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20 Shots Straight 35% Liquor Challenge (Jagermeister)

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DO NOT attempt this at home or anywhere else. Even at the legal age, no alcohol beverages should be drank in this much quantity. Alcohol should not be drank like this ever. DO NOT TRY! Very dangerous, not a joke. *FOLLOW ME* www.instagram.com/superkidknowlegde/ www.twitter.com/supersmartied www.facebook.com/superdupersmartie ➤MUSIC BY ↪︎Incompetech.com (Kevin Macleod) ➤DON'T FORGET TO SHARE WITH LOVE! Thank you all for tuning into SuperDuper
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Super Duper (3 months ago)
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video. It was a hard one! Don't forget to follow me on instagram www.instagram.com/superkidknowlegde
eric kreker (2 days ago)
WHODA WHODA yeah he was, but luckily we don’t needed to take him to the hospital 😂
WHODA WHODA (2 days ago)
eric kreker damn lmao he must have been wrecked after lmao goodstuff man.
eric kreker (2 days ago)
WHODA WHODA Nope man...the whole 750 ml thing
WHODA WHODA (3 days ago)
750ml? Or 375ml looks like 750
eric kreker (6 days ago)
Super Duper a friend of mine drank an half liter as fast as he could (so a whole bottle) and he already had some beers and a bit of vodka....lol greetings from Germany 😂✌🏽
White (13 minutes ago)
whats the challenge?
Potro (23 minutes ago)
Now do this with 80% vergi vodka
AyVePe (50 minutes ago)
There's atleast 25 shots there dude you over filled most of them, absolute unit though
J Paxton (56 minutes ago)
.35 .40 .45
J Paxton (54 minutes ago)
music sounds like dire straits i want my mtv
ok ok (1 hour ago)
looks like an average tuesday to me
D G K B (1 hour ago)
Es gibt echt besseres als Jägermeister 😝 Da könnte ich ja beim zusehen kotzen
DREAM SOFT (2 hours ago)
"DO NOT attempt this at home or anywhere else. Even at the legal age, no alcohol beverages should be drank in this much quantity. Alcohol should not be drank like this ever. DO NOT TRY! Very dangerous, not a joke. *FOLLOW ME*" - this guy lol
dre guist (9 hours ago)
940k views.... 9.4k subscribers 🤣
darby (11 hours ago)
Actually felt bad bc I know a lil sip of Red Bull or monster half way through would’ve really helped my man out lol
jonathan bura (14 hours ago)
Straight to the toilet lmao
Conner Brown (19 hours ago)
lmao this dude is fucked but entertaining :)
Dawg Bro (19 hours ago)
he doesn’t know how to take a shot😂
Revelution 365 (22 hours ago)
Oh my lawd why do people do this. I’m not even that old and this shit hurts me
Desiree Thompson (22 hours ago)
this is why smoking weed is 100x better, alcohol kills your body, you cant remember shit the next day, if you have to much you might end up puking all over your crushes balcony
Jacob castillo (1 day ago)
ahoulda just done a shoenice
niels nielsen (1 day ago)
THis is normal in Denmark. When it's your birthday and you're hosting a party you have to take an equivalent amount of shots to the age you become. So if you turn 16 you have to take 16 shots consecutively
Sami Pesari (1 day ago)
Not that impressive amount but your expressions show that you are not professional alcoholic so I gotta give props for fighting trough the pain
Segeric (1 day ago)
Holy shit dude
Dan Villamayor (1 day ago)
WTF does this accomplish? other than a hangover
Dylan H (2 days ago)
I mean a fifth is only 16 shots so at least they weren't completely full.
Manaf Mammadov (2 days ago)
its bull shit smoke blunt live in peace
Magotte (2 days ago)
National Hero !
dank meme (2 days ago)
Well I live in Wisconsin and babies do that out of the womb so that's a little week. Shit only 35% if its not above 70 are you really drinking
Ruairi R (2 days ago)
what a lightweight
felvaldor felvaldor (2 days ago)
thats not much...
Tanner Tousey (2 days ago)
Jager ain't no joke kids.Believe that.
Bohanan 22 (2 days ago)
Wished I Could have seen the aftermath, haha
Jessie Van Morrison (2 days ago)
Why not just drink the whole bottle like a man puss
Mir Nemit (2 days ago)
stew (2 days ago)
liver left the game
Tommy Oggy (2 days ago)
Looks like and average Friday night in England to me.
The Best Boy (3 days ago)
did u get drunk from that........
High Voltage (3 days ago)
*content we deserve*
Gavriel Akhadu (3 days ago)
My friend passed out after 4 shots
Bruce The Moose (3 days ago)
My stomach hurts watching this
Gio Garcia (3 days ago)
Putain hahaha
lmao i took 30+ shots of this 300$ chinese liqour thats like 90% alc vol. and i wasnt as fucked as you but then 15 minutes later i was wasted as if i drank 20 lokos
Salz Aufsmaul (3 days ago)
His face looks like Jägermeister
MyTwoCents (3 days ago)
BOOOOOOOOOOO! You cut the best part. The 2 hours after the video!!!!
Centernal (3 days ago)
Wow you drink and post it as a challenge on youtube. Anyone can do this.
