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Family scuffle breaks out at murderer’s sentencing

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Lynntonio Watson, 27, will spend 37 years to life in prison for the murder of Martell Gray, 19, in September 2013.
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Daniel Spaniel (4 minutes ago)
Is it only blacks that commit crime in the US? Appears that way
MIkey Crashcap (14 hours ago)
Lynntonio??? You can tell a lot about a black bitch by the stupid ass fuckin ghetto names they give their bastard kids. God, what a bunch of slow, ignorant, government assisted, uneducated pieces of shit.
zinakan (14 hours ago)
My teachers forced me to watch this.
Lee Wardle (23 hours ago)
Time to begin classing 'dindu' as contempt of court.
Tyrone Jackson (1 day ago)
Maybe if it wasn’t for all the white privilege in this country then none of this would have happened.
Eric Matterson (1 day ago)
He should have received death.
Tarzan Ape King (1 day ago)
Category 2 Chimp out.
Well either he's gonna be able to see his kinfolk for a day or so, or he gonna get pieced up by the other family.
T D (1 day ago)
Dave Watts (1 day ago)
The news woman in checkers..fuckable...mmm The woman judge looks dead.
descent815 (2 days ago)
Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! And as for the family get a grip, your kid or brotha or whatever you wanna call him today may not be a good person! So don’t do dumb shit and you won’t get punished. I hope he is denied bail when he is eligible!
CatMan (2 days ago)
Moorish,my comment was nothing compared to most of the others on that website.
Nikki'z TheReaLest (2 days ago)
0:39 Head scarf on all in court.
Nikki'z TheReaLest (1 day ago)
+Kellz C. Lol frfr
Kellz C. (1 day ago)
Nikki'z TheReaLest l said the same thing! If the new grow that bad, take them out sis!
Scooter Escobar (2 days ago)
give them more food stamps maybe that helps
james melchionno (2 days ago)
ghetto trash strikes again!
NinetyOne Foxtrot (2 days ago)
Ayee Fame (2 days ago)
All these racist comments y’all need to learn to ignore 🤦🏽‍♂️
Joel Elliot (3 days ago)
Eyes sweers juge eyes dindu nuffins itts notts mines fallts axe my mommas eyes a goode boi.
scott scot84 (3 days ago)
Planet of the apes. I'm surprised they weren't flinging poo at each other.
Mark Lanton (17 hours ago)
Hahahaaaa, that reminds me of monkeys in the zoo. But also silence of the lambs, lol. Funny stuff, can't stop laughing!
NinetyOne Foxtrot (2 days ago)
scott scot84 😂😂😂
DJ Tanner (3 days ago)
Came here expecting to read racist comments. Read exactly what I expected.
Jack D (4 days ago)
Nigas in powa would nuke each others countries over a rap beef...they kill each other every day over that bullsht
Rick Blain (4 days ago)
Do the two survivors identify this man?
ihatecrackhead (4 days ago)
He won't be getting paroled for lying about not doing it. that's a slap in the face to the family
NO GAMES (5 days ago)
"If" the family of the shooter was somehow trying to justify "any" sort of anger towards the victims family ? I have but this to say , "you look real foolish and stupid , not to mention classless . However , the victims family have every right to be hostile ( to a degree). Just my opinion. ✌✌✌
randomgamer 9780 (5 days ago)
That white newslady is a milf.
randomgamer 9780 (5 days ago)
Martell, Shamarr, Lyntonio... what are their parents thinking when naming them?
Kassim السلطان (4 days ago)
+randomgamer 9780 OK Donald whatever you say
randomgamer 9780 (4 days ago)
+Kassim السلطان no, their names are martell, shamarr, and lyntonio. You dont listen too well. Aloha snackbar.
Kassim السلطان (4 days ago)
+randomgamer 9780 and their names are also Nunya
randomgamer 9780 (4 days ago)
+Kassim السلطان Nunya
Kassim السلطان (4 days ago)
What's your name?
Barry richman (5 days ago)
He didn’t do nuffin ?
Matty K (5 days ago)
Black lives matter YEAH hahahahahahahahahaha where the fuck do these names come from other than idiocy
Attisha Bowens (5 days ago)
I wanna ask all you white people or political term,you fucking peckerwoodz a question..why the fuck you'll always trolling into black people affairs...are you'll obsessed about us...y'all sit everyday on the clock thinking about black people,,when black people don't give a fuck to think about you'll..yall wanna imitate us,,listen our music n even partipate in it,,y'all try to copy our walk n our talk...why the fuck y'all just don't leave us alone...our affairs have nothing to do with y'all paleskin ghostlike motherfuckers...y'all worry about y'all own shit..stop worrying about ours....I never seen blacks trolling white people videos before,commenting negative shit...you know why,,because we grown ass people+we got melanin in us..is that what y'all so mad about??is it the melanin we were bless with from mother earth and the sun,,is that what y'all wish y'all had???don't mad at us...be mad at God for not having the time to put melanin in y'all body to protect y'all from the harsh elements of the sun and y'all surroundings... Don't hate the player,,hate the game
Jak Azz (5 days ago)
I say kill each other who cares but what if he is innocent?
ihatecrackhead (4 days ago)
When you shoot some people and they don't die, usually there are witnesses
DirtyBird_1978 (5 days ago)
Eric Jones (5 days ago)
Niggly bears and BTs chimping out! Imagine that. Lynntonio is a hero for the Caucasian and Asian races. He has taking out more ghetto tripe than the police. Give the savage a medal, sterilize him, and release him back into the jungle!
