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R. Kelly - Same Girl (Official Music Video)

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R. Kelly and Usher's official music video for 'Same Girl'. Click to listen to R. Kelly on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RKSpot?IQid=RKSG As featured on The Essential R. Kelly. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/RKTEiTunes?IQid=RKSG Google Play: http://smarturl.it/RKSGPlay?IQid=RKSG Amazon: http://smarturl.it/RKTEAm?IQid=RKSG More From R. Kelly Same Girl: https://youtu.be/NFnKgIptbq0 I'm A Flirt Remix: https://youtu.be/rPr4F8dplFg Ignition (Remix): https://youtu.be/y6y_4_b6RS8 Follow R. Kelly Website: http://www.r-kelly.com/home Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rkelly Twitter: https://twitter.com/rkelly Subscribe to R. Kelly on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/RKSub?IQid=RKSG More great Classic R&B videos here:http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=RKSG --------- Lyrics: We messing with the same girl, the same girl. [R. Kelly] How could the love of my life and my potential wife be the same girl? [Usher] Man I can't believe that we've been messing withthe same girl, the same girl. [R. Kelly] Thought she's someone I could trust But she's been doubling up with us. U, K, man we been messing with same girl " #RKelly #SameGirl #Vevo #RandB #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (23862)
Cibelle Juluane (9 hours ago)
2019 ??
Rylan Kinney (11 hours ago)
So man you you tellin' me you know her? Do I know her? Like a pastor know his word. -proceeds to drive to my so called buddies house to cold clock his fucking ass for that awesome remark
Lickems Dickums (12 hours ago)
Now this explains why they both have herpes.
Rodrigo Gomes (21 hours ago)
Same Girl - Very Beautiiful this is Song ; i like this Usher Very good ...Great . $$$
Alguém em 2019
Black Hip Hop Manos (1 day ago)
Mischa Ma (1 day ago)
Meisterwerk .......
Jonathan McDonald (1 day ago)
Gloria Ayegba (2 days ago)
Sweet jam
JACK LELEITO (2 days ago)
And finally, he has been arrested for sexually assaulting the underage!!! your opinions??
Filipe Kersting (2 days ago)
R.k é o melhor <3
Frank McFadden (2 days ago)
Careful Usher that Same Girl might be ....twelve with a curfew. Watch it. LOL!!!
Tomasz Mintah (2 days ago)
They look so stupid in this video 😂😂😂
Keith Martin (2 days ago)
They singing to each other on the phone never thought about that
Fernando Almeida (2 days ago)
2019 ? 😁😅 Haha
Coumba Diarra Fall (2 days ago)
Beautiful duo
Ri (2 days ago)
R Kelly is way too talented to be in all this mess. Damn man
Ri (21 hours ago)
Rhonda Civic lmao sis nah. I’m saying it’s crazy he did all this and wasted his talent.
Rhonda Civic (1 day ago)
Ri Are u legit feeling bad for a paedophilic?? Sis u really out here clownin🤡🤡
chantelle james (2 days ago)
Two rnb legends
De Meyer Bart (3 days ago)
These comments😂 I swear the human race has no chill Damn... Just kelly saying "yep" sounds better than 95% of other singers lol... Usher : do she got a kid ? R Kelly : * hangs up phone *
james s (3 days ago)
R.i.j. r kelly
S Devarn (3 days ago)
Rkelly, so talented and his choices f up his entire career 🤷🏽‍♀️
tasha luna (1 day ago)
@Rhonda Civic 🙆🙆🙆 l didn't know.. Is called life .
Rhonda Civic (1 day ago)
tasha luna homegirls in jail
tasha luna (2 days ago)
Where is he now
lito darula (4 days ago)
Low key r kelly always been about the drama but I bet he just want the drama to be done with
Lasharon Washington (4 days ago)
brush a rapist.
SPtheGREAT (4 days ago)
Rhonda Civic (1 day ago)
SPtheGREAT what the hell are 12 random people gonna do?? There was so much evidence of him raping and being paedophilic, that they didnt even bother with the court, they knew 100% that he did it. The only thing u hoped for was if there was a jury ur little pedophile idol could maybe escape prison time, only if the jury were crackheads of course.... HONEY
SPtheGREAT (1 day ago)
@Rhonda Civic I'm not a sis, honey...but let that man have his day in court...
Rhonda Civic (1 day ago)
SPtheGREAT Ummmm sis he’s kinda been found guilty...... ummmm he’s in prison rn👀👀
Devin Chapman (2 days ago)
I agree
Alpheus Malesela (5 days ago)
If you expect me not to groove to Kells' music just because of the rape accusations, then do me one favor please, just undo all the vibing you did to his music all these years before you heard all these stories about him, then maybe you & I can talk!
