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Twins reunited after a lifetime apart

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Brother and sister twins meet for the first time since they were separated at birth.
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Nancy Howard (2 months ago)
Nicely done
takemethere78 (6 months ago)
Im a fratter i couldn't picture my life without him bless their reunion
Alex Zander (6 months ago)
God bless them all.
breadandcircus1 (8 months ago)
So sad to know this young man died at the age of 21 years. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.
Leanna Cohen (4 months ago)
He is very missed :(
https://youtu.be/-uahKu8_X8Yplz watch this video once
Reckoning Day (2 years ago)
Jenn Hoff (2 years ago)
Did this moron just say his "real" mother?! Really??? REALLY?!?!?!!
jim68 (3 years ago)
Such a touching story. Thanks to FACEBOOK it has helped me reunite with long lost family and friends. FACEBOOK has help me find a long lost friend that I haven't seen in 27yrs. We r going to reunite soon. I'm so excited.
Kathy Perry (3 years ago)
his REAL mother? wtf his REAL mother is the mother that raised him the other is his birth mother
Marjorie Joyce Baritua (3 years ago)
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207921583186585&set=a.1918109521568.2114805.1506908564&type=3 Kindly Please Click the link then like #NeedSupport #Thankie
AnimaSola3o4 (3 years ago)
My twin brother loves to tell me he's older by 15 minutes. We're fraternal boy girl twins like you two.
Angela Ponder (3 years ago)
http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Angelo-Wright&lc=4279&pid=164246627&mid=5496776 Glad they got to meet there son. Very sad for the family who adopted him.
lambchopxoxo (3 years ago)
+Angela Ponder - this broke my heart :( so sad for the family
Tina Deasey (3 years ago)
+Angela Ponder that is very sad to read :(
Dabbi þór (4 years ago)
Look at his eyes... Clear eyes dont cover everything mate
Jeddica Dyes (4 years ago)
yes it's sad, 2 years later an 84 year old woman killed him, he wasn't wearing his helmet
Bektas Adilgaliyev (4 years ago)
Raphaelus13 (4 years ago)
About that last line, he DID have a home already.  M-well, adoptee psychology is weird.
KELLY CORNELL (4 years ago)
Thank God for Facebook. I have found my 4 daughters. We talk now everyday. I am happy that I have found them & so are they  
Conrad Smith Lacsina (3 years ago)
jennie brady (4 years ago)
my birthday is on november 17th too
Tina Hemingway (4 years ago)
QTBlondeXO (5 years ago)
That is so funny because I am a girl with a twin brother and an older brother as well while they have a girl and boy twin with an older SISTER!
Banana Fight (5 years ago)
Right, BASICALLY Sjhe got rid of him because he was ill.
Kim Hoffman (5 years ago)
My father had a twin (my uncle Joseph) but I never met my uncle because he died when they both were babies.  He died suddenly and my grandmother is still upset at the subject, 46 years later.  Mothers that love their children would do anything for them, if giving up my baby would save his life I would love to give him to some one that can provide for him in ways I can't.  
Angela Ponder (3 years ago)
+Kim Hoffman That is so true...
MultiAustin11 (5 years ago)
So sad to hear of this mans passing, glad he was able to be able to fulfill his dream before he died.
Boadecia (3 years ago)
+TJ Deso http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Angelo-Wright&lc=4279&pid=164246627&mid=5496776
TJ Deso (4 years ago)
how would YOU be able to find that out?
MultiAustin11 (4 years ago)
@Migalors Darwin The twin brother
Migalors Darwin (4 years ago)
Who died?
Chelsea Grana (5 years ago)
I have a twin brother and I am older than him by 2 minutes and Iam a girl but with a older brother.
Carter Worth (5 years ago)
RubyAngel3000/ Maybe she couldn't afford his medical bills and couldn't afford the proper care he need so instead of being selfish and making him suffer she gave him away so he would be with someone that could get the proper help for him.
GP (3 years ago)
+Carter Worth His "real" mother came from a very wealthy family and apparently, it's her nurse that adopted him :( The nurse spent prolly 20yrs of her life raising that guy.
Carter Worth (5 years ago)
ts000 (5 years ago)
I agree with u. Being separated with ur child is heartbreaking. She wouldn't have done it if she didn't need to but she gave him up so he didn't have to suffer
Cindy Wong (5 years ago)
my birthday is nov 17th~
George Bryant (3 years ago)
George Bryant (3 years ago)
George Bryant (3 years ago)
t (5 years ago)
How can he be okay with what his mother did to him? She gave him up due to medical issues... I'd say his foster mom is the 'real' mother in this case. Nevertheless, best wishes to him and his twin!
