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The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

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Full length now on YouTube: http://bit.ly/Liberia-Full-Length Cannibalism, murder and rape are just a part of everyday life in certain regions of Liberia. Despite the United Nation's eventual intervention, most of this country's young people continue to live in abject poverty, surrounded by filth, drug addiction, and teenage prostitution. In 2009, we went to Liberia to rummage through the messy remains of a country ravaged by 14 years of civil war. UPDATE: Charles G. Taylor, former President of Liberia and warlord, has been convicted by an international tribunal of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including rape, murder, and the use of child soldiers. He is the first head of state to be found guilty by an international court since the Nuremberg trials. Hosted by Shane Smith | Originally released in 2009 at http://vice.com More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Produced by Andy Capper Follow Andy at http://twitter.com/andycapper Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (14447)
Nokdang Lusang (1 hour ago)
How big are your balls man...damn
jerkin.megherkin (1 hour ago)
Fuckin shit hole....burn it down or bomb the place...we don't need them taking up anymore air then they already do
Animated Gamers (10 hours ago)
Before you comment, stop if you are going to post any of these: 1.) Comment on the funny general names. 2.) Comment on the conditions of Lybiria vs N. Korea. 3.) Comments on YouTube rules.
Jake Dean (12 hours ago)
All cultures are equal though. Haha, jk. These savages are a waste of oxygen.
Da69expert1 (13 hours ago)
I see why Wakanda was isolated...
kilo banks (22 hours ago)
Respect Liberia. They are humans an people just like us. They just need help. Stop putting people down an send good vibes to them.
Jake Dean (12 hours ago)
kilo banks But they are not like us. Sure, they may want many of the same things but they can't organise their society. Not my fault, not my problem.
They come to Europe for social, i mean a canibalist not victims of course
Drumpizza (1 day ago)
You know, that first general seemed kinda nice he even helped them to their car
Tuğrul C. (1 day ago)
Fuckin monkeys
Cory Stafford (1 day ago)
More jaboonery from the asphalt apes. Lol!
SYED MUJAMEED (1 day ago)
How come they get rifle's bombs AK-47 how🤔🤔🤔
Vince Bautista (1 day ago)
This is what will happen if Philippines, Would've succumb to the leftist communist regime.
A (1 day ago)
This guy has definitely got some balls filming this..especially beginning at 8:32...😳
WeeItsNookies (1 day ago)
There's not a single 3rd world country that's white. All 3rd world countries are black/brown. Just sayin..
Hell Angels (1 day ago)
What type of fucked up country is this mate?
Justas S (1 day ago)
Bunch of negros
Cometa 84 (1 day ago)
They are the animals we thought they were.
Naturally D (1 day ago)
This is SICK 😷😱🤮🤢 a child on full blown Herion!! 😩😡🤬😪😥People eating each other???? They take the term “Taking A Bite Out Of Crime” to a whole other DISTURBING LEVEL!!!!!! When the whole rap song is about AIDS?!?! Smdh!!! Shit on the Beach....Pee......kids on drugs.....Eating People......All types of Diseases.....Cocaine.....Herion......Sex Trafficking........ABSOLUTELY TURMOIL AKA HELL ON EARTH 🌏 You couldn’t pay me to go there!!! They TRULY NEED HELP!!!!!!! My heart goes out to the kids ♥️💕😪
ACE Osiriu (1 day ago)
1:18 thats a puerto rican flag
souza barro (1 day ago)
How can you not love vice?
frunnik brammel (2 days ago)
they lack the iq to build the country very stupid people
Ded F1sh (2 days ago)
What's with the black people Jesus christ
Zebei (2 days ago)
they dont give a fuck
Uganda Knuckles (2 days ago)
All the innocent people were killed there, don't worry your death is a *Syahid* that means you'll enter Jannah (Heaven) immediately 💕 Insyallah Allah will take care of us. He will 😊
OMGMaw (2 days ago)
Im so happy i live in Canada
Trash Boat (2 days ago)
I think liberia has the "PURGE" Holiday
Odee (2 days ago)
this guy really asked why the monkey is there and laughed after the police aggressively asked what the monkey did wrong lmao.
