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Kids Say Funny Things

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SUBSCRIBE here: https://goo.gl/7ZDZHu Funny kids somtimes say darndest things. Watch this compilation and laugh with us. To make compilations we use Videos submitted by the Authors (As claimed). If you the author of the video and you did'n submitted the video to our channel, please send us private message and we will immediately remove your video.
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Text Comments (14430)
rip x (20 minutes ago)
Zachary Kadir-Buxton (57 minutes ago)
0:17 Dacia
do you want a brother no🗣 do you want a sister no🗣 ok what do you want then? PIZZA ROLLS🍕
Most of these kids are spoiled
DBZ Prince (1 hour ago)
when your teacher says homework 6:00
DBZ Prince (1 hour ago)
6:00 kookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoya Ali (2 hours ago)
My poop is my friends you can’t FLUSH THEM!
Ella Goddard (2 hours ago)
6:01 when my mom takes my phone away
Ella Goddard (3 hours ago)
Why you sad Cuz u told me don’t shake my butt Then we can dye I don’t wanna die Qrs now I’m bored Don’t take it don’t take it you might get hurt
Abdul Salim (3 hours ago)
4:20 that face thou
Abdul Salim (3 hours ago)
poop friends
Kl Kl (4 hours ago)
- Don't take it! - Don't take it! - You might get hurt.
Talha 2000 (4 hours ago)
6:01 Hulk Has Joined The Chat~
Mick and Rorty (4 hours ago)
1:08 im your friend bud
Uni CornBae (4 hours ago)
the gamer (4 hours ago)
Nctgb SD ugij Ty equipment
Yt Sarah_0564 (5 hours ago)
6:35 this is wha5 children will be 😭
Pup Corn (5 hours ago)
101 Dalmatians = lol Dalmatians. The new generation.
shades of yellow (6 hours ago)
I would smack half of the kids there
Jason A (6 hours ago)
4:18 HAHAHA Just a replay button haha
Lollipop Girl (8 hours ago)
3:16 wenn ich Zeugnis bekomme 😂☹️
Lord Sandwich (10 hours ago)
6:00 Thumbnail. You're welcome.
botshy hachi (12 hours ago)
3:30 you can't be sassy your toooooo young only grade 2 grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 grade 6 grade 7 grade 8 grade 9 grade 10 grade 11and grade 12
KrazyStormStyle (12 hours ago)
L3gal7 2 (14 hours ago)
1:19 😂
Maksim Gaming (14 hours ago)
6:01 This gonna be my kid
Josse Pelicaen (14 hours ago)
Hello ladies
HeyItsDawid Sikora (15 hours ago)
Suprize kids everyone their hard work
Lana’s world Cool (15 hours ago)
6:06 LOL
Mehedi Hasan (16 hours ago)
Can't blame that kid at 4:32 Why involve self centered-ness with fishes, we selfish humans.
Filip Dudkowski (17 hours ago)
Madison Jones (17 hours ago)
"Mah life is ruined!!" Me: *Dieing inside* Me:NAAAAAAAAAAAN CAN I HAVE SOME FOOD??
gigibubbel 1 (18 hours ago)
gigibubbel 1 (18 hours ago)
1:15😄 cause they are my friends😂😂
Dcool Devid (18 hours ago)
Leanne Myers (18 hours ago)
dis funny
Keep it Mello (19 hours ago)
All my poop is my friend 😢
Liam Gaming (20 hours ago)
1:13 so sad
taufiq051 (21 hours ago)
1 25 💕
PL4stik1991 (23 hours ago)
OMG I totally died at 0:45 😂. The girl is so smart! Dad should be proud!
