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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Disobedience" (Feat. Aliee Chan & Lys Perez)

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This week on Drunk Queer Women Watch, Aliee and Lys are here because Parallel Part 3, the final installment in season 1, premieres this month! Also we all agreed to wearing onesies before we figured out what movie we were watching... So sorry if this is offensive. Check out Lys: @iwokeuplikelys Check out Aliee: @alieechan Check out GirlShip: @GirlshipTV Support queer content by donating to our patreon: Patreon.com/GirlShipTV WE HAVE MERCH! Shop.Spreadshirt.com/GirlShipTV LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!
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Girl Ship TV (3 months ago)
Catch up on Parallel before the final Part premieres! Trailer this Wednesday!
Mad Mad (3 months ago)
Please watch Princess Cyd!! It's a happy story with a very happy ending!!!!
Ssakshi Sharma (3 months ago)
Nobody die😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💖👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Brianna Williams (3 months ago)
Zorian McGriff. Love liberty's secret!
Brianna Williams (3 months ago)
Please please please do its in the water..all these sad endings are making me sad..
Ellen Turner (3 months ago)
React to The fingersmith.
Rae Hendee (3 days ago)
Uhm, did she spit in her mouth on purpose?
Jenny Liebowitz (3 days ago)
As a Jew, I can tell you that orthodox Jewish women do not shave their heads. They just wear wigs.
Rae Menace (5 days ago)
Chloe Chloe Chloe CHLOE
Rachel Easton (11 days ago)
OMG the unicorn sexuality reference I can relate so freaking much! Don't get me wrong bisexuality rocks, it's just the constant stigma and crap from both the straight and LGBTQ+ community that absolutely sucks
cassandra (13 days ago)
Y'all need to watch The Favourite like, yesterday.
Cat Hab (16 days ago)
I love your videos!! I really enjoyed this film too, but was disappointed it didn't end with both Esti and Ronit going off together, but I guess the ending being more open-ended you can interpret it how you'd like it to end. For me, I'd like to think when Esti was ready she would follow Ronit to New York or wherever she is ..but she needed more time to adjust to a single life for a while etc. .. Also, I'd not heard of baby birding! I think I need to get out more...lol
Princess Sutton (19 days ago)
Liz is hot af jesus christ
Rafa Wahl (20 days ago)
ooooooooooooi loved your video! and i was not aware of "baby birding" ahahaha thanks =)
Geneva Williams (22 days ago)
Bruh Lys is insanely beautiful 😭😍
The Anarchist (24 days ago)
My headphones disconnected right as they said “longing queer stares.” Well that was an uncomfortable conversation with my mom.
tarabumface (25 days ago)
I enjoyed the movie but some very meaningful parts of the book were left out which was super disappointing. I hate that.
Snap Dragon (27 days ago)
I hope you watch The Favorite when it's available for purchase. I'm curious to see what you think about it's weird ending.
Zara Marchesi (28 days ago)
Yes, in some smaller shops pregnancy tests can be found in shampoo aisles. Or so I believe.
JN West (29 days ago)
I live in London. I can verify. No pregnancy tests in the shampoo aisle. P.S. Why didn’t Weiss character move back to London!? Way easier no Visa needed. She has a portable career.
Sav Garza (1 month ago)
1) You girls made me want Twizzlers so I actually went out and bought some and then continued this video lol 😂 2) Damn! Lys Perez is married. 😭 3) I need to watch this movie!
0990Nicole (1 month ago)
Oh guys... Here in Costa Rica people are definitely not gay friendly! Some exclusive places are, but mostly don't. The streets are less than secure for LGBT people. We actually had a hardcore time with a public homofobic candidate who almost won the president elections just by the anti-gay promotional thing.
Lys Perez (17 days ago)
Thank you for correcting me on my statement. I should not have made it sound so general and should have just specified that the resort we stayed at was LGBTQ friendly. Next time, I’ll do better. Stay safe out there! Feliz Año Nuevo
BackToMe (1 month ago)
Watch the Korean movie "our love story"
Nad Thillerup (1 month ago)
Amanda in a onesie is hands down one of the cutest things I've seen in 2018.
Scarlett (1 month ago)
I'm from England and in small supermarkets the hygenie and body care stuff [shampoo] is usually kept on the same isle as the pharmacutical products [pregnancy tests]. In larger stores this usually isn't the case
2nd3rd1st (1 month ago)
Baby Birding is a gross slang for that on so many levels! They didn't feed each other like birds! And bird moms don't have sex with their babies! GROSS!
