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What's inside a Tesla Tire?

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We CUT OPEN the Tire of a Tesla Model X and it was ACTUALLY INTERESTING! Buying a Tesla? USE OUR CODE: http://ts.la/daniel3063 Was super surprised to learn about the inside of the Tesla tire and grateful I found a Tire Shop that could help me fix this issue. Hopefully this video helps shops that don't know how to fix Tesla flats be confident moving forward. Not everyone can get service done at the Tesla Service station. Follow us on socials @wahtsinside Music for this video is from http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcFwF
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Text Comments (9457)
JerryRigEverything (3 months ago)
Ive never seen that stuff inside a tire before! Super smart of Tesla. Way fun project. Thanks for letting me use my knife!
MLG Supreme (2 days ago)
It’s not a Tesla tire
Tout Flic (3 days ago)
jerryrig destroyd everything....😢😢😢😢
Xeleb (14 days ago)
I was just watching your video lol
Alexander Gilling (15 days ago)
Will FLEX SEAL fix a tire???????
Tom Davis (15 days ago)
R u a hitman
TheFurriestOne (43 minutes ago)
Electrified spiders, natch.
ben sella (6 hours ago)
2:00 Safty is priority while the knife is oped almost cutting his face...
The Patrick (6 hours ago)
The kid Ruins your show
dillondecal (7 hours ago)
Wow your gonna need more tires to carry around those balls of steel. Takes some cajones to stab a tire.
Jerrad Campbell (13 hours ago)
Looks to me as though you can just plug it like a normal Tire.
Hagan Edmondson (15 hours ago)
Dats not a nife its a dagger
Trae Shorter (19 hours ago)
"everyone is convinced he's a hitman" " He looks like a hitman" "Is that really the biggest knife you have?" goes to truck and pulls out the 10 dollar harbor freight special.......me...."nope not a hitman"
faisal irfan (21 hours ago)
Send me this car as a gift...
Amjad Krishna (21 hours ago)
Hey did you buy a new tyre t from tesla outlet then???
superchibiwings (22 hours ago)
Nice seeing Agent 47 Taking a Day Off and relaxed and smiling.
Osity (1 day ago)
No one is getting into that tire anytime soon.
Akito Takagi (1 day ago)
He does not look like a Hitman...He is THE 47...
Chemisphere Videos (1 day ago)
Guys with no serious jobs!?😂
James (1 day ago)
Love how you slipped Crocodile Dundee in there saying "Noice." That's the kind of subtlety that makes a classic Youtube video!
Florian PressX (1 day ago)
AIR. THERE'S GODDAMN AIR INSIDE. IT'S A TIRE. Also Tesla didn't make the tire.
I now
Spala (1 day ago)
he said jif serial killer confirmed
loyalorangeman1690 (1 day ago)
Wish a could put these 8mins back into my life
Vishal Jose Alukka (2 days ago)
If you're looking for the result - ( 7:13)
car dan (2 days ago)
2:03 *pulls safety glasses out to be safe but has blade pointing up towards neck*
Christopher Hayes (2 days ago)
Can see what is inside a run flat tire
Christopher Hayes (2 days ago)
Christopher Hayes (2 days ago)
JC (2 days ago)
That bald dude is such a sissy. Lmfao.
KB Snookin (2 days ago)
I have
bazz mc fury (2 days ago)
Huh and I thought it was gunna be the tears of stranded dolphins mixed with the ashes of cremated hippies 🤔
Lezquick_ Productions (2 days ago)
I want a Tesla.................
jocko john (2 days ago)
It's a Pirelli tire. As others have said, Tesla doesn't make tires......My knife is bigger than yours too :)
thomas oliver (2 days ago)
So I should glue sound deadening foam to the inside of my Corolla tire hmmmm 🤔
Bill Vegas (2 days ago)
I couldn't stand these horrible people so never made it to the inside of the Pirelli, not Tesla, tire.
martygaydos (2 days ago)
Probably could have just dismounted the thing instead of destroying a $300 tire, but where's the fun in that?
Jordi Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Garrett Bischoff (2 days ago)
Yes ive seen crocodile Dundee
sahil afghan (3 days ago)
Lincoln part is funny 😂
Tuomas Halunen (3 days ago)
Im 12 years old and i know that the rims could get damged with driving with a totally flat and his anklegrinding towards his car
Harry Abrigo (3 days ago)
Yes its jerry
JZNZ (3 days ago)
moral of the story is ... they didnt need to destroy the tyre because it was repairable
Egull (3 days ago)
is that bump stock guy!?
The Backup ONE (3 days ago)
Chrisfix confirm
Rob Bowman (3 days ago)
Who hasn’t seen crocodile Dundee?
Joey161 (3 days ago)
How are you gonna cut a part of the tire just to peel the foam off and fix the hole.
Steve Geczi (3 days ago)
I'm old enough to get the Crocodile Dundee joke, yes.
DeathAdder FTW (3 days ago)
Mfs out here like tesla invented run flats
SuperlukLps (4 days ago)
ive seen it :D
Joe Bob (4 days ago)
Jesus Christ everything happening looks EXTREMELY dangerous! So many sharp objects just bouncing around!!
