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Oracle Data Pump

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Oracle Data pump utility enables very fast bulk data and metadata movement between Oracle databases. It provides parallel Export and Import utilities (expdp and impdp) and Web-based Oracle Enterprise Manager Interface. 1. Data Pump Export and Import utilities are typically much faster than the original Export and Import Utilities. A single thread of Data Pump Export is about twice as fast as original Export, while Data Pump Import is 15-45 times fast than original Import. 2. Data Pump jobs can be restarted without loss of data, whether or not the stoppage was voluntary or involuntary. 3. Data Pump jobs support fine-grained object selection. Virtually any type of object can be included or excluded in a Data Pump job. 4. Data Pump supports the ability to load one instance directly from another (network import) and unload a remote instance (network export).
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Danny (1 year ago)
How much is your online class?
Ghyslaine Tchouaga (3 years ago)
Overall great lectures & the delivery of the material makes it easy for non technical students to get the material with ease.
Doreen Crawford (3 years ago)
Nice lecture, takes time to ensure people are following what he is saying. He makes an effort to see everyone has the information right. His online class is just the same and even more amazing because he can request to see your screen in order to help you out when in difficulty. Gerald uses technology in the right manner, thus encouragingly shows others how they can achieve as well. He shares his knowledge and gives in his time which makes you not feel a burden on the fees you pay, by the way, fees are flexible for everyone, even if you are jobless at the time you are taking this course. Class times vary and flexible for the working adult. WAY to go and Kudos to team Jelani. May God continue to bless!

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