2nd3rd1st (1 month ago)
5:21 That is actually really really sad...
Jade Karantu (1 month ago)
Lesbian romantic movie review; « I mean nobody died... which is a pluss» 😂😂 😭
Lex W. (1 month ago)
Chenoa Curtis (1 month ago)
I want to watch these movies but it won't be the same without you all!!!😩
Josefina M.K (1 month ago)
"Being gay with your eye balls" 😅
Tashana Hunter (1 month ago)
Yo Lys, what resort did you stay at in Costa Rica?
im nobody (1 month ago)
Omg that moment when I hear my country being mencionated lol
Amelia Hogan (2 days ago)
I think Lys Perez just made me even more gay she is so beautiful so is Aliee chan If i could date both of them i would (not at the same time)
marigrace binning (1 month ago)
Not for sure. But I believe this spit was protection. 3 time?
key smash (1 month ago)
in this video: an accurate representation of my last three brain cells also i love everything about this, i love this series and you three!
Janae Smith (1 month ago)
Ughhhh I hate excessive spit, I almost barfed watching the baby bird part 🤢
Pansynator1950 (1 month ago)
I love you guys, this was awesome 😎😎😎
Michelle_ 98 (1 month ago)
When she talked about the kisses in the girls bathroom I was so fucking triggered because that’s where my first kiss with a girl was😩🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
Isabella Ramirezzo (1 month ago)
K B (2 months ago)
Yes I love being baby birded
N.L (2 months ago)
The Try guys used the onesie concept first
AnimeDevil (2 months ago)
Watch gray matters
Taelor Thompson (2 months ago)
Being baby birded hell nah that's nasty
Best90sTV (2 months ago)
I love your channel but you guys should do more research about Orthodox Judaism before you perpetuate false information. Jewish Orthodox women do not shave their heads; they just wear wigs for modesty. Also, I'm a Jewish bisexual woman and I found the "do it on your Dad's Torah" joke incredibly offensive. This is the only culture I've ever seen you guys not know anything about. Why is it that so-called "progressive" people still have no respect for Judaism these days?
heart21197 (2 months ago)
watch Thelma!
Karen K (2 months ago)
Taagol (2 months ago)
I don't like baby birding, but I love tongue sucking, so I feel connected to the people who are into it xD
Di-Yana Jones (2 months ago)
do I have a crush on Lys?? Fuck yes?? Who doesn’t???
Lachay Arrington (2 months ago)
Watch lovesong
ajsuflena (2 months ago)
its not a culture is a religion . that obvious
Alexis Harris (2 months ago)
Alexis Harris (2 months ago)
“damn do it on your dads torah do it!” this bit fucking killed me 😂
sivan rottelman (2 months ago)
3:21 uhm no... 😂
Marshall A. (2 months ago)
I just finished this movie a few minutes ago
kristine purcell (2 months ago)
I have nothing but loved this channel and the women or non gender individuals you have come to this show but what is upsetting is in this instant you all had your own ideas of what this was going to be without the idea of how impactful this movie was or how it could be to others
Aaliyah Fields (2 months ago)
Being baby birded lmao 😂
Midnight Memoirs (2 months ago)
So is anyone gonna talk about how Rachel let another woman SPIT IN HER MOUTH?????? OMFG
Aerin Alese (2 months ago)
I didn't get that at all. I assumed Rachel was going to stay married and raise her baby with her husband.
Zoe the Ghost (2 months ago)
ending on LOVESONG made me cry hgfkdjhjg
Iva (2 months ago)
Watch Fine dead girls?
Alanna Mora (2 months ago)
my favorite series !!
Alexia Clarie (2 months ago)
Can you watch 'The feels' next?
