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Rich Web UIs with Knockout.js - Steven Sanderson

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http://fluentconf.com Knockout.js helps you to build sophisticated, dynamic web UIs, by providing a clean Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture and a powerfully expressive system of declarative bindings. In this demo-filled session, Knockout's creator Steve Sanderson will quickly show how you can get started with this popular JavaScript library.
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süleyman Barlas (28 days ago)
i started steven sanderson's mvc 2 book years ago. mr. sanderson again. nice presentation and very useful sample. thank you very much :)
A R Asim (7 months ago)
anyone there why ko.track() is not working for me?
Subodh Singh (2 years ago)
Very good tutorial!
Ralf Jäger (2 years ago)
how can i copy code from a youtube video XD
Fausto NA (3 years ago)
Wow! He uses a Mac and works for Microsoft haha balls, excellent presentation anyway.
praveen kumar (3 years ago)
Very informative :)
Glenn Bickford (4 years ago)
Microsoft Employee using a Mac.. :-).
Glenn Bickford (4 years ago)
@James Duplessis - Thank-You for those pearls right there.. however, if you watched the video you would see he was running OSX.
James Duplessis (4 years ago)
you can run Microsoft windows on a MAC....
ZDR TCH (4 years ago)
kannabiran k (4 years ago)
that's a Knockout presentation ... Excellent stuff
sypher294 (4 years ago)
Brilliant presentation. Fuggggg
Wessel Swanepoel (5 years ago)
Great presentation. 
Michael N. Agbamuche (5 years ago)
wow!, thanks Steve for this. Actually making UI/DOM elements data-aware without postbacks. just getting my hands dirty on jQuery and then i stumbled on ko. awesome stuff. 
Hardeyshupor A (5 years ago)
@Michael N. Agbamuche  have you tried the ko.autocomplete? Using it on mvc.
JohneyBlue (5 years ago)
Great video. Why don't you make several more videos like this, please?
If you want to repeat working UI in the video at 13:00, you should add  in the AppViewModel constructor property AllProducts with some sample data (array of objects with fields name and price) and use a bit another binding: MyApp = new AppViewModel(); ko.applyBindings(MyApp);
ahmed taaw (1 year ago)
not working ! ---------- function AppViewModel(){ this.lines = [new OrderLine(), new OrderLine()]; this.AllProducts=[ { name:'1tiger print', price: 1295.00 },{ name:'2tiger print', price: 2295.00 },{ name:'3tiger print', price: 3295.00 }]; ko.track(this); }
Alban Lecocq (5 years ago)
Great video ! But using myself Knockout, I wondered "what is this ko.defineProperty I never heard of ?!?" Found out, it was a plugin named Knockout-ES5. May be you should point this out in your intro.
Link to this addon http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2013/05/20/knockout-es5-a-plugin-to-simplify-your-syntax/
Thành-Nhân Bùi (5 years ago)
That was really concise and informative, thank you!
Jean-Michel Nicolas (5 years ago)
Very good presentation, thank you. I'm quite shocked that Steven works at Microsoft and use a MAC and Chrome ! ;-)
mo om (8 months ago)
They only let him use non Microsoft products of his choice as long as he supported IE6
Name Last Name (1 year ago)
it’s not 1998
Ralf Jäger (2 years ago)
he works for Unisoft-Systems and will make the approach to ONE unified system (JOKE!)
Spooky (4 years ago)
@Jean-Michel Nicolas I've used Visual Studio plenty, in fact I use it for most of my personal projects, I just prefer cmake.
Jean-Michel Nicolas (4 years ago)
@Spooky Skeleton You probably never used Visual Studio. There's a lot to criticize at Microsoft but certainly not its dev environments.

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