Jessica Gray (1 day ago)
6:01 lol
Jessica Gray (1 day ago)
0:18 is this a meme cmon it’s got to be
박지은 (1 day ago)
Victor Dammen (1 day ago)
Dålig video men ändå bra
Aido Playz (1 day ago)
**Cause my poop are my friends** 😂
Grandpa Daequan (1 day ago)
2:02 Lmao never laughed so hard😂😂😂
Shantha Donald (1 day ago)
I feel like I was that kid who was friends with their poop
Dragon PH (1 day ago)
0:58 when my mom tells me to do homework
Cpgaming Rocks (1 day ago)
How to troll Read more
Cpgaming Rocks (1 day ago)
Maiya Panesar (1 day ago)
2:58 is such a mood
3:00 I can relate
You don`t need that man Ready for roast....... And you don`t need your cigarettes, so we all have our differences. Booom!!
Bobbie Merrett (1 day ago)
4:19 is my fav😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PipSqueak Vlogzz (1 day ago)
0:31 to 0:34 when school is finished😂😂😂😅😅😅
James Brawl Stars (1 day ago)
Babies are so much dramaqueene
Melo (1 day ago)
4:17 is so funny hahaha
Sarah Wooden (1 day ago)
"MOMMY! I WANT IT!!" "What do u say" "please 😁" MY FAV!!! 😆😂
Ghostly playz (1 day ago)
*you don't need cigarettes* *WE ALL HAVE 0UR DIFFERENCES*
M Jeweetwel (1 day ago)
1:27 dit is gewoon erg
V G (1 day ago)
LOL dalmations! LoL
Chelsea Taylor (1 day ago)
6:01 😂😂 I died
Little Tessa (1 day ago)
3:48 *when you run out of comebacks*
fooshie puff (1 day ago)
3:23 my sister does this
fooshie puff (1 day ago)
3:19 me.
RainbowStarsj _YT (1 day ago)
0:59 This make me say "AWWWW!!!"
Roddy Pitt (1 day ago)
This is how my mom said I sang the alphabet when I was little A B C D E F G NO MORE NO MORE A B C!❤️❤️😂😂
crafty queen (2 days ago)
0:29 😂😂 burrnnnn
LeoLupul 12 (2 days ago)
1:05 "beacause the poop are my friends" That's sad
Gamebot Gaming (2 days ago)
“My life is ruined”
Gamebot Gaming (2 days ago)
Try not to feel good challenge
Perscy (2 days ago)
Hello ladies!!!
0:55 naruto music cues in
Joshua Landers (2 days ago)
Yeah chilly
The retardant ant (2 days ago)
0:59 did she just naruto the hell out of the cameras sights?
V G (1 day ago)
To kill the baby shark.
The second part of this video should've added the *That's how Mafia Works*
Tho (2 days ago)
spoiled rotten most of them seem tho
hawaiian cote (2 days ago)
04:27 pls... LO f L
5:43 if your here for the thumbnail
yarrow (2 days ago)
NiBBa (2 days ago)
My poop is my friends😭😭😭😭
oscar commit die (2 days ago)
lol jokes mate
Frosty Fue (2 days ago)
Doesn’t the girl in the main picture look like boby from team edge
dimond daja OMG (2 days ago)
Because you told me not to shake my butt
CallMeTranoe (2 days ago)
1:24 😂
Dimension Dudes (2 days ago)
3:00 I always need food otherwise my life is ruined
0:58 future porn star
dragon game (2 days ago)
Hahaah😂😂😂😂 my poop is my friend 1:24
aralitra (2 days ago)
On some of these clips, I think, those parents got it down. On the rest I think, the future is fucked and I want to see clips of those kids in 10 years making their parents lives hell :D
Its Piper (2 days ago)
sophie_draws 157 (2 days ago)
John Blundell (2 days ago)
Felix Andersen (2 days ago)
Presizzion Vlogs (2 days ago)
3:13 did she say her life is ruined?
Mohammed Azeem vn (2 days ago)
It's called math...!!
Donna Jeram (2 days ago)
Austin Powers (3 days ago)
"Hello Ladies". Priceless.
Fastbreak 383 (3 days ago)
Is it bad I relate with this girl on so many levels 2:59
Aira Asari (3 days ago)
Because you told me "DONT SHAKE MY BUTT😋😘❤️😂

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