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Photographer indicted for allegedly taking nude photos of underage girls

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Gibert Sta Ines was arrested last year, but only recently indicted by an Oahu grand jury on five counts of promoting child abuse.
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RodJyn Hawaii (2 years ago)
Why is that guy still lose? Why people. Honest their rights should be waived. His an adult and they are minors. Why give criminals rights when they take away others!
JuukezeBarbie (2 years ago)
those poor girls must've thought he was some kind of model agent photographer
ItchyPilauBoto808 (2 years ago)
JuukezeBarbie 15-17 year old girls should know right from wrong already.. They intentionally did it and then he just blackmails them in some way but some ARE "professional" photographers, which is also fucked up..
Terrio808 (2 years ago)

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