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675 crash caught on tape

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The single car crash on Interstate 675 that shut down the southbound lanes in Sugarcreek Township was caught on the cruiser cam of a Sugarcreek Township police car. The driver of the 1985 Pontiac Firebird, 19-year-old Brennan S. Eden of Mason, Ohio was last listed in
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Jimmy Boy (6 years ago)
damn...he survived?!
TheLBCSublime (6 years ago)
anyone who makes a joke about him trying to jump the bridge is an insect. He went to fast, saw the police car, panicked, and ran off the road. It happened to fast for him to react. Quit trying to be comedians you fucking tards
RockNWROL (6 years ago)
Try again bud. Sugarcreek Township, Ohio is where this took place. I know that because the mark is on the overpass that I drive by daily, the cop was my HS resource officer, and my father worked at STFD during the accident. But... I get what you mean. We have those yahoos here too. Kid survived and has no recollection of the actual crash.
Amir Lee (6 years ago)
After the comments being posted I had to lol again. I'm sorry but this is too damn hilarious
Amir Lee (6 years ago)
Lmao but why hit the brakes in.mid air? I don't understand why they where doing like 200....
Jubkin (6 years ago)
That car did no fcking this to that concrete just scratched it
WetEmUp93 (6 years ago)
Is it wrong if I laughed
An2nio Productions (2 years ago)
WetEmUp93 💯% Because this person got hurt BADLY!
Marty Marsh (6 years ago)
His brake lights never come on untill after he was in the air.
TheBiggamer16 (6 years ago)
oh shit moment.
Alex Schultz (6 years ago)
He was clearly trying to 360 over the overpass but some idiot driving in the left lane (camera car) made him have to slow down and didn't get the height
felixiveca (7 years ago)
I cant get some of the comment..This aint funny in any possible way. This guy is sooo lucky to have fully recovered from his injuries and that he is able to have a normal life....his chances to survive were like one in a million...
mateeniium (7 years ago)
VTEC just kicked in yo
fortheloveoftunes (7 years ago)
"Knight Rider" turbo-boost went wrong "Yo KITT" .-)
dlang (7 years ago)
HOLY CRAP! He survived!?
FinestFighters (7 years ago)
used turbo boost at the wrong moment LOL
Jeremy Franco (7 years ago)
LOL!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME. That guy is a fuckin boss
EricJames360 (7 years ago)
Grainne Grainger (7 years ago)
crah happens at 0:31 :)
ensitrika (7 years ago)
The dude was trying to do a "Dukes of Harzards" move
Pickman (7 years ago)
If I saw this, I would keep driving, serves you right dumbass.
kaostauren (7 years ago)
i remember this it was on the local news. apparently he passed a sobriety test right beforehand and the cop that was videotaping was the one to pull him over lol.
chris steffler (7 years ago)
Thats the crazy thing .. the man did survive
Monkey69Boii (7 years ago)
No need for a car chase afterwards? Party poopers!!!
Dutch Spoonie (7 years ago)
@vega289 And so did the driver
Fil F (7 years ago)
it was planned
dateman303 (7 years ago)
Was that The Bandit?.... Lol!!!
Shannon Campbell (7 years ago)
Lets do that again...
US Citizen (7 years ago)
What the hell how high can you go. He almost stand ontop off the bridge he want to take a short way home or what.
demonsparkx (7 years ago)
too much burnout, u ALMOST cleared it man.....
DDhide14 (7 years ago)
his Flux Capacitor wasn't working
zyxy45 (7 years ago)
Since the rewind technology, no need to replay a 1000 times only to take more storage space and bandwidth. Other than that, it is a good video ;-)
fightforyourrights9 (7 years ago)
@pumbkinpie320 The driver survived and has said that he most likely fell asleep at the wheel cause he had been awake for almost 24 hours, but he doesn't remember the crash at all.
certifiedpilot (7 years ago)
@TheDiaryHollyUnded HAHAHAHA thats great two thumbs up
CamiloSanchez1979 (7 years ago)
"This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines" ...fuck you google
Dylan R Cabernack (7 years ago)
"hey hold my beer.. watch me clear this bridge"
Skye Briana McGraw (7 years ago)
OMG!!!!! The driver was thrown from the vehical, hit the pavment and slide all the was across the road in front of the white car that pulled to the side. WTF!!!!! Driver is either dead or has very bad road burn fuck.
T.J. Wilber (7 years ago)
@KA92809 police dash cam. read description
Alyson DeAlmeida (7 years ago)
why was this dude taping driving in the first place? FAKE.
Alyson DeAlmeida (7 years ago)
why was this dude taping driving in the first place? FAKE.
AdeptMumbles (7 years ago)
So much for making a safe U turn.
01Commenter10 (7 years ago)
the real question is.. what was he doing or not doing to loose control and end up like that..??
hatchetality (7 years ago)
ya he gets home hey babe i kina scracked ur car she gose out side and she gose wares my car and he gose look in that boke and its her steering weel hahahaha
KwikieRabbit (7 years ago)
Is that knight rider!? LOL FAIL!
Roy Walsh (7 years ago)
joshua lee (8 years ago)
did the driver die?
Andres Basaez (8 years ago)
chuck norris survive
RonaldRayGunPEW (8 years ago)
@greenyawgmoth haha what? no.. it was all over the news. he was ejected from the car on impact. he was in the hospital... and still might be... i didn't really know the kid. i just know i went to the same school as him.
greenyawgmoth (8 years ago)
@DrProHalbert what I wanna know s how in the FUCK did he survive that? Because I can only think of two ways: 1. He is actually a video game character, and had an extra life. 2. He is actually a cartoon character.
