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Family scuffle breaks out at murderer’s sentencing

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Lynntonio Watson, 27, will spend 37 years to life in prison for the murder of Martell Gray, 19, in September 2013.
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Wil Robles (8 days ago)
Leniency? Sure. 37 to life.
tnhammerrider (11 days ago)
Wait a minute, how can this be? I thought only white cops killed blacks, that's what all the kneeling is for. You know, black lives matter. Seeing that blacks actually kill each other makes me think they're hypocrites or just full of shit.
CARAMELkimmie Kim (11 days ago)
Wow Jesus take the wheel
Jack Ryder (12 days ago)
Black people killing each other is making pretty scary numbers in Canada. More and more young black boys are involved in murder's. What is happening with family structure and elders, community is in the verge of catastrophic dysfunction as a normal humans, you bloody dont say this is racist rather this is epidemic. Face it the way it is. May God help and guide us all and keep United
70's Aerosmith rules (10 days ago)
What planet have you been living on for the last 80 years?
Thomas Levan (1 month ago)
I don't know why The suspects families upset hell this is what they do N****** are just stupid they do stupid shit like this he going to prison join the rest of the stupid N****** they can be one big Happy family in prison where they belong
angela knowles (2 months ago)
Lataezia Brown (12 days ago)
Bitch your name is a thot name get the fuck out of here stupid bitch
Camiel08Erin11 (18 days ago)
angela knowles wtf is a pathetic name 😂
Devon Gonzalez (3 months ago)
F*** America f*** disorderly conduct f*** America f*** America f*** America f*** America f*** America America too many crackers I can't stand it f*** the USA it's garbage I don't like the laws in America
emond67 (4 months ago)
lynntonio dindu nuffin
Dick N. Uranus (4 months ago)
“Didn’t do nothing”
Dick N. Uranus (4 months ago)
dindu nuffin
Jerzey Devil (9 months ago)
Boom lacka lacka boom lacka lacka
A Charming Life (1 year ago)
The judge looks like shes a Skeksis from the dark crystal lmfao
Chris Williams (20 days ago)
That shit was funny tho
John Texas (5 months ago)
Betcha wouldn't laugh if you were in front of her, loser.
Eric Allen (1 year ago)
Never had a chance with the name Lynntonio.
Steve Smith (4 hours ago)
Eric Allen Why are those people not at work? I am shocked the culprit did not blame the police nor white man for his actions, is that not the usual black defense tactic? Did shaneekwa,shashonda,lameeka or whatever her ghetto ass name is have to dress like a lifelong welfare recipient for court? My goodness, look, act or talk like a ghetto thug, except to be labeled as a thug. This is what generation after generation of welfare does to blacks, no respect for anyone or anything.

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