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15 Cooking Tricks Chefs Reveal Only at Culinary Schools

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Bright Side found out 15 simple but effective cooking tips every foodie should know. These secrets will help you to make your dishes taste just as great as Gordon Ramsay's (or even better!). How do restaurant chefs manage to cook delicious culinary masterpieces so fast? Professional chefs usually keep all their cooking tricks a secret and share them only with their students. TIMESTAMPS The perfect steak 0:47 The juiciest meat 1:31 Flavoring spices 2:24 Light and airy dough 3:05 Fish with a delicate crust 3:39 Cooking steak without oil 4:13 Creamy mashed potatoes 4:41 Excellent cream soup 5:29 The best pancakes 6:19 Sugar is not for sweetness 6:51 The most difficult one: perfectly fried eggs 7:15 Clear broth 8:10 Crispy bread crust 9:06 Cook onions correctly 9:46 Don't be afraid of garlic 10:32 SUMMARY - Don't fry a piece of meat that you've just taken out of the fridge. Leave it for an hour or 2 before cooking to let it come up to room temperature. Now you'll fry the meat evenly and get a great meal, regardless of how you like your steak done. - It takes time to fry chicken or pork properly, and you can dry them out very easily. To avoid this, many European chefs use a simple trick: they put the meat in a brine. It's very easy to make a good brine: take 3 cups of water, and add ¼ cup of salt and ¼ cup of sugar. Pour the brine into your meat so that the liquid covers it, and put the bowl in a fridge. - To extract natural flavors and enhance the taste of the black pepper or cumin in your dish, toss them in a pan over medium heat, toasting them until they're fragrant. After that, you can use a mortar and pestle to grind your spices. - If you want to make it perfect, here is a simple rule. Take the butter and eggs out of the fridge the night before to let them come up to room temperature. - If you want to fry fish on a grill, spread some mayonnaise on it to get a tasty, delicate crust. Take a pastry brush, dip the tip in the sauce, and lightly apply mayo to the fish. Add some salt, and then grill it. - Alain Ducasse, one of the most famous chefs in the world, revealed his secret for cooking a great steak. The steak is placed on its edge because it renders the fat. Now you're able to cook the steak in beef fat, plus it creates a delicious crust on the edges. - Before turning boiled potatoes into the mashed ones, you need to dry them properly. Just place them in a clean heated frying pan, and keep them there until the remains of water dry out. Don't let the heat fry them. When the potatoes are dry, you'll get the best creamy mashed potatoes. - Right before you start cooking it, fry all the vegetables separately with olive oil. Then add some water or broth. Frying will caramelize the sugar in the vegetables and enhance their flavor. The dish will be exquisite and tasty. - Regardless of the recipe you follow, always add two tablespoons of sour cream to the mix. This trick suits all kinds of pancakes well, and they turn out to be very tasty, fluffy, and free of cracks. - Sugar can be as good a seasoning as salt. Add a bit of sugar to a dish with pickled or fresh tomatoes or a tomato paste. The sugar reduces their natural sourness and makes any meal taste better. - The 3 components of perfectly fried eggs are a thick-walled frying pan, butter, and minimum heat. Heat up the frying pan, and add 1/2 tablespoon of butter. It has to melt slowly, not reach a sizzle. Break the eggs, and cook for 4-5 minutes. Add salt, and enjoy perfectly fried eggs. - A clear broth is the main component in many soups, sauces, and other dishes. To make a crystal clear broth, you need to cook chicken on a low heat without a cover for at least 3 hours. - If you bake at home, you might have faced difficulties with your crust: it's either too pale or too thick. You can solve this problem quite easily by putting a bowl of water into your oven when you bake. Instead of such a bowl, you can use a tray full of ice cubes. -Use a medium heat for frying, and add both cooking oil and butter to the heated frying pan. Cut the onions, and fry them with some salt. - If you still love to eat it but don't want to frighten away your date or wreck the negotiations, don't add garlic to the dish. Instead, you can apply some garlic juice to the plate. Thus you'll avoid the unpleasant smell and enjoy your favorite flavor. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (4182)
Sher Lizz (2 days ago)
Don't use background music during a tutorial.
Mercy Grace Claros (4 days ago)
Eggs are cute, said Lovelyn haha
babs babs (4 days ago)
If these tricks are revealed only at culinary schools, what is this video doing on YouTube???????
James Staron (4 days ago)
I cook all food starting at frozen, ain't no one got time for thawing.
