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Drunk-Risk It All Official Music Video

75 ratings | 9872 views
Drunk Pending Cases Is NOW online at datpiff.com download Demo free here is the link fwm http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=443565
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Text Comments (22)
Pint Rhedji Z (3 years ago)
Jennifer Moore (4 years ago)
Love it....
Reggie Hubbert (5 years ago)
Pint Rhedji Z all in this video wit Purple Camouflage on Reppin dat Riceboro GA shit big ups 2 my cousin Drunk 4 doing his thang!!!!
305Kush (5 years ago)
I fuck wit it
Lola London (5 years ago)
Latasha Clayborne (5 years ago)
Dats wit I'm talkin bout
Crunkaleat Heathen (5 years ago)
Saayyyy!...yaa, i can vibe to dis here!!
lucaine00 (5 years ago)
Why do rappers always diss women, but say things like "I love my niggas", "Go hug that nigga", "Bros before hoes".
Tia Bigtimebuzz (6 years ago)
ItsMooonique (6 years ago)
DrunksMusic (6 years ago)
Drunk is from Riceboro
DrunksMusic (6 years ago)
mounir diallo (6 years ago)
Where this nigga from??
Big Dee W. (6 years ago)
Raw this shit GO foo! That underground stuff the best. Then when artist make it they lose they hunger
TeknMuhHand (6 years ago)
ooo ya ugly ass hurt my feelings... u neva shulda uploaded dat pic sheesh... caroline n da cut das a scary site... LLS
C. Lincoln (6 years ago)
U must got me confused with yo momma, bitch!
TeknMuhHand (6 years ago)
haten ass bitch..u not evn pretty... ugly bitches always gta whole lot to say
Cuzin P (6 years ago)
thank you
Pending Cases (6 years ago)
link under video
Jayden Siknan80 (6 years ago)
Fly shit I like I like
C. Lincoln (6 years ago)
You skinny ass somalien nigga... go make money and use it to eat. Punk ass nigga.
Cuzin P (6 years ago)
Raw track but i cant find the mixtape on datpiff what the link

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