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Asking Alexandria - A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta Instrumental (Studio Quality)

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Can we get a 2018 crabcore revival? 😎😎😎 ► Subscribe for more high quality instrumentals! http://bit.ly/2Ff2I1j ► Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/BaSu117 ► Share this video with your friends!
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Text Comments (44)
MBakiera (2 days ago)
Hi! Is it possible to use this song for my cover? I will obviously include your channel in description. Have a nice day! Looking forward for a response :)
Basu (2 days ago)
@MBakiera https://2conv.com/
MBakiera (2 days ago)
@Basu That's epic, but I don't know how could I download it ;/
Basu (2 days ago)
Yeah sure!
Arielo (1 month ago)
nice job men greetings from Argentina :D
Charlotte f (2 months ago)
morte et dabo please
Basu (2 months ago)
There's an official instrumental :) Great song tho.
Chesterinio (3 months ago)
Dude, that's sooo siick, are you okay if I ever use on of your instrumental versions in my covers? I will obviously mention you in the description :)
Chesterinio (3 months ago)
Do you play all the instruments by yourself?
Basu (3 months ago)
yeah man go ahead
Kliter Ramires (4 months ago)
This isn't over baby don't believe a word they said But then She takes a moment to ponder To wonder what could've been given another chance To find the light in the darkness and way out of this If only she could see what i could see She takes a moment to stumble to her feet If only I was there to hold her hand If only she saw what I saw  she'd get out of this one She'd get out of here What burns the most is that you lied right to my face And still i hold your hand to set you free With eyes closed Her heart breaks And after it all She brought this on herself For me, for you, the fallen, save her For me, for us, for good, save her She falls before me With eyes closed Her heart breaks And after it all She brought this on herself, on herself  She brought this on herself, on herself For me, for you, the fallen, save her For us, for me, for good, save her save her This song's for you With eyes closed Her heart breaks And after it all She brought this on herself, on herself  She brought this on herself, on herself
sour tea (4 months ago)
Do Poison please
BlackRoseDying (5 months ago)
the best channel on youtube fuck others
From Autumn To Ashes (5 months ago)
when can we expect a new instrumental, my friend ?
Basu (5 months ago)
I broke my leg and I can't work on covers rn :/ But in a few weeks I'll start again, promise.
Namorado Da Zouri (5 months ago)
Ven Noel (6 months ago)
Hey there, I was wondering if I could do a cover with you on a Down & Dirty song? Do you think you can send me the instrumentals you have without the guitar please? Thank you.
Basu (5 months ago)
@Ven Noel No problem man, I hope you like it. Send me a link to the cover when you upload it :D
Ven Noel (5 months ago)
Basu thank you so much! I’m perfectly fine with either one, but thank you so much for this!!
Basu (5 months ago)
@Ven Noel Hey man, I wasn't sure what you meant so I made two versions, one just without rhythm guitars and one without any guitar at all: no rtm: http://www.dropbox.com/s/5elmsk3p6whwvk7/Heaven%20Sent%20-%20No%20Rtm%20GTRs.wav no rtm + no lead: http://www.dropbox.com/s/l3i45ufiap6dzkh/Heaven%20Sent%20-%20No%20Rtm%20No%20LEad.wav
Ven Noel (6 months ago)
Basu thank you so much!!
Basu (6 months ago)
@Ven Noel I'll send it to you but I don't have access to the computer I make covers on atm (which is why I haven't uploaded lately). It might take a few weeks but I will send you both songs without guitars!
Jorge Miranda (6 months ago)
god just hearing this chorus instrumentally is so sick. Nice job on this!
Nazo (6 months ago)
You should do Dove And Grenade by Hollywood Undead
Alexis Frost (6 months ago)
You can make an instrumental of the Savior of Black Seil Brides song? Plsss:c
Lil Juubi (6 months ago)
Some of BMTH - Count your blessings please ! <3
John Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Amazing I was looking for this last night had no idea it was out there until it popped ip on my feed keep it coming!!!
Harry Potter (7 months ago)
Could you do instrumental for Disease by Beartooth? Please :D
From Autumn To Ashes (7 months ago)
Lima (7 months ago)
Aye homie do carve by Dance Gavin Dance
AdrienShadow (7 months ago)
An idea from me, how about an instrumental of "I Am King - Impossible" next? Love almost all of your instrumental covers!
Satya Setiyawan (7 months ago)
Memphis May Fire - Carry On please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
yeet (7 months ago)
hey dude, can we maybe get a “it was written in blood - bring me the horizon “ ? 🤘🏻❤️
Alex Dean (7 months ago)
Please, make a instumental of Underdog - Motionlees in white. Disculpa si mi ingles es malo soy hispanohablante jajaja muy muy buen trabajo.
Khoshik Halkhoree (7 months ago)
Can you do she must burn after death
Alaskin (8 months ago)
As always nice. The lost souls?
Cole Tinordi (8 months ago)
Sounds sick keep it up🤘🤘
Pelaaja1337 (8 months ago)
Could ya do an instrumental cover of Plan Three's "Brush It Off"?
xD (8 months ago)
single moment of sincerity , final episode ,i was once possibly maybe perhaps a cowboy king 🖤🖤
Ashton Shenah (8 months ago)
Ice Nine Kills - Thank God It's Friday?
yeet (8 months ago)
Oof YES !!!❤️❤️❤️

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