Solo Scripturo (5 days ago)
Has anyone ever noticed that if u sweeten something with sugar till it is almost sweet, u can add a touch of artificial sweetener and it makes the sweetness pop? Also in candy they add a little salt.
Elurxer ! (5 days ago)
Had to click off on the first one.. worst way to thaw something, very dangerous to leave something out to come up to room temp.
Elurxer ! (3 days ago)
I was talking about letting raw meats thaw.
James Staron (4 days ago)
Elurxer ! Well, I never have butter in the fridge. Never had a problem. From what I hear America is the only Country that put eggs in the fridge.
Shree R (6 days ago)
...and there goes the 11 minutes & 50 seconds of my life that I'll never get back...
Jamie Price (6 days ago)
get rid of the music
aicha970 (6 days ago)
Did he really said fry the egg for 45mins!!!!!!
Rooster Fam (7 days ago)
My sister went to Culinary Arts school, she showed me a few things. This is a great video.
MrCidVicious (8 days ago)
How are these tricks? This is common cooking knowledge and I'm no chef lol. The only trick here is this video!
LeGourmetTV Recipes (8 days ago)
Learn to cook for real... without the hack 'hacks'. #LeGourmetTV
Rhonda Howard (9 days ago)
Who wants to cook an egg for 45 minutes??? HAHAHAHAHAHA
seancoyote (11 days ago)
The secret to a clear broth isn't that, its boiling the bones, then straining and then giving them a rinse then doing that what was instructed. Of course you can save what you strained off, but it isn't clear.
hektor6766 (12 days ago)
How thin should you roll your pancake dough? To avoid the dreaded cracked and broken pancakes?
Serai3 (15 days ago)
Best mashed potatoes: DO NOT boil them in water. Cook the potatoes gently in a mix of milk and cream, with a bouquet of herbs. The potatoes will be rich beyond rich, and you won't have to add anything other than a little salt and pepper. You can then use the leftover milk/cream for soups and marinades. :)
Chacha Mar-Mar (15 days ago)
Excuse me... that isn't "bread crust" That's a PIE crust. It's pastry, not bread. Not all dough is bread dough.
Chacha Mar-Mar (15 days ago)
Brightside don't warn you about overproofing... it's a thing.
Block Block Goose (16 days ago)
When you're mad that the knife in the Gordon Ramsey place setting was facing the wrong way. UGH.
Susan Wagner (16 days ago)
So many unsafe food concepts here...culinary school did not teach me those! Please please ignore the majority of these hints. Don't leave eggs out overnight, don't try and bring a steak up to room temp to cook--science has proven both of these methods to not be effective.
KA17 (17 days ago)
No need to fry the potatoes before mashing. Just let them sit in a colander for 3 minutes so they drain all the water off and while you're waiting heat the milk and butter you are going to add. Mash the potatoes first to get all the chunks out and start whipping adding the butter/milk mixture as you go. I've made them this way over 40 years and they are perfect every time. If you want more flavor, add a peeled garlic clove as you're boiling the potatoes. Very tasty.
Miguel Moreno (19 days ago)
leaving out foods like meat, eggs, butter out for hours is a terrible idea. the butter would be melted and make the dough hard to knead and bacteria could grow. smh
Richard Slackman (19 days ago)
I can't remember a video that received SO MUCH negative criticism . Maybe he should find another job ;-). Im LOVE eggs over easy. Is there a trick to flipping them so they don't stick ( add more butter to begin with I suppose. But flipping them so they don't break the yellow. I find it near impossible to flip two eggs over easy together. HELP PLEASE. What is the secret ????
J Ross (19 days ago)
Cut them apart in the pan and then flip each one separately.
boulder89984 (20 days ago)
I'm ready to fill out an application at Waffle House now. Wish me luck!
cor boet (20 days ago)
my mom told me most of these... Its just common sense in most cases. If they need to teach this master classes, my hope for humanity is gone.
Lily Cortes (21 days ago)
Wait your *SUPPOSED* to let the steak defrost *before you cook it!!*
dannydaw59 (21 days ago)
The voice sounds like the mafia boss in The Simpsons.