A M (2 months ago)
We have to create our own happy ending with our head cannons lol so I’d like to think they found each other later in life since they were obviously in love. And since no one died 😆
Grace Power (2 months ago)
"the sad is happening but I want the gay" is an accurate representation of my life
StarStableTwins (2 months ago)
JustGeorgiaxD (2 months ago)
People are portable 😂
LightSpell28 (2 months ago)
PLEASE do Fucking Åmål (Show me Love ); that film is 20 years old this year! :)
Ben Wass (2 months ago)
Please can you watch heavenly creatures? It's kate Winslet's first movie
Morgan Naing (2 months ago)
So I'm trying to reason about that spit make-out thing.. I guess it's same thing as kissing really hard … but without the contact? I remember me and my ex blew air into each other mouth while kissing, just to piss off each other and stop making out xD okay, sorry, I'll show myself out
Aly Flowers (2 months ago)
omg please do something with gillian anderson! maybe the fall s2e3???
soggy cereal (2 months ago)
yall should react to the miseducation of cameron post
Snag Mcclemens (2 months ago)
Please watch Concussion! It's on netflix! Just watched it.. super gay!
please watch snapshots. every gay should kNow louise!!!
e buhl (2 months ago)
You guys should watch "Loving Annabelle" it's a greate movie 👌🏼
Li sa (2 months ago)
Love this video and your channel!! 💜 When you get a chance you should watch "Professoe Marston and the Wonder Women" and "Gia" (Elizabeth Mitchell is in this one 😍)
Nina J (2 months ago)
React to Mother May I Sleep with Danger (2016)
Gigz Cijntje (2 months ago)
I’m glad to know i’m not the only one who says i’m not crying you’re crying
Invalid Opinion (2 months ago)
I wore my onzie. I call it the PANda see what I did there. It was actually a panda so at least its correct.
Invalid Opinion (2 months ago)
please I screamed louder than you my sweet giraffe at least you have someone while I'm foreeeeever alooooone. Pan.
Inez J (2 months ago)
please watch duck butter!!!
Alice del Rey (2 months ago)
watch bare with dianna agron when you can
rauhls (2 months ago)
you guys should watch all sanvers scenes. they’re a ship from supergirl and someone made an hour long video of their story
loonshoe (2 months ago)
watch the handmaiden it really..... spicy it is korean so you will have to read subtitles
kyel williams (2 months ago)
I asked what tf is this as I cried throughout all of this
ilseizi (2 months ago)
PLEASE react to: "Professor marston and the wonder women". It's really good, sexy, gay and polyamorous movie ;)
Amber Meyer (2 months ago)
Nothing-k (2 months ago)
Watch firefly plsss!? (On netflix)
Aakanksha Aggarwal (2 months ago)
Wonderful movie
Christronics (3 months ago)
How can someone dislike this? I don't get it, loved every second of that epic song, love the whole album...
bumilandhey (3 months ago)
Where's 'The Handmaiden' reaction you promised???! 😔
Delaney Teehan (3 months ago)
Please watch "Novitiate" and "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women"!
bumble (3 months ago)
please watch Show Me Love (Fucking Amal)!! It has a cute happy ending!!!
JayNice3 (3 months ago)
React to Alto!
JayNice3 (3 months ago)
I was soooo mad when I watched this movie! Ugh! I hated the way it ended!
JayNice3 (3 months ago)
I didn’t know baby birding is a thing! And I’ve been a lesbian for decades!
Jesus Olivas (3 months ago)
That was such an amazing movie.
Ina Benedicte (3 months ago)
You should watch "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love" and "Better than Chocolate"!
Tash - 25 VE (3 months ago)
can you guys please react to 'circumstance' ? it's a lesbian movie with nikohl boosheri aka adena from the bold type
Melissa Benge (3 months ago)
I think the spitting in her mouth is SO hot! It’s v v intimate. I mean you are swapping spit when you kiss anyway. I would absolutely do this with someone I was totally in love with.
Marina Brum (3 months ago)
Please watch Ana e Vitória! It's a brazilian romantic musical comedy starring the brazilian duo Anavitória. It's about young people in search of love in the times of Tinder and Instagram.
Patsy Moon (3 months ago)
Please watch Princess Cyd! It's a great movie <3 Also I love watching your videos!
SoulFullOfMusic81 (3 months ago)
I saw few days ago that some people suggested "Bellow her mouth" and I watched it last night... Oooh, myyyy...it is soooo H O T and intense!
Li Q (3 months ago)
Circumstance pretty please !
Eloo Dpx (3 months ago)
I wish you could watch and react to : 1/ The Handmaiden ♥ and 2/ Desert Heart because I feel like both are iconic wlw films for their time !!! I would love to hear what you have to say about them !! Love this Disobedience reaction, I was the same for the baby bird XDDD haha Love you!
hyperbunny (3 months ago)
Ya that spitting scene was.. Intense and kind of cringe worthy.

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