Sébastien S. Robert (8 years ago)
How reckless XD
Namespolicy Isfornazis (8 years ago)
I saw an interview with the guy in this crash and he claims he doesn't remember speeding.
kellman02 (8 years ago)
@gyoas759 HOLY SHIT, i Agree
Harvick3to29 (8 years ago)
HOLYFUCK!!!! WICKED AIR!!! and how the fuck did he manage this??
RonaldRayGunPEW (8 years ago)
@irishdancer1989 hes not dead retard. he was ejected from the car on impact... wanna know how i know this? because he went to my high school.
wokstar666 (8 years ago)
is the bridge ok?
CamiloSanchez1979 (8 years ago)
All those crazy assholes usually drunk survive those crazy ass accidents, but god forbid you, a hardworking guy coming home to your children from a day's work hit a pothole then you are dead for some stupid internal hemorrhage
mindydc1 (8 years ago)
@BlyGoo actually... he lived! Believe it or not... Crazy though!!!
Billy Montgrand (8 years ago)
he died
josha42 (8 years ago)
Thumb me up if you saw him fly out of the car and slide to a halt on the right side of the road
TheZincZipper (8 years ago)
The Bandits last airtime. Damn we will miss you Burt Reynolds.
Gus Husla (8 years ago)
he watched too many dukes of hazzard reruns
rastachez (8 years ago)
@Whistt HAHAHAHAHA That just made my day.
BobTheTechDude (8 years ago)
The concrete pillar was approaching so fast, I swerved at a final attempt to avoid it.
EJ W (8 years ago)
LOL! I was thinking well this is some boring sheit, then bam! here comes speedracer!
depletable (8 years ago)
Prolly Suicide.
Song Guy (8 years ago)
Car uses Ram! It's not very effective..
Oliver Clovesoff (8 years ago)
if he trys to resell the car, the buyer might want a carfax history report.
papcrap2 (8 years ago)
Love the fact at 1:13 he put the brakes on in mid air that just isn't going to stop you.
J K. (8 years ago)
obvi. Hoax !! but i seen Chuck Norris touch the moon once.
coleman0505 (8 years ago)
damnit, doc! the lightning didnt strike!
Stein Chris (8 years ago)
Shoudhave done that in a 69 charger and over the bridge :D
Justin Zjaba (8 years ago)
I remember my friend doing this..... that kid was an idiot, atleast he got on tv!
Teresa (8 years ago)
They showed this on cops.
Travis Damron (8 years ago)
There ain't no way he survived
ogbatman1 (8 years ago)
Dude U almost made it!
Jose Otero (8 years ago)
he clearly missed the exit to the bridge, he was just trying to go westbound.... lol
t0xIcInSaNiTy15 (8 years ago)
i smell a DUI
ziggyzag33 (8 years ago)
Did he fall asleep? Didn't notice brake lights and not trying to avoid accident.
RootedHat (8 years ago)
@gitane1976 that awesome !
C S (8 years ago)
He's gooing baaaaaaack!!!
ThrilloVanHouten (8 years ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Poor 'Bird :-( It's even the same color as as my '89. I wonder if that mess got tossed into a junkyard, I'd like to see it.
Gucci Arnio (8 years ago)
Yeehaw jesters dead
Veronica V. (8 years ago)
dumb ass idiot!!! he almost hit someone with his stupid attitude of high speed!!!
starshipvelcro (8 years ago)
craziest thing I've seen in a long time. and to think this happen so close to me, craaazy
topherg78 (8 years ago)
@Washburn79 Kettering? Kings Island is awesome!!!!
Nate .P (8 years ago)
did he died?
Davey Derp (8 years ago)
He tried to be dukes of hazzard... but he failed
Casey B (8 years ago)
@AsNeptune I know, I live in kettering and this was talked about non-stop for a few days
Casey B (8 years ago)
@ty1977 He did, I read the news reports. It happened just a few miles from my house, so I heard all the local news on it.
nick detore (8 years ago)
Fucking dumbass
BFKAnthony817 (8 years ago)
"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, your gonna see some serious shit". "Roads, where we're going we don't need roads". Obviously a bad 2015 hover conversion gone wrong.
ecavil 1905 (8 years ago)
@hotheadshotta1 watch it in slow motion dumbass! u can clearly notice its fake
AsNeptune (8 years ago)
Not fake I live only a few miles away. It's real and that kid is lucky to survive
THE 6IX (8 years ago)
@punk48livac you stupid.???????
ecavil 1905 (8 years ago)
penzman (8 years ago)
@bloominglove27 He did not. well... not voluntarily. 5 Gs suddenly pressed down on his legs and then they stepped on the brakes when his body was crammed down onto the pedals. He probably revved the engine too, just like the jacques villeneuve crash in Australia. Roooooaar!
psychotikpaisano (8 years ago)
WTF! Looks like something out of a movie!
Rob H (8 years ago)
thats a good way to get a ticket, doing that right in front of a cop
Colin James (8 years ago)
WOW what a terrible thing to happen how one survied God only knows.....Thank you blue for sharing with me he will certainly be in my prayers..God bless him and his family........Colin.
Arlana Mckibben (8 years ago)
wow that was some crazy stuff hopefully he will be alright!!!

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