This may be the gayest most clique "comedy" ever. Dinero sucks balls these days. The Irishman better be good. 👍
It’s Gamer o’Clock (1 month ago)
I don’t think Andy would like this...
JigsawOnFire (1 month ago)
This movie is funnier now since I'm watching these clips.
James grant (1 month ago)
Some of that Drank lmao 🤣
okay ,I'm a jagoff, is that good enough or adequate enough ? Okay I love jizzrael and 170 years of bullshit , is that Politically Correct enough??
TheyCallMeJunior (1 month ago)
what is it that they are actually chugging?
ahmad javed (1 month ago)
Bill Johnson (2 months ago)
I love at the beginning the guys carry the girls away to the hotel and they just abandon all their stuff they had on the beach. Lol
wiinterflowers (2 months ago)
What's "drank" supposed to mean?
Vulpes Lagopus (2 months ago)
xanax and alcohol lol. u can die from that
kEa 2018 production (2 months ago)
Eh she should've said fresh prince
LMG Sixohfour (2 months ago)
Never thought robert dinero would name drop Pimp C loool
mage bros (2 months ago)
okay so those were 30 mg Xanax pills.. and he put like 10 in one drink, thats like 150 bars lmao
pukeylukey199 (2 months ago)
Who the actual fuck brings party cups? case of stella bit of disarono job done

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