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How To Qualify A Customer (Sales Effectiveness Strategies)

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Sales management Author Dustin Ruge describes how salespeople can most effectively qualify their prospects into potential customers by selling to their Goals & Gaps. For more information, visit http://www.TheSuccessfulSalesManager.com
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Chimney Cricket (8 months ago)
Appreciated video
Anthony Turcios (1 year ago)
~Problems in the Customer Qualification process: -40% of Salespeople don't understand a buyers pain -70% of people buy to solve a problem & 30% buy for benefit gains -60% of sales end up in no decision: Greates problem isn't my competition it's doing nothing -35% of value comes from the salesperson ~Why are these problems happening today?: -products & services are becomming commoditized; therefore how I sell is becomming more important than what I sell -Most Salespeople don't do the following: 1. Know what a qualified customer is 2. know how to properly qualify 3. follow a repeatable qualification process ~How to qualify a client: Selling to Dreams & Gaps 6 steps: 1. Start every sales meeting with a discussion - Not A Presentation -Diagnose b4 I prescribe -ex: "Before we begin, I would like to learn more about your goals, needs, & where you need more help" 2. Ask for only Important Details to help qualify for what I sell 3. Identify their goals: (Write them down!) 4. Identify their Gaps: (write them down!) -How am I going to compel to want to change if they aren't aware of their envirnoment -& why they need to change -I have to help them understand why a change is needed -70% of people buy for solutions & 30% buy for benefits ex: "What are some of the key problems you're facing today?" This is identifying problems 70% ex:"What are some of the keythings you need more of that you don't have?" This is identifying gains 30% These are important Q's to ask to discover my clientiels gaps 5. Identify current Enviornment + Costs ex:"what are you currently using/doing today that helps adress these problems & needs?" ex:"What are they costing you?" This isn't only a cost factor of what they're paying, but also the opportunity cost of what they're not achieving 6. Use transitional Trial + Closing Q's ex:"You mentioned your goals were X,How are your current (systems + processes) currently supporting your goals?" ex:"If I were to show you a way/better way of acheiving (repeat their goals), would that be of interest to you? Yes=Qualified ~Boomerang sales: 50% of leads that're qualified but might not be ready to buy at my time so persist & follow through till they are ready to buy
Anthony Turcios (1 year ago)
Dustin Ruge is a monster beast! Every single conclusion about the methodology of learning to the creation and use of systems he speaks about, I came out with on my own, its amazingly coincidentally astonishing to find someone out there with precise operations to mine.
Anthony Turcios (1 year ago)
Take note, this is crazy Jedi Mind Sales Techniques!
FileMaker Beginner (1 year ago)
Hi Dustin! Thanks for the video, it helped me alot!
Christopher Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Wow. I just took a professional sales course in college and this video practically summed up my entire semester. Our class got into a little more detail regarding each sub topic, but this video was excellent.
Eric D (3 years ago)
This is great advice!
Sales and Marketing (3 years ago)
st salespeople still don't understand that they should be selling to emotions as opposed to feautures first. They miss the boat that the buyers subconscious mind must first be convinced before anything happens.
Rajesh Ca (4 years ago)
Great , Had been following almost same strategy, and the fact is when you are not selling but discussing their pain points, the prospects are more likely to open up. Even if we may not be able to sell, our approach brings more recall rate and in the future they are more likely to give us a call back.

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