Cyb3rn3tiX (21 days ago)
With the garlic you can still use it in cooking you just remove the center stalk of the cloves =)
Beez (22 days ago)
If you really want to benefit people, lose the obtrusive music or other sound effects, which are very annoying because they make it harder to catch the spoken directions! I came upon this site by accident and really like some of the ideas that I was able to "catch" (i.e., hear properly), but if all your videos follow a similar pattern of loud "background" noises, I am finished with the site! I am, by the way, a great fan of Kikkoman products and would never use any soy sauce by theirs.
Jennifer shelonchik (23 days ago)
The fish one was pretty cool. I’m going to try it 😬
Ishkiia (23 days ago)
Too many misinformation in this video. not sure where you got your info but you should close those doors. The best part is the comments.
Steve Wodell (23 days ago)
Not very healthy
Scott Zuke (24 days ago)
VERY well done!! Thank you!
Voku Hila (24 days ago)
knife and fork lie the wrong way around 0:36
Y Welther (25 days ago)
Food safety issues when leaving foods to room temp
Susan Tchokreff (25 days ago)
Most of their tips are totally useless unless you have NEVER picked up a spatula in your life!
BBBYpsi (25 days ago)
After watching this video I am now a better chef/cook then Gorden Ramsey. Just ask the voice on this video he will confirm this.
Sebastian Ramadan (26 days ago)
After 10 minutes you mention onion... are you trying to caramelise the onion, or fry it? Because unless you bring the oil to a frying temperature (which you can test by throwing one piece of onion in to see if it starts crackling/bubbling slightly), you're going to end up caramelising the onion...
lia exlemus (27 days ago)
NUMBER 3 is the dumbest thing i have EVER !!! heard u wanna bake pies and quiche etc etc and NOT burn yer crust place strips of aluminum foll around the edges covering only the crust DONT STICK A BOWL OF WATER IN THE FKING OVEN NUMBNUTS !!! that is an accident waiting to happen ...... vid reported
John Ransom (27 days ago)
Use duck eggs for lighter pancakes or any baking requiring eggs. They're bigger so adjust accordingly
NaNou HD (27 days ago)
im sorry but im not fan of butter XD
k burke (27 days ago)
<---- 4 + years in culinary arts school, none of this is correct !
Saluki (27 days ago)
Why is the music often louder than the narrator?
Kairi Loops (28 days ago)
Eggs to the room temp ? 😂🙈😱
GOWDER2414 (28 days ago)
Who hasn't seen all of this on the food network?
Cal G (28 days ago)
Lol. The poor unfortunate soul who somehow just get their onions right
Luke 2.0 (29 days ago)
Hated every single element of this video…the length, the content, the music, the animations and the narration.
Bill Abdallah (30 days ago)
What a waste of time
Tim Brown (30 days ago)
I was a world famous Chef... until I watched this life changing information. I changed my ways to be in alignment with this video and I was fired!!!! Poor video. It made me want to jump out a window!!
Gary Carpenter (1 month ago)
I fell asleep before the eggs got cooked.
GNJK (1 month ago)
trash content
AlexPat3d (1 month ago)
Cooking eggs for 45 minutes??? Or my English is not so good... How long I have to cooks fried eggs in the firt variant?
Darin Feir (1 month ago)
The best butter: Melt butter in well-buttered frypan, drop butter in, cook until buttered. Add butter if desired. Remove from pan, spread butter on buttered butter. Finish with a dollop of butter and stir in some butter.
Subwoofer (1 month ago)
Every body knows to let a stake thaw
Bilal Hasan (1 month ago)
Fried eggs at 7:27
Tennouseijin (1 month ago)
I love sweet pizza! Does it make me nobody?
toriless (1 month ago)
Pure BS! You are making people into cooks and foodie trash instead of chefs. You also forgot shallots! The most magical onion like option. You never mention herbs the guilty free magical ingredient in the entire culinary universe. Herbs with a little salt is the best magic you can use.
toriless (1 month ago)
Every worthwhile culture uses garlic, Chinese / Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Italian, French and just about any cuisine worth eating. I buy it by the pound and I only cook at home.
toriless (1 month ago)
BS - You just need a proper pan temperature like with any meat.
toriless (1 month ago)
Never! Onions are extremely predictable, 4 minutes (trans) vs 6 minutes (soft) vs 9-10 minutes (browning).
toriless (1 month ago)
BS - I use brush on buttermilk and use properly made dough!
toriless (1 month ago)
F NO! Use the over and 375 - 400 to roast them!!
toriless (1 month ago)
I do not do eggs.
toriless (1 month ago)
Just a half teaspoon of sugar makes a salsa "pop". I also use ancho peppers soaked in lime juice with a chipotle for smoky heat.
