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VIS- Victim Impact Statement

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Statement given at sentencing for drunk driver. One week before my daughters would be 21st birthday. If you'd like to join the fight against drunk driving or UNlicensed drivers, http://www.facebook.com/ambers.angels.1#!/ambers.angels.1
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Jamie Blevins (1 month ago)
I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family.
Carol Kruger (1 month ago)
What beautiful, gifted and talented young woman! She had unlimited potential. Her twin has lost such a bond that should be unbreakable. Until you are together again I hope you will sense the light and love that she sends your way and that it will give you some comfort. Your statement was and is a beautiful testimony to your child❤
Paula Taylot (1 year ago)
Missy Caulk (2 years ago)
I am so sorry to read this. I too lost my son from injuries in an auto accident, Oct. 14th, 2011 to they forced us to remove him from life support on the 20th of October. The same days only different months from what your family endured. Thank you for sharing your story about Amber. She was a beautiful girl.
tlpendar (2 years ago)
My Condolences
Aleita Watson (2 years ago)
Wow. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the pain you feel right now. My condolences to you...
Lisa Marie Gilmore (2 years ago)
My heart hurts for your loss... My condolences <3
John Texas (2 years ago)
Stop your whining. Shit happens, get over it. Welcome to life on earth
Lisa Marie Gilmore let's all report the heartless bitch!
PurpleMountainDew91 You're an ass
tlpendar (2 years ago)
+Lisa Marie Gilmore I second that. Purple Mountain dik is probably a ten year old trying to get a rise out of someone because no one pays attention to him at home.
Aleita Watson (2 years ago)
are you kidding me? smh
John Texas (2 years ago)
Justin Carneiro (2 years ago)
So sorry for your loss :(
65roses93 (3 years ago)
Im so sorry for your loss. 20 years isn't enough. I can't imagine your pain either. <333 May amber rest in peace. and may you find peace.
E E (3 years ago)
i Am so sorry my darling. Amber was gorgeous and she sees you.  Please know she does not want you to suffer Love.
Carlos Álvarez (3 years ago)
fuck the defendant and his family
Diya Jones (4 years ago)
It so f**cked that such a beautiful young girl whose life took a tragic turn on my birthday....it saddens me to know that an idiot should have KNOWN better NOT to get behind the wheel while being intoxicated but insists to not care about the consequences.....I hope the defendant gets the harshest punishment for what he did ......as for Amber.....RIP!!
Tanya Brogdon (4 years ago)
that was so heartbreaking and i feel for your family.  I hope that he gets what he deserves in every way shape and form.  Its not fair to you all that you lost her so soon. 
Ron Ward (4 years ago)
I am at a loss for words - just tears and shock!
Miranda Ward (4 years ago)
I am at a loss for words! Just tears!
JPettyCash (5 years ago)
I am in tears after watching this! So very sorry for your loss! You did a wonderful job on your Victim Impact Statement. Did the jerk serve any time for this? The drunk driver who murdered my son got 5 years. Only 3 of them were for killing Mason, the other 2 were for all the other charges against him (over 22 other charges). He was sentenced 5-15 but got out in 5. I was told that if he violated his parole he would be sent back to prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence. He violated it so many times and I reported it to his parole officer who did nothing but warn him. I live in PA, so I'm not sure how different the laws are in CA. His parole will be up on Feb. 14, 2014. I have a very bad feeling history will repeat itself and he will ruin another family.  I have gone through so much of what you described in your statement. My grandparents also had to bury their son and a grandson (well actually Mason was a great-grandson). Everyone used to say "time heals all wounds"...those are the people who have never lost a child! It's been a little over 15 years for me and Mason would be turning 25 in March, and I am still having a hard time dealing with this. My grandparents never got over the loss of their son, and his death was a freak accident. The best advice I can give is to try to stay busy (but I know how hard that is when it's so hard to stay focused on a single task) and find someone who you can talk to. (I have finally found a therapist I like & trust.)  I don't know if it has gotten to the point yet for you where it seems as though family members won't mention her name, I guess it's out of fear of upsetting us but I really don't know. I am going to try to comment again only mark it as private so I can give you my email address. I do know one thing...the good Lord will carry you when you need it, even if it feels like He's not!
Kazilikaya (5 years ago)
You have my deepest sympathies for this terrible tragedy. The piece of shit who did this should be thrown in prison for LIFE!!!! I hope to G-d he gets murdered in prison.
Debbie Dyer (5 years ago)
My heart breaks.... and there are no words...
BigTechie24 (5 years ago)
What kind of messed up court would give someone that kills a person by drinking and driving a slap on the wrist? Does human life not mean anything to those people? That is like victimizing the family all over again. IGORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE!!!
Eva Roberts (5 years ago)
Very sorry for your loss! I cried my eyes out watch and listening to this!
karina dighton (5 years ago)
so sorry for your loss, i saw this link on the facebook site grieving mothers.
lilliandakin (5 years ago)
What happened to ur facebook page
R Moore (6 years ago)
you can also go to causes there is a petition there also .causes.com/causes/801269-no-facebook-access-to-in-custody-felons/actions/1703040
R Moore (6 years ago)
There is a petition to get prisoners OFF Fb pls sign and share so they don't have access and can 't terrorize the family TY change.org/petitions/facebook-mark-zuckerberg-all-shareholders-and-employees-of-facebook-have-a-little-compassion-for-victims-and-survivors-of-crimes

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