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Sea Doo Epic Adventure - Fan Edition

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From far and near, Sea-Doo owners share their adventures.
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Andrew Fazz (7 months ago)
Your video is very professional and pretty. I don’t think I can make a video as good as these but I did make one with my Sea Doo GTX 230 2018
Sean Harrison (7 months ago)
Wonder what the first group was called?
rafael perez (7 months ago)
If u see a dislike in this video is probably a yamaha hater ... awesome video !!! THANK YOU
rafael perez (6 months ago)
Brock Patterson V3 FreckuComboz they both good yamaha has great skis too , is all about opinions. I personally love seadoo and is not just bc i have one , i tried yamaha before buying a ski and i didnt like it, the only yamaha that i love if the FZ , is a shame that they dont make it any more.
rafael perez i personally like sea doos like the spark trixx but Yamaha has some of the most durable skis and sea doo makes some that often break but are fun as hell I have both a Yamaha gp1800 and a seadoo spark trixx
Swan Lopez (7 months ago)
Thank you.well done!!!!👌
Greg Brown (7 months ago)
awesome video. beautiful waters.

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