Paul Nicholas (5 days ago)
My co worker and I were messing with the same girl that works night shift at Walmart.. I was telling him that this girl gave me her number at Walmart and he describe her to me and they already did it twice and shit we’re we like no way and we were laughing and we played this song. Messing with the same girl 😂 #TrueStory
tiddytiddy tiddies (5 days ago)
Who still here 2019
OozeGod (5 days ago)
pissin on this one girl pissin on that girl but wait she the *same girl*
K Ram (5 days ago)
still king
Rhonda Civic (1 day ago)
K Ram no
Leticia Novaes (5 days ago)
Amooo te mas 😍😍😍 2019
Fabian’s Frequency (6 days ago)
Kells: Well i met him dropping the soap in the SHOWER!! Cellmate: Well i met him doing sorting in the LAUNDRY!!
The Cat (6 days ago)
Them girls more like 5'6" or 5'7".A&W rootbeer redbones
Analice Vitória (6 days ago)
Este eh o Comentário BR que vc estava procurando !!
annia long (6 days ago)
Cássia Pereira (6 days ago)
Jack desgraçado
Joseph Cruz (6 days ago)
One of the baddest twins what's there's names damn they long good
Juliet Friday (6 days ago)
My everyday crushing songs, 14/219
anhwar foust (7 days ago)
Amazing.. They dont make any classics like this anymore..
Mlk zika Oficial (7 days ago)
R.kelly melhor rapper americano junto com 50 cent é Nelly 🔊📢📣🔥🔥🔥
Elijah Prentice (7 days ago)
Usher is a pedo too ? Same girl huh 😲
LIGHT YAGAMI (7 days ago)
What usher didnt know is that Kelly was talking about the girls daughter
Dayane Barbara (7 days ago)
2019 ?! 🖐️
Boston Celtics 4 (7 days ago)
As great as Usher is Kells runs circles around him it’s crazy
Niko Gambino (7 days ago)
Does he mean same 13 year old girl ? 🤣
Kamaron Charles (7 days ago)
Dream west (7 days ago)
2019 who's here ???? Dopest truck ever 😍🙏
Ash buddy (7 days ago)
Bet usher regrets making this song now!
Alhaji Kamara (7 days ago)
Who's still watching 2019
Aisha Smith (8 days ago)
Free R Kelly
Jibril Hersi (8 days ago)
this is a Excellent!!!! Album!
Whit’s World (8 days ago)
I think they really did mess w/the same girl boffum got herpes 🤷🏾‍♀️
Chris Mosely (5 days ago)
60% of the world population has herpes bc of it being non curable
Adrian Covarrubias (8 days ago)
Mako Next (9 days ago)
now it's gonna be a little harder for them to mess with the same girl...
Jay Starling (9 days ago)
So T-pain was smashing both of them lol
Fer Dinand (9 days ago)
Cristobal Barros (9 days ago)
Kids abuser, dislike every video
Kay Grazette (9 days ago)
Usher better not be messing with none o them girls. lolll
Dean Campz (9 days ago)
I think Usher is glad him and r kelly wasn’t sleepin wit the same girl 😂😂
oHmega14 (9 days ago)
Ok, so I know they're twins and all, but they share a phone too?
DominicanMarine129 (9 days ago)
Lmfao Who here singing they have the same STD the same STD we shared the same STD. STDs the gifts that keep on giving 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itaiara Araujo (9 days ago)
Saudades desse tempo quando foi lançada a música
mpilo ntando (9 days ago)
Hold up, If Usher called her girl and R Kelly was just listening on the other line how come 2 girls showed up coz R Kelly did not call her girl?
Who Is Jaye (10 days ago)
Well.. I knew Id find you here listening to r kellys music regardless of what you heard!!!!!!!!!!!! Your never gonna resist!!!!!! ;)
Taylor Cribb (10 days ago)
Busted 😂
zehi jean (10 days ago)
I really thought they were messing with the same chick for all these years....until I watched the end today....godamn twins...I'm so pissed
Thobe Shandu (10 days ago)
2019 July
lukanyo mpumlwana (10 days ago)
Tboss 0311 (10 days ago)
you can't just deny the huge gift/talent of kells!
Anderson Rosa (11 days ago)
Aqui em 2019🔥🔥
Ryan (11 days ago)
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Jessica Felix (11 days ago)
Amo essa musica
Sueli Manuela (12 days ago)
hlengiwe ndhlazi (12 days ago)
2019 JULY
E A (12 days ago)
One of the hottest songs ever! Still listening in 2019. 👍Thumbs up if you agree...
