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What's inside a Tesla Tire?

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We CUT OPEN the Tire of a Tesla Model X and it was ACTUALLY INTERESTING! Was super surprised to learn about the inside of the Tesla tire and grateful I found a Tire Shop that could help me fix this issue. Hopefully this video helps shops that don't know how to fix Tesla flats be confident moving forward. Not everyone can get service done at the Tesla Service station. What's inside a Tesla Surfboard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mVXWNNw8z4&t=3s Follow us on socials @wahtsinside Music for this video is from http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcFwF
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Text Comments (10770)
JerryRigEverything (8 months ago)
Ive never seen that stuff inside a tire before! Super smart of Tesla. Way fun project. Thanks for letting me use my knife!
DdAaVvIiDd (2 days ago)
Tesla does not do that, pirelli does
River man (14 days ago)
+mcfunworld Tesla ?? shoehorn in some Detroit muscle. Like a real car
JOSHUA KANE (1 month ago)
you dont just look like A hitman, you look identical to Hitman: Codename 47!!
Uther 17 (1 month ago)
"Super smart ofTesla"? Super smart of Pirelli, Tesla dont made tires dude lol
Savagebro050 050 (1 month ago)
Hi 👋
shibbi972 (1 hour ago)
i got the reference to crocodile dundee im old ^^
Leow enze (5 hours ago)
There is a dead deer in the tyre
Jorge Piedad (10 hours ago)
I thought it was contraceptive foam so they wouldn't be reproducing in the racks while they wait to be installed.
The only thing different about Tesla is that the cars run on electricity
The Beaster (23 hours ago)
You should do what’s inside a house
BlackSword FIFTY5 (1 day ago)
Dan: angle grinder v.s Tesla tire Elon click on the video At 6:47 Elon: noooooooooo not the tire
BlackSword FIFTY5 (1 day ago)
5:25 well that's nuts
imlee gaming (1 day ago)
lol who saw linkon in the back
Challenge Gaming (1 day ago)
Kyle Perno (1 day ago)
ibozman (1 day ago)
FYI!!! Pirelli tire can’t get flat repairs due to Pirelli warranty will not allow flat repairs in any of there tires. States it in the warranty booklet. To answer question about the foam inside tire. On other brand tires like the Goodyear and Michelin that have the foam to reduce noise. They can have a flat repair done. Just need to cut a small area out and do the flat repair and then place the foam back into place.
Nathan Thomas (2 days ago)
Crocodile dundee!!!!!! Best movie ever
Christopher Herold (2 days ago)
Tesla, good for the environment until you set its tires on fire.
Carpe diem (2 days ago)
I was expecting a battery.
Luke Chalmers (2 days ago)
Loved the reference
Sidharth Sankar (3 days ago)
5:23 *it's gonna spin freely while you're trying to twist off the nuts 😂😂*
Carina Volcan (3 days ago)
5 25 boi
aidgam1 (3 days ago)
*Tires scratch at a Level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.*
Good Name (4 days ago)
NoW ThAtS AloT Of DAmAge
CloudBurst (4 days ago)
It can't be air for sure..
Montgomery Yost (4 days ago)
I understand
angelo mariano (5 days ago)
Can you change your rim into a racing rim???
Rush Beau (5 days ago)
John Ancajas (6 days ago)
Can you do "what's inside area 51?"
Shannon Charlton (6 days ago)
I live in Australia all my life so yeah I have seen it lol and well said j.r.e on the side wall should not be repaired only the tread up to 5mm reforestation the wall of the tyre
Y.B.D Beats (6 days ago)
music in 6:41
Yohji Dy (7 days ago)
You should change ur name to what’s inside tesla
Sir GinzVII (7 days ago)
Mr clean?
Daniel Snell (7 days ago)
Who hasn't seen crocodile Dundee am I right 😁😁
Mr SpookyLeopord (7 days ago)
Hehe nice vid
Oliver Best (8 days ago)
I live in Aus of course I do
lewis onduko (8 days ago)
Can your toyota do that.. Zack; my toyota is already high😂😂😂 Savage😁
Wolfie (7 days ago)
Thats how ironically arrogant SUV guys are
Fortnite MasterNinja (9 days ago)
Zack says “nuts” 2 times on 5:19
顺畅搬运 (9 days ago)
Wait what? Jerryrigeverything works with what inside now.
somthing for nothing (9 days ago)
Hit man that knows about tires he's dangerous
SpizawkDaKizowz (10 days ago)
I like how he's joking about safety as he absentmindedly swings his RETRACTABLE utility blade - not retracted - right up by his face while he puts on the glasses.
Nibble Gaming (10 days ago)
5:24 “it’s gonna spin freely while your trying to twist off the nuts”
John Potato (10 days ago)
*RIP Tesla Tire*
FaZe Wrld (10 days ago)
OLIVER olah (10 days ago)
Is just a pirelli tire.Tesla don't make tires!