Bryan Jimenez (4 days ago)
There is air in a tier
ye llow (4 days ago)
pls look whats inside a nuclear bomb
I’m Big daddy (4 days ago)
Wow my dad has a Tesla and I never new the tires were so strong
Ryan Senquiz (4 days ago)
I work for Discount Tire in GA all we do is cut out a piece and repair the injury!
Ethan gamer G (4 days ago)
Holy I love jerry and u
Ethan gamer G (4 days ago)
Jerry rig everything I mean
Cesar Trujillo (4 days ago)
That’s terrible! It looks like you ruined those jeans. Great video. Thanks for posting.
Tyrell Johnson (4 days ago)
He do look like agent 47 from video game hitman!
Ajit Kumar (5 days ago)
Next up what's inside a penny
Rumen Filipov (5 days ago)
It's not a Tesla, it's a Pirreli tire.
Frostelious (5 days ago)
Literally very I feel bad for that Tesla in 6:51
Ludwig (5 days ago)
feels like tesla like the apple idea, creats a problem then charge you with a solution. tesla could ask the customer if they want they special tire or not ,but here you go ,buy a new tire is a lot money making compare to fixing old tire
AgentBanana (5 days ago)
Your son looks like he would kill Harry Potter and lived in the Slitherin House
higgy (5 days ago)
This is the dumbest thing I've every seen.
Sam Elliott (5 days ago)
I’ve seen that movie
K3nda11 (5 days ago)
Who hasn't seen crocodile dundee
DIECAST Collector (5 days ago)
What’s inside a pencil
M7CVZ (5 days ago)
because there is nothing quite like mindless destruction
Byron Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Dude almost sliced his neck pitting on those safety goggles
Arya Afif (5 days ago)
Run Flat Tyre
gracz misiek (5 days ago)
6:25 47 practising
double OT (5 days ago)
Mr. Clean, Hitman for hire.
LTGA Gt (6 days ago)
Jimmy Bears (6 days ago)
Why would u cut a Tesla tire? JUST WHY
Fun Master (6 days ago)
I definitely no croc Dundee I watch from Straya
Adam Greaves (6 days ago)
When you said safety is priority. You literally almost stabbed your neck with that open box cutter. Bruh .watch yo neck
Mitchell Schumer (6 days ago)
I hate low profile tires
HunterX 780 (6 days ago)
I love u two guys channels
Lot a koala Bois (6 days ago)
I have
The Lost (6 days ago)
I found a condome in my tesla's tire .
CIA (6 days ago)
It's like rubber... and underneath is like metal. It's like part of the rim... woah.. I wouldn't have had any clue.
Meme bank (6 days ago)
Tesla tire abuse i should cut you open and see whats inside
Meme bank (6 days ago)
Sami Khan (7 days ago)
What a load of rubbish, waste of time and money
iiShatteredFX (7 days ago)
what's inside a tesla tire? *a tesla wheel*
SlackR71 (7 days ago)
There are just so many things wrong with this video 🤣🤣 damage the sidewall driving on a flat? How about the rim! And idk how you missed the Pirelli branding on the tire but those are obviously Pirelli tires not Tesla tires 🤣🤣
Omar Fannoun (7 days ago)
It's maybe a new way to put the drugs inside this this is something police should put there eyes on if they saw a tesla car do a lot of traveling or trips or suspect it, I wish someone explain for me how would air inside the tier make a voice while moving or is it reducing the voice every time the wheel turns when it catch the ground ?
Paul G (7 days ago)
So I curb raashed my wheel a day ago, it sucked...then I seen this video and this guy clearly runs over curbs. Wow.
Emerson West (7 days ago)
Nice curbed up rims.....poor tesla
Freddy Greyson (7 days ago)
Stop bragging about your Tesla!!!!!!!
JOE S (7 days ago)
Make a vide what tyra banks have inside ,,keep the youngster away
Daniel Sandoval (7 days ago)
There is not such thing as tesla tire dumb asses!!!! Those are Pirelli tires.
Barbara Lizotte (7 days ago)
I watched crocodile Dundee
koreaninng (7 days ago)
nice i love tesla too. Firm handshake 🤝 suerte!
Austin1407 Padgett (7 days ago)
What's inside a garage charger
TheTarqz (7 days ago)
so yeah... the foam is soundproofing as you said but it can be repaired you just remove a section of the foam then carry out the repair
Harrison Cardillo (7 days ago)
Zach makes me feel like I need to drop down and do push ups.
killermelon546 (7 days ago)
elon is becoming steve job the tesla tyre is hard to fix so is the iPhone x
Albert Gheorghe (7 days ago)
Jerryrigeverything is here!! Hello! Sending from a samsung galaxy core teo
Crocodile Dundee is a great movie
Game of Drones (8 days ago)
What does the foam do?? That stuff isn’t thick or strong enough to do anything?
Kade Sain (8 days ago)
Amala Sajith (8 days ago)
Do what's inside a I pod
Amala Sajith (8 days ago)
What I pod a toch, classic or nano
king Dre 2.0 (8 days ago)
Yes i live in Australia
Jaistar22 (8 days ago)
I'm an Aussie I have seen crocadile dun de
Grav 1ty (8 days ago)
Paul Hogan represent

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