Bob Games (12 days ago)
2019 brasileio salveeeeeeee , musicão da porr$$
Nani Frantz (12 days ago)
😭🤣🤣 this song is TOO FUNNY and so fly
Mariana B (12 days ago)
Yo Ush What up Kells? Wanna introduce you to this girl Think I really love this girl Yeah? Man, she so fine Straight up dawg She stand about 5?4? Coca-Cola red bone Damn! She drive a black Durango Mmm License plate say ?Angel? What? Tattoo on her ankle Plus she's makin? pesos Got a crib on Peace Street Peace Street? Right on 17th street Huh? And I call her ?TT? Wait a minute, hold on dawg! Do she got a kid? Yep She love some Waffle House? Yep Do she got a beauty mark On her left side of her mouth? Man! Went to Georgia Tech Yep Works for TBS Yep Man, I can't believe this chick, damn mmm Tell me what's wrong dawg, what the hell you damnin? about? I'm your homie so just say what's on your mind Man, I didn't know that you were talkin? ?bout her So man, you tellin? me you know her? Do I know her? Like a pastor know his word We messin? with the same girl, the same girl How could the love of my life and my potential wife Be the, the same girl, the same girl? Man, I can't believe that we been messin? With the same girl, the same girl Thought she was someone I could trust But she's been doublin' up with us You, K, man we been messin? with the same girl See I met her at this party in Atlanta! Well I met her at this party in Chicago! She came right up to me, givin? me conversation I said, ?Do you got a man?? she said no with no hesitation Well it must be a music thing ?cause she said the same to me At a party all in my face, while I'm laughin? and buyin? her drinks She whispered in my ear, said, ?Can you take me home?? Me too! Man, she was in the Chi singin? that same song! Is that true?! And I thought it was true confessions then she said ?I love you? Man I thought her body was callin' when she said ?I want you!? Look I even got some pictures on my phone Look at there, there she is with some boy shorts on We messin? with the same girl, the same girl She's the apple of my eye and my potential wife The same girl, the same girl Man, I just can't believe that we been messin? ?round With the same damn girl The same girl, the same girl Thought she was someone I could trust But she's been doublin' up with both of us You, K, man we been messin? with the same girl Said she got me on her ringtone Are you talkin? ?bout the pink phone? Mm mmm, the blue one Man, she told me that was turned off It?s obvious that she been playin? us, playin? us Ush constantly she's been lyin? to us, lyin? to us don't like the way that she's been goin? ?bout it, goin? ?bout it Kells, what you think that we should do about it, do about it? Call her up at her home, she won't know I'm on the phone Yeah man that's the lick, homie we about to bust this trick Man just ask her to meet up with you and I'm gonna show up too And she won't know what to do we'll be standin? there singin? The same girl, the same girl She's was the apple of my eye and your potential wife The same girl, the same girl I can't believe that we been messin? with the same girl The same girl, the same girl She's gon? be lookin? so stupid when see us together You, K, man we've been messin? with the same girl See, she was taken flights, movin? back and forth (The same girl, the same girl) I would pick her up at the airport Man, I really can't believe it (The same girl, the same girl) I can't believe it, no (The same girl, the same girl) Traduzir para o português
nick saint (7 days ago)
I didn't remember this part "Traduzir para o português" in the lyrics 😂😂😂
Joh VEVO (12 days ago)
Here July 2019..
Samaiya Payne (12 days ago)
Dubsmash entered the chat
Michael Rideaux (13 days ago)
If this was his potential wife, how did he not know she was a twin???
Bugiganga Reis (13 days ago)
Escutem essa vibe também obrigado:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCfcgg0Mu_4
isayah hdz (13 days ago)
GOD bless YOU ALL may Jesus save us ALL AMEN I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ who strengthens me seek the lord and his strength seeks his face continuously AMEN
Jennifer Mondesire (14 days ago)
Jennifer Mondesire (14 days ago)
Let’s see police if I had two personalities like Antoinette suggest could I have ever become an attorney check y’all oaths
Jennifer Mondesire (14 days ago)
Nadine Sana (15 days ago)
2019 and still fooled by her... Oops them😂😂😂😂😂
Chasity Chasity (15 days ago)
Luis Gustavo Torres (15 days ago)
Julho de 2019... Quem veio depois?
ZE GAMING (15 days ago)
So the twins got the same kid??🤔😂
ZE GAMING (15 days ago)
She popped out with the twin I felt played asf😂😂
Ariane Morais (15 days ago)
Adriano Gonçalves (15 days ago)
Betim-MG 2019.
Neph Neph (15 days ago)
Who is listening to the king in 2019?Fuck surving the king.
Achol Mayen (15 days ago)
Still watching in 2019
Jerusha Pierce (16 days ago)
Haha shoulda did a 3 sum
joseph francis (16 days ago)
Who here July 2019?
Shanane Nicholes (16 days ago)
Bill Michel (16 days ago)
It’s crazy how now I have to deal with Jacquees retarded ass and the Migos #Jesus #Is #Deff #Coming #Back 😂😂😂
Roger Ramah (16 days ago)
These guys never age

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