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Sea snake eats stingray (TAOLC E48)

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***Upload is for promotional and archival purposes only. I did not create the content in this video and it is in no way monetized by me. All credit goes to the original creator(s)*** Suggested by HS Know a good clip I could upload? Suggest it here: https://goo.gl/v011X6 Link to my Discord server - https://discord.gg/4JMPxey Thanks for watching!
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DrachenFyr Media Archive (7 months ago)
I had trouble uploading today's video (copyright issues) so I'll try again tomorrow, anyway to make up for it I've uploaded some of the best old snake clips ;) I'll do this every so often, upload small batches of the best clips of a specific pred.
Tyranitar Series (3 months ago)
This show is actually called Bubble Carp
DrachenFyr Media Archive (6 months ago)
Furricane  It says at the end of the video
Furricane (6 months ago)
DrachenFyr Media Archive, What is this TV show?
Furricane (6 months ago)
What's T.A.O.L.C. Stands for?
Tonny Hartono (18 days ago)
Ia the snake just got longer or it wax just me?? :\
Novelynn Leang (1 month ago)
How did a sea snake eat a stingray
He opened up wide
Michael Sanchez (1 month ago)
Tyranitar Series (3 months ago)
Bubble Carp?
Frostwing Rodrigue (4 months ago)
Eat me
Myening (5 months ago)
Myening (5 months ago)
+DrachenFyr Media Archive I wont stop till you don't get terminated :) and you don't want that do you?
DrachenFyr Media Archive (5 months ago)
Stop watching my videos then
Benoit Servell (5 months ago)
What his the name of this cartoon?
DrachenFyr Media Archive (5 months ago)
Says at the end of the video
Dominik Żochowski (5 months ago)
oh yeah yeah (5 months ago)
1:15 the moment u been wating 4
Virus_ HD (6 months ago)
*Dafuq just happend ?!?*
miguel rivera (6 months ago)
Snake l chose (you stingray use cry and end life)( snake use super big jaw) (stingray USE MASTER UI DUN DUN) (SNAKE DEAD BY BRIGHT LIGHT XD)
Amber the Keaton. (6 months ago)
What the hell is this
Craft (6 months ago)
Step putting this recommendation YouTube!
alpha raptor jp3 (6 months ago)
I feel bad for the stingray
miguel rivera (6 months ago)
Nooo not stingray he was my best FREIND NOOO
Connor Arsenault (6 months ago)
what the fuck is this shit
miguel rivera (6 months ago)
The stingray is bigger then the sea snake or the sea snake made his jaw much bigger and ate him
LailaThe Kitsune (6 months ago)
That is how a snake works,in eating ways.. In order for a snake to swallow their meal,their jaws pretty much unhinge. That is how big snakes are able to swallow big prey. Their long slender bodies also expand and their organs have the capability to actually move out of the way. In a big meal,it can be difficult to breathe,so sometimes the snake will push their wind pipe out of their mouth so they can breathe. This also goes for sea snakes Ah,the power of science You're welcome
MRG 462 DC2 (6 months ago)
LashaKat 27 (6 months ago)
digested with no regrets
The Almighty Bootysexual (6 months ago)
Dude just fucking ate his cousin and crushed him to death using his subjects. Who wrote this?
DrachenFyr Media Archive (6 months ago)
Maybe it's a normal thing for Chinese cartoons?
something something (6 months ago)
Arkeith Harris (6 months ago)
What show is this
What's up with this guy and "Dragon Scales" :v
DrachenFyr Media Archive (6 months ago)
He wants his dragon scales
Furricane (6 months ago)
What's T.A.O.L.C. Stands for?
oh yeah yeah (5 months ago)
The animal of lovin care
DrachenFyr Media Archive (6 months ago)
Says at the end
Thomas 51 (7 months ago)
He digested him by crushing him wtf xD
White Shadow (7 months ago)
AAAHHHH THIS SERIES WAS PART OF MY CHILDHOOD! Btw thw main character's name means Bubbles in chinese! (lil red fish)
Kuhntee Nyctiproc (7 months ago)
AUGH yes, it's nice seeing this again. X3
DrachenFyr Media Archive (7 months ago)
It's one of the classics of my old channel, along with the Deep eel clip ;)
ReaganBunny (7 months ago)
Do female eel vore please! <3
DrachenFyr Media Archive (7 months ago)
I'll upload that one today ~
Sadôg (7 months ago)
Deep dark and emotional, everything I like best in this kind of media, really good. The voices not so much though.
DrachenFyr Media Archive (7 months ago)
They're pretty bad, welp
dark 1s (7 months ago)
I hate snakes you could have for give him
vore Dragons (7 months ago)
1:15 start
marlo van drunick (7 months ago)
That's great
(7 months ago)
Chinese cartoon name 小鲤鱼历险记,snake name 癞皮蛇
Dash PlayzXX (7 months ago)
Snake vs stingray Snake win
Dash PlayzXX (7 months ago)
Well I will eat the snake
NessLover94 (7 months ago)
I think he must be history.
Vore-X (7 months ago)
Keaton Blackman (7 months ago)
stingrays and snakes are not cousins snakes are relatives too lizards and stingrays are relatives to shark and fish so why they say that
Keaton Blackman (6 months ago)
so who adopt him?
Keaton Blackman (6 months ago)
but still odd
Keaton Blackman (6 months ago)
I Agree
LailaThe Kitsune (6 months ago)
Confusing genetics. He (the snake) had a mother and father (obviously) And maybe the mother for example was related to stingray who could be considerd the father of the stingray So yah..cousins. Adoption idc This is a kids show so kidd don't care about logic and genetics and scientific families
A BB (7 months ago)
Keaton Blackman Adoption?
Dragonlover 554 (7 months ago)
I still love how the Sea Snake slurps and gulps him into his now distended belly with who he ate struggles (Not sure why he wanted to considering he wanted to be ended). Won't lie, that Vore scene alone was how I was introduced to your channel and loved it
Dash PlayzXX (7 months ago)
.... That's how I was introduced too
DrachenFyr Media Archive (7 months ago)
It got the show pretty popular too, if you search for the show on Google or Youtube, the first episode that comes up after the first one is this episode, haha.
Greysen8 (7 months ago)
Skyrocknena Stephanie (7 months ago)
Old time.

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