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20 Shots Straight 35% Liquor Challenge (Jagermeister)

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DO NOT attempt this at home or anywhere else. Even at the legal age, no alcohol beverages should be drank in this much quantity. Alcohol should not be drank like this ever. DO NOT TRY! Very dangerous, not a joke. *FOLLOW ME* https://www.instagram.com/superkidknowledge/ https://www.twitter.com/supersmartied https://www.facebook.com/superdupersmartie OTHER GREAT VIDEOS TOP 5 UNIQUE WAYS TO DRINK A BEER https://youtu.be/IfuYSZXYAO8 THE STRONGEST BEER IN THE WORLD (EXPERIMENT) https://youtu.be/-9cZmhDZB4g *MUSIC BY* https://www.Incompetech.com (Kevin McLeod) Thank you all for watching! Don't forget to share!
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Text Comments (5219)
Luke Marengo (4 hours ago)
I drank a bottle and couldn't see I was tore up
Bimmer Won (6 hours ago)
Some people die going over 10 shots but you straight up did 20. Wtf
Bimmer Won (6 hours ago)
We're just fueling your alcoholism by watching and subscribing
Допей , осталось то совершенно чуток чуток-чуток!
katelyn keenen (1 day ago)
Why not just chug it all at once it makes it a lot easier/faster
tuffy chew (2 days ago)
I drank 15 of em when it was my 15th Bday next day drank 2bottle of wine 😂😂
Melissa Peoples (3 days ago)
Omg you shouldn't keep doing this😱😱😱
Rico Glez (4 days ago)
Legend has it.... He's still drunk..
Abdul Khaliq (4 days ago)
Ur a legend
Gamer From Norway (5 days ago)
must be a great hangover
teppi sekasi (6 days ago)
Ohoohh O.G
April 🥀Rose (6 days ago)
Reminds me of my 20s lol
omar unknown (3 days ago)
Is that rite
Charlie Scene (6 days ago)
Now chug a bottle of milk
Lion Of Judah (6 days ago)
Treat your body as your temple.. this is terrible
Alexandro Hancock (6 days ago)
What happened did your dog run away again?
Tianna Grey (6 days ago)
This lil dude looks too small for that much liquor
jake jakelia (6 days ago)
I bet it doesnt feel that good as he makes it seem.
Tri Beard (6 days ago)
You should record what happened an hour later
StrikD (6 days ago)
its jägermeister lol its hella good
jayceeuk42 (6 days ago)
Im disliking this video for the pure reason that it could encourage kids to such daft things.
Yung Dagger (7 days ago)
Smoke 1 pound of weed
Mandoe Muñoz (7 days ago)
Damn he’s a warrior
Alfizah Mahendra (7 days ago)
Ma fav liquor
SAINT RHAN (7 days ago)
IG: maskedbanditx
Brian Moore (7 days ago)
Do bleach next
Jood SS (7 days ago)
Devin Mccurry (8 days ago)
Can't tell if this is fake or not now lol
Devin Mccurry (8 days ago)
I want to try this so bad now, i mean i do have a alcoholic side runs in the family, drunk a whole bottle of vodkia in less than a couple of hours couldn't stop, my uncle drunk 2 5th back to back, this looks so good and fun in the vid
Cameron Tucker (8 days ago)
Been there done that lol first party of sophomore year drank a whole bottle like that to my self 🤢🤢 yucky stuff now
Colin Brash (8 days ago)
It’s not cool, it shouldn’t be a challenge, and it shouldn’t be glorified. This is how a classmate of mine almost died, had 911 not been called in time when we found him passed out. Had to have his stomach pumped, doctors said if he had gotten there 30 minutes later they would not have had time. Again, this isn’t something fun and should not be glorified. This kills people.
Amie Buchanan (8 days ago)
Does he know those are like DOUBLE shots?!?!?!
GiesyTV (8 days ago)
the alcohol poisoning challenge
warren Stephens (8 days ago)
i didnt like that drink . ive drunk 8 botlles Absinthe through out my Life. n most i have drunk in one night 94% i have fallen over bridge s with my jeans down to my ankles with no one around nicked kegs 11 gallons do mountain rock gigs now 25 stoped smoking bud after seven years and quit drink befor i started on marijuana . yeah ive few tins flagons hardly touch it. my lager range from 4% 5% 9% 12% 14% not being big head telling ew' how it is! scol supper tenants Super kestrel Super merry down cider 7% sangria wine s'all strong. especialy in the Sun. not a drinker like i used to be fuck two tins kestrel im N tired as fuck lok jam sandwhich n bed when your in comp school days nearly all bois mad for drink, girls be on wine flagons MD , Buck Fast. Ports, Scrumpy Jacks, all sorts after my litlle sisters freind died from botlle vodka just changed evreything heartbreaking . we shouldnt abuse Alchol especialy when we all quite young 17 18 at enda day its still botlle vodka lead to your death,
Pouyan m (8 days ago)
According to science ASAP you must be dead right now
Vale (8 days ago)
Drinking game: everytime he takes a shot take a shot.
くうきっも (8 days ago)
Youtube recommended strikes again
DjIndomixing1 (8 days ago)
He totally blacked out....
darlene wabasse (8 days ago)
Kindzaza _34 (8 days ago)
Чё Пузырь то не допил...