Redskins Redskins (11 days ago)
Yes, crocodile Dundee is awesome 😎
Lincoln E (11 days ago)
I have seen it
Gavin Saladin (11 days ago)
5:25 twist of the nuts😂
SRBIJA ZAUVEK (11 days ago)
Brien Malone (12 days ago)
Saw Crocodile Dundee in the theater. What am I doing here? I’ve got to go be old somewhere.
Alco Golic (12 days ago)
So instead of releasing all the preasure from a tire and taking it off in a controlled manner and them maybe cutting it in half, you stabbed it.
Dylan Schillinger (12 days ago)
that is so bad for the environment, using that saw with the tire
Alexander Muller (12 days ago)
I'll fix your flat tire.
Nolan Porter (13 days ago)
It's not a jif! Its a gif!
Raleigh Bennett (13 days ago)
On crocodile Dundee it says”now that’s a knife”. Dan said “that’s not a knife
matthew messing (13 days ago)
Tesla doesn’t make tiresss
Dimitri Antoniou (14 days ago)
It’s a run flat that’s why
Dimitri Antoniou (14 days ago)
Air is inside a tire what a surprise
Dimitri Antoniou (14 days ago)
It’s a normal tire like every other car like what
Jenn Fincham (14 days ago)
I do😁
Jojo Jones (14 days ago)
I seen it thats not a knife this is a knife
Jack Banks (14 days ago)
You got a nail in it but needed an angle grinder to open it
Chalks October (14 days ago)
Here's the real reason why tire shops won't work on those wheels, they have super hard sidewalls and it makes it a pita to take off and put back on, if and when the wheels get scratched or scuffed then they want a new wheel and a free tire. I've seen it happen so many times with new techs working on low profile rft tires.
Chalks October (14 days ago)
It won't spin off the ground if you have an impact gun.
River man (14 days ago)
when you replace that tire, have all your tires evacuated and filled with nitrogen..seriously/
River man (14 days ago)
Fixed one last year with a common tire plug. asked owner to email me when he got home, 1,500 miles. he did. recently he replaced tire, emailed me. plug still in.
River man (14 days ago)
Fixed one 2 years ago with a common tire plug. asked owner to email me when he got home, 1,500 miles. he did. 2 years pass , he replaced tire, emailed me. plug still in.
canadaguy1982 (15 days ago)
I've seen crocodile dundee
Panda Donuts (16 days ago)
I’m Australian I’m triggered
xxZombie_Reaperxx 08 (16 days ago)
That’s not a knife this is a knife”
Benjamin Stewart (16 days ago)
That’s not a knife!!! Dundee. Absolutely
Kilee Kimball (16 days ago)
What was the “for freee” reference from????
ToxicX99 (16 days ago)
I’ve seen croc Dundee
Ozxe Game (16 days ago)
Ah IV seen your played nicely sponey
Panchal Harsh (17 days ago)
Air i guess🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
MasterQ 19 (17 days ago)
What I took from this vid: If you're going to slash someone's tires, let some air out first. 👍
SparkGX (17 days ago)
jerry's name is zach tf
Nouman fastbowler (17 days ago)
Is their air in Tesla tires
Izaak D'haemer (18 days ago)
I've seen croccodile dundey
Mr Explosion (18 days ago)
5:05, got me confused a little bit...
Ethan Sanchez (18 days ago)
Air. thank me later
Hugh Russell (18 days ago)
U have to be Aussie to understand it
elvis key (18 days ago)
Sam Davis 15 (18 days ago)
When you take of the lug nuts you put it in the air and pull the hand. Beak
superhackedmonkey (18 days ago)
thats not a knife this is a knife
Naco Gaming (19 days ago)
tell him to go watch the movie lol... i been watching ur vids and i want one so bad but not wealthy enough to get one hopefully in the future so i can join the family
I LIKE MUSIC (19 days ago)
"That's not a knife, this is a knife 🔪 "
IslandGirl_Sea_Me (20 days ago)
80 psi?
Vixfix Pixtix (20 days ago)
Imagine explaining to the repair guy why it’s that badly cut it’s gunna be like this Rg: how the hell did you get it cut this badly! In: we sliced it open just so we can get views so can you repair it? Rg: ok
Jacob Nelson (20 days ago)
How old is Lincoln?
B3N G4M3S (20 days ago)
I seen crocodile donde
BlackHawk10000 (20 days ago)
This is a knife!!
Flak Jack Edd (20 days ago)
What a waste of a perfectly good and functional tire with plenty of tread life remaining.☝️
Evan Matthews (20 days ago)
I have seen it
Colton Carrico (20 days ago)
I have
StarStruk Animations (20 days ago)
ya :D
Edgar Fornue (21 days ago)
R.I.P tesla tire😭😭😭
Ange Ry (21 days ago)
Adam Papez (21 days ago)
i have seen croc dundee cos i am aussie
Sad Hours (21 days ago)
At least take the tire off the rim 🤦
Gg912 (21 days ago)
I have
Rod the_great (21 days ago)
I want a Tesla
MxM MxM (21 days ago)
ive seen crokodile dundee

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