toriless (1 month ago)
You can alps use Greek yogurt instead.
toriless (1 month ago)
6 - BS, Just use a ricer into warm milk, I add butter and salt and herbs
toriless (1 month ago)
5 - one out of five
toriless (1 month ago)
4 - Depends on the fish
toriless (1 month ago)
4 - Mayo is not the only thing that works, like with pie crust you can use milk or butter or just use buttermilk, which I use.
toriless (1 month ago)
3 - Coriander and cumin respond even more then pepper.
toriless (1 month ago)
3 - No! You have the order wrong!
toriless (1 month ago)
2 - ATK mentions this in about 70% of their episodes!
toriless (1 month ago)
1 - extremely well know and it only take 1 hour, just use a paper towel (or roll in the UK). Salt 24 hours before or 2 minutes before cooking.
Cheryle Dunsmuir (1 month ago)
Whipping cream in mashed potatoes will make them fluffy too
satsumamoon (1 month ago)
Pancake dough?
dilip patel (1 month ago)
pretty basic stuff
J Film (1 month ago)
Fried egg 7m 15s
J Myers (1 month ago)
Fry steak... It's called pan searing
Kia Moore (1 month ago)
Not. Impressed.
Cary Opteris (1 month ago)
So brine has salt and sugar, and everybody is trying to avoid sugar for many reasons, not just what it does to your blood sugar .
Ben Terry (1 month ago)
My favourite part was at 11:50
Linda Kass (1 month ago)
KC Diaz (1 month ago)
But what if I want my culinary masterpieces to be as good as guy fieri's?
toriless (1 month ago)
Not hard, he is a hack.
IzayoiSakuya (1 month ago)
Not sure why the last tip was louder than the other ones but still good tips :p
BriBri Douglass (1 month ago)
I already knew most of this! 😁
Baby Girl (1 month ago)
pulkit verma (1 month ago)
Not all spices can be roasted before use, the flavor in spices is because of oils, heat destroys the flavor
toriless (1 month ago)
Yep, lavender is a delicate herb and should be handled lightly. Coriander is the most common one to roast before "grinding"and cumin should be put on a bare hot pan after grinding until aromatic and then mixed in to the other ingredients.
Sage Gallagher (1 month ago)
The music drives me crazy. No more videos from the Bright Side for me.
Sidney Mathious (1 month ago)
I have to remember most of those tricks and some I already know about though.
Wolfman Dan (1 month ago)
something about this video and the narrator's voice reminds me of big block singsong episode "what did I put in the soup?"
Olliecat106 (1 month ago)
The "romantic dinner"must be not so romantic. The girl has her cell phone in her hand!
Dumas Font (1 month ago)
Loved the video, Thank you very much!
V R (1 month ago)
Lolllll " secrets" suuuurrrreeeee
Emanuel Brown (1 month ago)
Garlic smells good
toriless (1 month ago)
So does shallots or speck or all three.
Pinwheel (1 month ago)
15 cooking tricks for dummies.
isaac callison (1 month ago)
I've been to culinary school and have worked in professional kitchens for 10+ years. and 99.9 % of these tips aren't proper technique. And aren't practiced in professional kitchens.
toriless (1 month ago)
Hey Steph (1 month ago)
Now all I need is the secret to crispy turkey bacon
toriless (1 month ago)
Wait! It will get there eventually.
Kent R (1 month ago)
Why waste your time drying potatoes in a pan? Just boil them with their skins on. They absorb much less water and they are easy to peel afterwards. Also, use a potato ricer or food mill instead of a masher. You'll get fewer clumps.
Vierotchka (1 month ago)
Many years ago, a 3-star Michelin chef let me in on a secret with regard to strawberries. Cut your strawberries in 2 or 4 pieces (depending on the size of the fruit), sprinkle them with a bit of sugar and grind some *black* pepper onto the strawberries, and let them sit for a while. The *black* pepper enhances the flavour of the strawberries like nothing else!
Sydney Drake (17 days ago)
Try drizzling (or tossing them, your choice) with a little Balsamic Vinegar. hmmmm
toriless (1 month ago)
The sugar bit is decades old and woks for any fruit. It is called plumping. I do it a lot and then just not add additional sugar when making a pie or jam or sorbet. Never heard of the pepper trick.
Saul Garcia (1 month ago)
Hired at Applebee’s

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