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Amouage Memoir Man Review

97 ratings | 4272 views
My unexpectedly long review of the great fall fragrance, Memoir Man from Amouage. Enjoy!
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Rozzjd (1 year ago)
Good video. ¿Sweet like a pig? Funny thing... Pigs don't sweat 😉
Alex W. (2 years ago)
Hi Kristo, would love to know your thoughts on Memoir man vs. Comme des Garcons Wonderwood since you seem to be a fan of both.
Rurik Best (2 years ago)
Lol bro you keep saying Amouage wrong haha. But we all know what you're talking about. Cool video!
Gustavo González (2 years ago)
Hi. I have a magnetic cap bottle. And for what you mentioned in your review, it must be pretty much the same juice. Personally I don't like the opening a lot. But the dry down it's a different story. When the herbal minty, notes leave the scene, the beauty woody ones enter the game. It reminds me a little of Creed Royal Oud in that phase. You should review that one too. My best Amouage it's still Jubilation XXV. I have Epic and find it interesting too. Opus VI is nice but beast mode strong. In my radar the next ones are Dia and Beloved which I would also appreciate you to review.
Unfathomable Being (2 years ago)
Where's that accent from?
Thomas Wolfe (2 years ago)
My only issue with this review is your reviewing a version of a fragrance that is very hard to find. Might as well just say this is a discontinued fragrance.
Cole Johnson-Vinion (2 years ago)
Apparently memoir was made for my chemistry- it smells mysterious and spicy with almost a scotch scent in the distance (on the rocks), tons of compliments. I don't get most of the notes typically mentioned, maybe a hint of tobacco (vaguely reminiscent of an empty humidor. My favorite dress up fragrance, and I stocked up on the original cap. Perfect scent for foggy days.
L8bro (2 years ago)
Great review. As mentioned below, quite green and smoky. This is part of my Amouage trio (also JubXXV & Interlude). More Western in feel than other Amouages....in fact I dont really get any incense (frankincense) at all in this.
tnmha2345 (3 years ago)
Great review, and the kitten even matches the bottle!
Ami Loves Perfume (3 years ago)
Great review, I am thinking of buying my husband his first Amouage but not sure what he would like. I have all the women's ones but don't know much about the men's range. I found Lyric Man a little on the feminine side, I will try and get a sample of Memoir and see what he thinks.
Abbas Ali Shirazi (3 years ago)
Very Good Review. Very Unique Scent from an extremely respected house. My personal Amouage collection rating. 1- Interlude Man 2- Epic Man 3- Memoir Man 4- Lyric Man 5- Honor Man 6- Jubilation XXV 7- Reflection Man 8- Gold Man 9- Dia Man 10- Fate Man 11- Silver Cologne 12- Beloved Man 13- Ciel Man Seriously no doubt about my love for Journey Man, impatiently waiting to get my hands on Journey Man. Amouage Library Collection -- Opus Line is altogether a different story of delight, happiness and satisfaction.
Geurenland (3 years ago)
Great perfume - after Interlude my favorite from the house. I have the same heavy cap bottle. Nice review !
James Flick (3 years ago)
I like the hat. Nice review as well.
Faizwellcomesyou (3 years ago)
my favorite reviewer with one of my favourite frags.... dam
Sassy (3 years ago)
Gábor Mészáros (3 years ago)
my fav is Jubilationand Reflection so far but there are a lot to sniff yet : gold, ciel , lyric ,silver(most interesting for me because of the notes)...
AnneLien1987 (3 years ago)
QWERTYOP80 (3 years ago)
I guess I must have a newer version - Longevity on my Memoir is really disappointing.
wagsbass (3 years ago)
not sure I will enjoy this much from your description. good to see you back man.
Malamute (3 years ago)
Too classy for me. I am a simple guy and need something less dignified.
Malamute (3 years ago)
+DAN8800 I am simple but prefer something more original
DAN8800 (3 years ago)
+Malamute how about Invictus
Albert Ferro (3 years ago)
I totally agreed man ! Excellent review !! Thanks for sharing 👏👏👏
JmeJ83 (3 years ago)
Excellent review Kristo. Will you be reviewing D&G By Man anytime in the near future?
Xanovia Scents (3 years ago)
Yeah man it is great shit... Top 5 from the house for me no doubt...
Jim R (3 years ago)
Excellent review; Enjoyed! I'm going to have to check-out this fragrance since it's right up my scent wheelhouse.
AperolSpritz W (3 years ago)
Green and smokey, Memoir Man is quite a strange scent to say the least
BenSavage (3 years ago)
I bet you smell delicious and all the guys smell your farts
Gabriel G (3 years ago)
for me, it smelled like a camp fire, no lady like it, glad I had just a sample.
Pr0v0kat0r777 (3 years ago)
same thing, it looks like personal frag, glad I only have sample
kingfolston17 (3 years ago)
Excellent Review Kristo!! Love the cute kitty :)
bhaffar (3 years ago)
Perfect timing I was just contemplating buying this one

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