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port project ,Technology creation of ramps seaports ( Ports )

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modern and platforms load containers ( Containers Terminals ) This passage makes it clear how the establishment in the ports of loading platforms can be attacked them: 1-the dredging of the bottom in front of the podium dredging works using the reply of the states of the rigs and the soil to the podium planned if appropriate 2-the interim areas ) temporary works ) from the cycle of the resident engineer, housing, and manufacturing plants blocs advance check the casting 3-the stone and the rules of submarine segments ( RIP-rap foot prints ) 4-the pieces of the pre-check the casting to be submerged in the sea pre-casting caissons that are depriving pests fill with sand after withdrawing them and put them in the right place 5-the casting and northern ardyat pier and the work of the squares of loading and unloading 6-the addendum alaksaʾ stone under water Continued this passage of the wonderful illustration
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