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Payra Sea Port at a glance

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The port was established after demands for a seaport in the coastal Barisal Division. Bangladeshi officials have stated that a deep water port has been planned in the area which will serve southern Bangladesh.
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Rakib Hasan (1 month ago)
উপস্থাপনা দারুন,, অসাধারন ইংরেজি বলার ধরন ।
Selim Khan (2 months ago)
Belayet Hossen (2 months ago)
Alhamdulillah, nice to see the rapid growth of Bangladesh!
Araf Rahman (2 months ago)
Proud to be a Bengali
DesignBulk (3 months ago)
Gggkgkhkn Fshgkhll (4 months ago)
Nice idea
Arif shariar (5 months ago)
আমি patuakhali,galachipa thaki bt, aita amader jonno akta valo ***??♥
Amir Ali (5 months ago)
Shamim Khan (10 months ago)
Looking ahead with the hope for the best . InShaAllah we'll succeed . Joy Bangla .
ershad khan (1 year ago)
go ahead Bangladesh
Rezaul Karim Shakil (1 year ago)
Arif khan (1 year ago)

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