Samm3y (2 days ago)
holy shit
Robert Shull (2 days ago)
Go figure. Can we expect anything else from these people?
Robert Shull (2 days ago)
I use the term 'people' loosely.
Daniel muchi (2 days ago)
Europeans feel inferior to Africans that's why they have to spent billions of dollars/pounds just to lie about Africans or African countries. There are lots of rich areas even in this so called Liberia but it doesn't fit the narrative. 🤣🤣
Daniel muchi (2 days ago)
HAHAHA it's now clear to me as a Kenyan ..the so called European will never face intelligent Africans or African countries with rich culture and traditions and developed infrastructure to it's population back I the Europe..as Africans we always wonder why do they feel the arge of travelling thousands of miles just to go in deep - deep poor villages that even us Africans don't know of its existence then put the image that generally this is Africa. Lol we wonder why they feel so inferior to us....
Rob10312006 (2 days ago)
Not trying to sound Racist. But blacks have such a low iq. Anywhere they go they turn places into hoods. I don't understand why they can't ge th their shit together and actually work together. White countries or Asian countries have gone through the same crap and still get their country together. If whites all left the United states it would look just like this in about 3 years or less. Btw for example Russia, Germany, Korea's, and Japan. All places that went through a lot and still got everything moving in the right direction. We have dumped so much money and resources into black communities all over the world and it doesn't make much change. They did not go through the evolutionary process that every other race has gone through.
Sharoya Terry (3 days ago)
Why are y'all there though? What's the need? Nosey motherfuckers I tell ya lol
sizwe mbokazi (3 days ago)
Don't ask too many questions!!! They'll eat you! (Edit) oh he got general on his side!
sizwe mbokazi (3 days ago)
Jimmy Johnson (3 days ago)
liberals: "Africa isnt that bad you racists" VICE: "Child junkies, shit and piss everywhere"
kislay kumar (3 days ago)
I feel so bad about seeing these people's conditions
Jake Dean (12 hours ago)
kislay kumar They just can't manage to organise their society.
utkarsh choudhary (3 days ago)
It's literally hell on earth😱
utkarsh choudhary (3 days ago)
This is gross ... How can they eat humans?
Jake Dean (12 hours ago)
utkarsh choudhary No ethics, no morals, no humanity.
TiredFilms (3 days ago)
Haddy Cham (3 days ago)
8:36 I was getting hella scared he was gonna attack them 💀
where is my mind? (3 days ago)
im crying
rico gavairia (3 days ago)
Bomb them mf 😂😂
Yashsvi Dixit (4 days ago)
I'll better stick to my home.
Joseph Lara (4 days ago)
Holy fuck
Hindustani (4 days ago)
shame on you muslims
Arora Thorne (4 days ago)
hey Liberia: Canada has open borders! come on everyone, free hotel stays and $50 000.00 for every family of four
The Basics (4 days ago)
Lol I can how much UN is doing for them with people's taxes .
The Basics (4 days ago)
Why should mama Liberia should sink in poverty . I feel you dude.
So freed slaves go back and enslave Native Africans.
Noelia 1771 (4 days ago)
“General mosquito spray” oh hell no 😂
Jay M (4 days ago)
The next general shall be general bug be gone
Alan Meals (4 days ago)
Some places just need nuking
jasonjinx (4 days ago)
nuke em and let em start over?
Camden Bolden (4 days ago)
You paid money so you can get an interview with a stone cold killer set him free
Jason Gutierrez (5 days ago)
StuardnX18 (5 days ago)
WOW I wish that Mmy name was Butt BITCH
Versace Belt (5 days ago)
“How do we get the general out” “He killed over millions” “That’s not what I asked”
General mosquito spray. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sean Er Wen Han (5 days ago)
Rich people need to do something about this
Jalisaa Lanaye (5 days ago)
When they walked into the brothel and the guy said “they have towel for wiping” holy fuck imagine how many many diseases are on that towel alone.