Mo (1 year ago)
cosmodic you're an idiot
Heaven Hell (3 years ago)
His real mother probably don't have enough money for his medical bills,
Gatusa25 (5 years ago)
Apparently he died in a motorcycle accident! at least he got some time with his family. May he rest in peace..
Cynical Nomad (1 year ago)
Sad to hear that RIP good man
justinbieberabc (5 years ago)
i decided to look up this topic just for fun and it turns out i searched this up on their birthday!
stephm0 (5 years ago)
I wouldn't say his birth mother is his "real" mother. She gave him up. She didn't raise him, feed him, nurture him. 
Tahlia Yoo (3 years ago)
+GP Hey. Chill. Everything I said had good intentions and I was not implying that you were judging, rather that you implied I did, relating to your previous comments. Not everyone on the internet is attacking you. I'm leaving this here because I don't like this kind of faceless argument with someone I don't know, and never will, someone whose story I will never know. So farewell, stop this here.
GP (3 years ago)
+Tahlia Jones Now I'm being sarcastic? Jeez that was just a simple fyi but you're accusing me of judging.
Tahlia Yoo (3 years ago)
Do you? Please don't be sarcastic and try to start a fight. I was being nice.
GP (3 years ago)
+Tahlia Jones I was simply sharing information for people who commented like they know the whole story. Your welcome :3
Tahlia Yoo (3 years ago)
I would rather not judge people I didn't know :3
arianefr78 (5 years ago)
Danny Destroya : you are stupid... That is NOT what I said nor hinted at, Why would I want him to die??? I said he was lucky to have been given up and adopted by a family that loved him... but what a shame his birth mother didn't give up his twin sister as well so that way he could have been raised with his sister... also his birth mother only ever gave HIM up and not any of his sisters, so that in itself is strange... So now where on earth did you stupidly assume that I had said he should die??
Something4 Youtube (5 years ago)
You're basically saying you'de rather him die that be given up and live? LOGIC
AFINKSTER (5 years ago)
I can remember back in the late 60's we took in two infant twins. This brings back those memories. We had them as Foster kids for over a month when the County (CPS) put them back with the parents. Then we learned of the Horrible news that the dad beat the one twin to death. So this is a blessing for this man to be reunited with his family. Hope they choose to live a good Moral Life and not blaming everyone for their lot in life. GOD BLESS and may they all Love one another in Family Unity.
MgkEST19xx (5 years ago)
Hallie Brown (5 years ago)
@sclasspsycho without someone you love it can feel life a lifetime apart.
Sclasspsycho (5 years ago)
A lifetime? They look pretty young to me.
arianefr78 (5 years ago)
It doesn't matter how financially hard things are, you don't give up ONE twin (the boy one) for adoption, either give up both, ask a family member to help out or put them both into foster care, (so that you can eventually get him back)... Perhaps he was better off with a family that loved him for being a boy... It sounds like his birth mother has a problem with boys...
arianefr78 (5 years ago)
Don't judge... It's hard not to... she had four children, three of which are girls and strangely it was only the boy who was shipped off... Then to make matters worse the adoptive parents were never told he was a twin... or at least never told him... and let's be honest it must be very hard for him to come to terms with the fact that his twin sister and his two other sisters were all brought up by HIS mother but he wasn't ... ouch
hellothrful (5 years ago)
Don't judge, maybe they had financial difficulties, they couldn't afford to keep the twin.
Dariene Niles (5 years ago)
She chucked him at birth because he was a sick baby? Seems kinda harsh.
xxxBl00dyDr3ams (5 years ago)
Good for him! :)
Stop Invadingmyprivacy (5 years ago)
Hospitals will accept emergency situations but depending on the familial status of the woman and the year he was put up for adoption there may have not been a resource for a chronic illness. I don't think you understand that some families are barely over thresholds for all the freebies that the freeloaders of society get to take advantage of.
Stop Invadingmyprivacy (5 years ago)
Better for kids to be put up for adoption than kept in a household where the parent is unable to take care of them.
Maris M (5 years ago)
Im a twin and im older by three minutes
Canada (5 years ago)
crippling debt
Bob bobson (5 years ago)
no but it's going to put you way into debt.
Bob bobson (5 years ago)
Steve Cooj.
currikane (5 years ago)
she being a single mother and her son had many medical issues.
shaylabehan (5 years ago)
Your health care system may be fucked up but no hospital is going to deny care to an infant you moron.
Emily Drake (5 years ago)
I'm older than my twin by two minuets also!!
MelanieLouM (5 years ago)
Who in the world would separate twins? Medical issues or not...I wouldn't be able to live with myself! =-O
Edgelord 3000 (5 years ago)
This is adorable ;_;
Mia Leo (5 years ago)
leila duncan (5 years ago)
Parent trap in real life
Abby Brummett (5 years ago)
Hmm if you payed more attention to the video, it said that he had medical problems, which I am sure the birth mom couldn't pay to help for. So instead of him dying, she put him up for adoption to a family that would keep him alive. PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. UGH.