Nathan Jennings (3 days ago)
Fucking brutal, what a champ
D3C D3C (3 days ago)
Mini shots Pussy.....lol jk, you’re a G
n P (3 days ago)
In Germany we call this: Stanni
Tidwell (3 days ago)
I bet i can do 21 SHots. weak stuff
Ca$hMoN3Y (3 days ago)
S1L3nT (3 days ago)
typo in title!!
Louve Vontana (3 days ago)
I'm just cringing at you drink these syrupy, unsettling shots of Jager....
Bohdan Orlov (3 days ago)
*What a mad lad*
Cake301 (3 days ago)
Scotty (3 days ago)
Oh god .! Ha
heatt (4 days ago)
In our country some people when they fi ish bottle they will tell you that they only started
Inside RP (4 days ago)
0,5L of Jagermeister in 6 minutes? Jesus..
Dead Meme (4 days ago)
"oh I feel the burn now, HOLY FUCK" *proceeds to the next shot*
lm4hustla (4 days ago)
Where's the damn after math lol
Ethan Elder (4 days ago)
OpTic H3CZ Sure can pound em back
LowLying (4 days ago)
nazi shots no thank you not in this country mate
Bill b (4 days ago)
This is what people do? We are done for as a spiecies.
IrishVault 0017 (4 days ago)
1:41 god bless you
Mike Miller (4 days ago)
Super Duper now that you have completed THE chaalleneg wat will you do?????????????????
Pdiviy97 (4 days ago)
Did he get drunk?
Daniel Wright (4 days ago)
you dont have shit on shoenice lol he would finish that whole bottle while you're whining over your 10th amateur shot 😂
Grant Kurtzer (4 days ago)
Reckless& Relentless (4 days ago)
Props to you, Jager is disgusting. JB<3.
David Erlenbach (4 days ago)
Tops bro
Aid3n101 (4 days ago)
Omg this is hella funny
jongo lp (5 days ago)
I did that once but i also drank one liter of beer and 3 bottles of Hugo.I woke up in the hospital😖
DeadRadioGR (5 days ago)
but why ....
Player 1 (5 days ago)
Must say, I'm impressed. You earned a subscriber ☺
Džony XDDD (5 days ago)
i hope that you bought new table, fucking hate watching it :D
Maks Homicki (5 days ago)
tell me guys whats hard in this challenge?
I hope you collapse
Damian Jaźwiński (5 days ago)
In Poland we do the same challenge but with vodka instead. :D
manos Span (5 days ago)
This is easy there is a video of a guy out there drinking 30 shots of vodka or sambuka I don't remember in under 1 minute
*20 minutes later...* "Does fire burn?"
cubson 69 (5 days ago)
100% fake
gianluca nicoletti (5 days ago)
Madz (5 days ago)
this is not even a chalenge
Gmoney5813 (5 days ago)
Whatever you going through bro.... this ain’t the way...
Jay Bird 7 (5 days ago)
This is stupid but imma like it just for his hangover😂
The Lazy Mail Man (5 days ago)
That shit goes down like juice. lol I killed a bottle like that in maybe 1hr
Austin Thatter (5 days ago)
35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). Not liquor by volume but ok. Do this with my drink. Wild Turkey 101. 50.5% ABV. 101 Proof) my mother in law drinks that jaeger crap. Got your liquor tasting like licorice
RufusCunnus (5 days ago)
20 shots on 6m 14s. Why u hate ur life
“10 lines of meth and 10 shots of vodka, you go straight to hell”
Dcba Efgh (5 days ago)
You have to make a Video what Happend to you After you Drunk all of them
Niclas Dahl Aabo (5 days ago)
Almost did that for my 16th birthday. Here in Denmark it's tradition to take as many shots as you are years old on your birthday. So 16 for your 16th, 17 for your 17th and so on. People do kinda stop doing it after their 20th birthday though. You're also usually way drunk before you take the shots, so it's probably a lot worse. No wonder we're among the countries that drink the most alcohol lol
Adam Hood (4 hours ago)
Come to Scotland at the age of 15 basically everyone drinks a bottle of wine like it’s 2 pints
Sxover (2 days ago)
couple of days ago i drank 12 shots of vodka in like 30 minutes, i am 16 and i didnt throw up but i had a complete blackout and didnt remember anything
Frozen (6 days ago)
In Romania that's our breakfast
Lucas Lund (6 days ago)
in denmark you do a shot for each year you are. so if your 18 you do 18. if your 16 you do 16..
LeeVax (6 days ago)
try drinking with me it's much worse than this;)
Francisco Carter (6 days ago)
why do stupid acts are call "challenge" now a days?
Maxxx Modelz (6 days ago)
Is he even old enough to drink?
The next time with 90% absinthe ? :D
Eric Campbell (6 days ago)
Should have done it on an empty stomach
DuhPurplePanda (6 days ago)
How is this nigga not dead yet
Marcus (6 days ago)
No cold?
Jacob hembree (6 days ago)
i cringe watching him take each shot past 15
TheGrimmster55 (6 days ago)
This is bullshit , I could drink 20+ shots of 80 proof vodka with out thinking about it.If you want to impress mè do 50 lol ! !
Javi Bece (6 days ago)
Just drink the bottle
DOMINATOR (6 days ago)
are you fucking serious, waaooo
TheFeetFapper (6 days ago)
The liquor wasnt even ice cold!?!?!? Ew!!!! Jager is nasty if it's not ice cold.

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