Chief Beef (6 days ago)
It's all the poor people in GTA in one lobby
Manuj Madan (6 days ago)
Why didn't they eat him?
Neil Enriquez (6 days ago)
The Vice Guide to Liberia: Step One: Don’t step foot in Liberia Step Two: Live your life
SlothGaming (6 days ago)
oof, the fake Louis Vuitton at 5:06
emperorvoid (6 days ago)
Vice should move all their operations to that shithole.
Kylin (6 days ago)
so what's the best cannibal dish?
Senor Frijol (6 days ago)
General butt naked 😂😂😂
Ephrem Hailemichael (6 days ago)
so your're saying the whole LIBERIA looks like that huh?...you're not even nice enough to show the BEUTIFUL side of it?...fuck outta here.
Jamie Hibbert (6 days ago)
And the left wants these type of people in Europe.
Blahino Kongo (7 days ago)
War of the Crackheads
Sephiroth (7 days ago)
I would definitely not walk around barefoot in Liberia..
Franklin Matthews (7 days ago)
when the war is only in liberia but its WW3
Gg Host (7 days ago)
Yet the government be like um no money cause we lazy as f
Cthulhu’s Abode (7 days ago)
It’s scary how this happening down there. That must quite literally be hell on earth.
Brooklyn boi (7 days ago)
jack daniels (7 days ago)
Nothing but animals
Autumn (7 days ago)
*Fuckin black people!!!* makes you want to go home an scrub yourself after viewing b.s. mf's like this!!!
GBATD (7 days ago)
I think this proves that mentally some people are still in the stone age.
Jake Dean (12 hours ago)
GBATD Lots of them I'd say.
Thermal (7 days ago)
Wtf 💀
Saraju Rai (7 days ago)
I never imagined that Liberia was a chaotic place I wouldn't imagine being there in the first place
*General bin laden survived?* *USA: DROP THE BOMB*
Quenten Bruce (7 days ago)
Excellent. I know where in West Africa I wanna go.. bit of vigilante action on da drugs, some toilets, fishing jobs and whose your Daddy?
wise and humble!! (8 days ago)
Dude said the commissioner goes with the people squats and shits. Lmfao
sulieman fakhreddin (8 days ago)
lmfao the general names loooll
Kane Feather (8 days ago)
Wait thoose arnt my guys *heart races* *Shits self* *body.exe has stopped working*
Chris Rowland (8 days ago)
Those cops are scumbags...
apoemandarose (8 days ago)
i.love the black people a lot but i feel scare to enter into their territories...like that...much less to put my nose in their business.
apoemandarose (8 days ago)
Next time paint your body and use a twig of negro so you can pass like one of them...that is easier. They are cannibals maybe they wanted to taste white meat...
apoemandarose (8 days ago)
Wow that was scary...i got anxiety and panic
Jordan Rupp (8 days ago)
Hmmmm................. Liberia seems fun. It looks like a real life 24/7 Purge
Brian Weiss (8 days ago)
I must know what the monkey did a follow up story on that monkey and why he was in police custody
Jordan Perez (8 days ago)
that’s scary asf
Patrick Thibault (8 days ago)
Nuke that place out of the map
RRMUZIKINC (8 days ago)
You Got a Death Wish dude...Be careful what you ask for...
Virus (8 days ago)
He said and I quote: "After we got Bin Ladin out of Jail." FBI Agent: -GASP-
LeBron James (8 days ago)
10:10 lol denied!!!
Craigx71 (9 days ago)
Hmmm so no evil colonialism, and freed slaves.... so slavery and colonialism was 1000 times better.... wow
superchef (9 days ago)
does any of the money help these people
Cece Ruben (9 days ago)
Their legitimately eating people What is scarier than that??

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