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Velocity NY 2013: Richard Cook, "Resilience In Complex Adaptive Systems"

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http://velocityconf.com/velocityny2013/public/schedule/detail/31784 Resilience In Complex Adaptive Systems: Operating At The Edge Of Failure Systems seem to run at the very edge of failure much of the time. The combination of high workload, limited resources, pressure for additional features and capability, and inherent software, hardware, and network fragility is a noxious kettle of stuff always about to boil over in the form of outages, degraded response, or functional breakdowns. For insiders the surprising thing about our systems is not that they fail so often but that they fail so rarely! This good performance in the face of adverse conditions is called resilience. An important conclusion from resilience studies is that it depends critically on human operators and their ability to anticipate and monitor the system, react to threats, and sacrifice some goals to protect others. This talk will introduce resilience and a model of system dynamics useful in analyzing failed and successful event management and offer an explanation for why our systems run at the edge of failure.
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Aaron PS (2 years ago)
I always said our systems hang on a thread
Rick Evans (5 years ago)
16:00: "What is surprising is not that there are so many accidents. It is that there are so few. You all know this to be true. The thing that amazes you is not that your system goes down sometime, it's that it is up at all."
Rick Evans (5 years ago)
10:40 "... if you get people together for some meeting about how important some topic is, you know you've failed."

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