Maggie Hubble (5 years ago)
I wish my adoption experience was on tv meeting my birth family
Marie Castel (5 years ago)
Beautiful! I'd cry so hard if i knew i had a lost twin!
Pedro Alejandro (5 years ago)
soutsoon soutsoo (5 years ago)
I would contact my family if I was adopted even if it took me my whole life to find them and I would tell them," I'm rich biatch " and hang up
TheMiamiZombie (6 years ago)
Yeah, especially if they are conjoined. That would be brutal.
softy gurl (6 years ago)
Did you not listen to the video?
Amarinth Stargazer (6 years ago)
Obviously not you, heartless jerk. Go crawl back under your bridge, troll.
march11stoneytony (6 years ago)
Mom could only afford one and chose a daughter instead
march11stoneytony (6 years ago)
Ugh that guys should take care of his finger nails before going on TV
chall1011 (6 years ago)
Leanna Cohen April 11 via mobile Little brother of two minutes, my twin brother.. I miss you so much already. Ive had the greatest memories with you.. Such an energetic stronge person you are, even though your my younger twin by two minutes I still look up to you. I love you so much, and HEY..ill see you one day. love you so much. R.i.p Angelo
Liz Baker (6 years ago)
There's always a problem looking up these sorts of videos - I am now watching No.16. Last week it was a marathon of Dutch Braids.
PhiFino (6 years ago)
oh my god who the fuck cares !!!
Jay Herrera (6 years ago)
Parent Trap ... LOL
BDUB715230 (6 years ago)
Because he died this April in a motor cycle accident and this video was made in 2011
Bee (6 years ago)
Justice782 (6 years ago)
that nerd is getting some sexy teen pussy
brittanie sidebottom (6 years ago)
Why is everyone saying he's dead? The video and description don't say anything about his death, only about them being united.
Peter Pickles (6 years ago)
how come they fucked the son off in the first place!? seems harsh...
kellster00 (6 years ago)
awe :')
Roxanne Lauzon (6 years ago)
R.I.P ANGELO. atleast he was able to be reunited with his birth mother,sister and his twin before he past away. i wonder what happened to the family who raised him. did he shut them out?
alexandrasig (6 years ago)
like he said, he had medical problems, she probably wanted to keep him but couldn't pay for all the medical treatment
Kristina Lafferty (6 years ago)
R.I.P. Angelo, you will be missed :'( he passed away not too long ago
jesusatepie (6 years ago)
Oh that's all nice and dandy- his mother gives him away because she decides she can't deal with his medical conditions and then he's "back" with them? what about the family that raised him? Bullshit.
JonBenet Ramsey (6 years ago)
awwwwwww! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
Ayla Saferstein (6 years ago)
November 17 is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Kater Sera (6 years ago)
Oooh, I' m sooo sad for you, it must be hard even if you never actually met him. Do you have at least any other siblings? I know, the pain of a loss can't be easily alleviated, but other brothers and sisters can be good friends. I really am sorry.
Lupep90x (6 years ago)
wait, why did she only give away the boy???
Chuk Norris (6 years ago)
My little bros are twins one was taking all the blood but luckly and thankfully they both made it
HZFKZ (6 years ago)
Did anyone else see an advert of a pony doing the moonwalk? Or have I done too much o' de U toobz?
Rocky Abduljabar (6 years ago)
رمت طفلها بسبب مشكلة صحية !!
diana (6 years ago)
@Courtney Walker MIND BLOWN! haha
Jade Jackson (6 years ago)
Courtney Walker (6 years ago)
my dad was a twin and his twin brother (my uncle) has twin girls
Courtney Walker (6 years ago)
my dad was
james rollin (6 years ago)
2 min
kimberly deshane (6 years ago)
kimberly deshane (6 years ago)
aww sorry to here that....iam a twin too
kimberly deshane (6 years ago)
iam a twin.......IF MY MOTHER DID THAT TO ME........I WOULD NEVER TAKE TO HER AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,FUCKING BITCH....HOW could you do that?
Bewafa Janbewafa (6 years ago)
So sweet happy ending
twomey1123 (6 years ago)
i am an identical twin and twins share a unique bond. glad to see them reunited again.
Derek Wong (6 years ago)
MzBrazil83 (6 years ago)
r ** (6 years ago)
My sister's birthday is also on November 17th :)
Ayla Saferstein (6 years ago)
raytwin97 (6 years ago)
Aww.. i am so sorry. i dont know what i would do if my twin brother was gone... i would just be Olivia with out my Alexander. :( God bless you, you are so strong.

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