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1. Magazine Page Layout Design - AUGUSTMAN - www.coroflot.com/leroy

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PORTFOLIO: http://coroflot.com/leroy Ford Creative specialises in launching or revamping beautiful magazines. Providing high-quality magazine layout design for clients in UK, US and Australia and around the world, . Delivering professional launches & revamps, to clients wishing to upgrade the quality of their magazine, and to clients simply wishing to outsource their current publication layout & art direction to an experienced professional. Advantages: - Layout design and art direction of complete issue - Photo editing and image colour correction - Save TIME and MONEY on professional design - Budgetary peace of mind with FLAT RATES! - Have a RELIABLE SOURCE for your magazine layout - Receive Print-ready High resolution PDF files for printing - Keep your magazine looking FRESH with every issue We look forward to an opportunity of collaboration and bringing visual sophistication to your publication. Design Director Leroy Ford FORD CREATIVE Specialising in Magazine Launches / Revamps / Creative Direction PORTFOLIO: https://www.Coroflot.com/Leroy https://www.YOUTUBE.com/user/LeroyFord https://www.LINKEDIN.com/in/LeroyFord EMAIL: [email protected]
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I asm just reviewing coroflot dot com on my site and I am going to use your video here to show what is possible from using their site. Seems your video on coroflot is the most relevant and popular - nice work indeed!!
gurudeclan (6 years ago)
Nice work.

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