Oliver McKinley (8 days ago)
Dude, if you didn't go and hurl right afterwards, you had to have gotten fubared directly after this. I feel for you later because I've guzzled my share of the green deer in my old dayz. I used to keep a bottle in my gig bag and when my band used to play on stage this was my in between song whistle wetter. Needless to say, Jaeger led to some less than intelligent decisions back then. Im lucky to be alive. It made my skin crawl just watching you do this. Thumbs up for it. Im glad I don't drink anymore. Jaeger vomit is most unpleasant. You should do a 20 shot kraken challenge.
TheMistyflip (8 days ago)
Lol asian dude drank almost 0.7 liter of jager alone give that man Russian or Polish passport
you want to play (9 days ago)
Gay chap
Bob Bob (9 days ago)
6:32 what language was that?..
Filip Juzio (9 days ago)
In poland we call this "piątek"
Mateusz Pacek (9 days ago)
Jestem Polakiem, to naprawdę jest wyzwanie?
Drop MD (9 days ago)
In Poland. Its easy
Nocturnal Recluse (9 days ago)
Earned my subscription.
Nocturnal Recluse (9 days ago)
Jagers notin...I use that as a chaser for everclear.
Jinjer Muffin (9 days ago)
Bro, you took too long. 16 year olds in Denmark are faster than you.
Edvin Lundgren (10 days ago)
jävla alkis
Eren Yeager (10 days ago)
Weird flex, but ok.
I got drunk just watching this
JayCee DaP (10 days ago)
Looks refreshing glad you're keeping hydrated!
Jakub Szepieciński (10 days ago)
U freakin hero drinking expensive 35% liquor come to Poland lets see what can u do with polish selfmade 60% vodka
Anson Dio (10 days ago)
I could smell it through the screen
ChaosTrupp (10 days ago)
Jetzt Auto fahren! =D
Lory Turtu (10 days ago)
20 shot straight in 7 mins its easy bruh try it in 2 mins
Hawokki (10 days ago)
That's a regular weekend for me. A light version. 0.5 - 0-7 liter vodka is my go-to
Ashley Zwierzynski (10 days ago)
Practice what you preach about not doing this! Forget the views. What about your health. I hope you were ok after this video, I know I couldn’t handle that.
Ashley Zwierzynski (10 days ago)
Super Duper Good! I’m glad! Stay safe! Lol I would too after that. Lol
Super Duper (10 days ago)
I actually quit drinking liquor permanently 2 years ago. So no worries Ashley, one horrible habit is out the door.
Так проходит любая моя пятница
Mickey Lastfly (10 days ago)
снимай на камеру и руби просмотры
daniel waluyo (10 days ago)
Sakti ente
R B (11 days ago)
almost suicide
Jannah 808 (11 days ago)
My favorite drink
Jannah 808 (11 days ago)
Maybe not straight up like that 🤢
yömies (11 days ago)
when he opens that bottle there is a sound effect and that's not Jäger
uupelts 64 (11 days ago)
Not even bad, just a normal barday
killer dunkel (11 days ago)
Super bro
James Stuart (11 days ago)
should've drunk the whole bottle or put a bit of liquid speed in each shot. that would be a real challenge
Morkutan Vit (11 days ago)
Sahil Naik (11 days ago)
In goa we do this wherever we're thirsty.
rb rb (12 days ago)
did he dieded?
Horváth Ákos (12 days ago)
how old are you? you look like a 15 years old!
jorma 991 (12 days ago)
So are you 13 or something? You have started early..
#Highlighted comment (12 days ago)
20shot for warm up.. then where is the challenge??
MC Feromonas (12 days ago)
shoenice did it better
christian werner (12 days ago)
Que pasó después del video ¡¡ ???? Jaja
Łukasz Wowczyński (12 days ago)
Now 20 shots polish vodka, I wanna see that xd
KK KK (12 days ago)
You're a real man! 😱😱☢️
Ass stick together
Rens Metselaar (13 days ago)
"i think im drunk already" like NO SHIT you took 16 shots
Iprofiit GT (13 days ago)
Not even hard i drank 0.5l bottle in 15mins
James Stuart (11 days ago)
drinking don't make you hard mate. fun though
Sparkle Dust (13 days ago)
Makes me think of BMS
DiscoNd (14 days ago)
you deserve the 1,3mill views if someone
giemmia1 (14 days ago)
the shit people do for a view.
Carl Pincombe (14 days ago)
Botch get a grip. Try two bottles in one.
Michael Pirroni (14 days ago)
after 16 shots...he says ."I'm drunk already" lol.. Duh Bruh
John Daszczuk (14 days ago)
20 shots “neat” not “straight”👌🏻
Cody Frank (14 days ago)
These type videos will end soon.
Michał Hirsz (14 days ago)
what a waste
N R (14 days ago)
Next 20 shots of Absinthe..
emil florin (14 days ago)
You could die off 13 shots. And you dont film yourself swallowing
Patrick Mayer (14 days ago)
This is my warmup for drinking dude xD
Connor Bruce (14 days ago)
Pffft 20 shots that’s the end of a light night
lukax XX (14 days ago)
KAPETA33 (14 days ago)
My fav drink when weather gets cold to sip on.
Ethan Aries (14 days ago)
He wil not do it again like that I think
Ethan Aries (14 days ago)
Dr. Spliff (14 days ago)
Dont drink alcohol..smoke weed!alcohol is evil!
Leon Canada (15 days ago)
Theresa Nicole (15 days ago)
I love yager but not by itself yuck!!! I wanted to throw up. Your cra lol
aaliyah mendoza (15 days ago)
*why do i feel like throwing up while watching this*

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