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Three Little Pigs Bento from Yum-Yum Bento

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Watch Crystal "Pikko" Watanabe, co-author of Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches as she makes a Three Little Pigs Bento. The bento was designed by co-author Makiko "luckysundae" Ogawa from Japan. For more information on Yum-Yum Bento, visit http://www.yumyumbento.com
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Text Comments (26)
NERDS (5 years ago)
Oh hell no. Super cute! But for a regular lunch...way too much time put into it. This would be cool for a bento lunch box party or if you were selling it or something.
Savannah Chamberlain (5 years ago)
Eru Chitanda (6 years ago)
Just Eat Them
ThatPunkTrash (6 years ago)
Just eat them lol
Eera Jjang (6 years ago)
how to make coloured rice? Tell me please.. I'm dying to know.. I only know egg yolk for yellow colour that all.. What about other colour?
YoureNotTheMuffinMan (6 years ago)
I'm blasting Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in the background, I can barely hear you! XD
ninmate (6 years ago)
I was watching this and your voice is soo calming I almost fell asleep.
Feon Lmaru (6 years ago)
You made me think.of David Choi ._.
Aly * (6 years ago)
I made this for my little sisters first day of kindergarten.
Meri-Chan (6 years ago)
what can you use if you dont have the nori?
Sreen19940 (6 years ago)
the sound is in the left headphone, not the right one.
Anna (6 years ago)
@Immel16 It's a piece of a straw. You know, like the kind you drink with... :3
onedumbasscat (7 years ago)
NannahO (7 years ago)
Imlitschi (7 years ago)
sry understand
Imlitschi (7 years ago)
so cute!I don`t anderstand what you say at 1:16 can you repeat it?Please!And can you tell me where can I buy it
The moopies (7 years ago)
Very nice, thank you for the video!
Regina Ramirez (7 years ago)
awesome video, but liked the pigs better without their mouths ;)
sweetnaughtylove (7 years ago)
GOOD JOB.... I liked it without the smile.. but still cute
pikkopots (7 years ago)
@CandyComplexion Yep, you can just use a few drops of red in the water before you cook the rice to get pink.
pikkopots (7 years ago)
@LLUuccE You can get them at Marukai Marketplace if you have one nearby.
DizzzyKipper (7 years ago)
great tutorial really bad sound.
pikkopots (8 years ago)
@vickytoriaw I actually use this powder called hanasushi omoto, which is ume vinegar powder.
HappyHime (8 years ago)
Do you just use food coloring to dye your rice?
MrsCallala (8 years ago)
That is so nice pikko! I wish you would make a video on how you made your Noahs Bento! I´m a big fan of your Bentos!
heartlesstemptress10 (8 years ago)
you are so talented! I'm excited to try!!!

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