Vinyl Blair (6 days ago)
I have never heard so many made up names in one news story
Ken Murphy (6 days ago)
How is he not getting life for a murder charge??
ihatecrackhead (4 days ago)
They watched me do it but I didn't do it
David Ross (6 days ago)
He didn't do nuffin he be a good boy ..... yeah right I feel for the victims family and if the court system would let the victims family have THEIR justice a lot of this crap would stop... or maybe a few public hangings
Kloak-n- Dagr (6 days ago)
More black lives matter....what a joke.
john folsom (7 days ago)
Sad when the Blacks are their own worst Enemy!
Daniel Spaniel (1 minute ago)
Tyrone Jackson Are blacks as thick as you lot on hear 😂 no wonder you can’t work for a living and have to commit crime.
Daniel Spaniel (2 minutes ago)
Richer p Sickert. Utter bullshit. Blacks kill more blacks than any other race. In fact blacks commit more crime than any other race on earth. It’s the genetics
Winston Smith (6 hours ago)
Shet yo bitchass up ESAU
Tyrone Jackson (1 day ago)
john folsom White people are the devils minions
Alex Walker (1 day ago)
Want proof? Well, over 90% of black homicides in the U.S. are committed by.....other BLACKS. So technically, Blacks should stay out of predominantly black urban area if they want to stay safe. BUT THAT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS.
dennis cervik (7 days ago)
MIGGYME1 (7 days ago)
This nigga slower than pancake syrup in december..........FRY HIM!
james jones (8 days ago)
Na, he did that shit.
John Schramm (8 days ago)
I deednt du nuffin.
John Dana (1 day ago)
How original.
City Eastwood (6 days ago)
Richer p Sickert. (6 days ago)
Go to the white criminal videos and say this... Today I will kill a white person. I'm tired of you racist pig skinned people.
Roe Me (7 days ago)
Honkey tonk
John Schramm (8 days ago)
Typical animal behaviour!
Justin Turner (10 days ago)
Blacks for ya
Uncle Jemima (5 days ago)
Yup thank god it wasn’t a white man going to jail for child pornography...
Stanley Nolly (16 days ago)
From the Tone Of the Comments below you're. PO White Trash Motherfuckers
DAD RAB Rice (25 days ago)
If least they're keeping it amongst themselves.
yveslo lou (27 days ago)
Around blacks never relax
Steve Smith (24 days ago)
yveslo lou Lynntonio? With such a ghetto name, he never had a chance. Of course the savages family members acted with violence, they don’t know any better.
Adrian Nelson (28 days ago)
I'm starting to think BLK ppl love being in prison
Mark Lanton (17 hours ago)
Plus a lot of them like it with their homeys, if you know what I mean. They'd HAVE to, to do the stuff they do. Come on, robbing a dollar store for 3 or 4 hundred bucks?? Make more than that in a few days. Yup, they like prison.
John Schramm (8 days ago)
3 meals a day, unlimited basketball, no work, what could be better. No wonder they all dreaming of family reunion.
Jacquella Mack (29 days ago)
Why is she standing in court with a scarf on
Jackie Lee Wei (30 days ago)
if you survive living with a black mother, you can surely survive prison.
Nisa Carla Smith (1 month ago)
Mark Rumfola (1 month ago)
Please execute the rubbish
My Opinion! (1 month ago)
Black on black crime - the real problem for black people - not police brutality or profiling or any of that other shit! This is their real problem!
Star Pepper (1 month ago)
SMH, just senseless... repeated murders😐
ford nut (1 month ago)
BO'DEAN ain't going be taken people's jewelry no moooo.
ford nut (4 days ago)
Attisha Bowens no blacks can't get along with whites because a lot of are fucking racist their the only race that constantly cries about racism.when in fact they are the fucking racist.
Attisha Bowens (5 days ago)
Nor killing natives and raping their women to take their land then turn around and colonize them an Africans in the name of good ole faggot Jesus...and live happily ever after...can't we jus all get along...you can't fight fire with fire black people...just forget about slavery this is new times...am ah build more prisons for you blacks in the meantime
helpmenow7 (1 month ago)
Where the white women at
ksr9t (29 days ago)
Dez out on da track
grgoldner (1 month ago)
I like to see Animals fight with Animals.
Kalai Reed (1 month ago)
Your being too nice by calling us Animals.I would act worse than animal if this was me
Kalai Reed (1 month ago)
Well call me an animal or whatever you want to call me because I would be upset too
Kalai Reed (1 month ago)
imanii moore (1 month ago)
why do family of the shooter got the nerve to be angry when he or she get sentence
Heiz Hummer (2 hours ago)
Cause they are black
Olivia Cariani (2 days ago)
+oliver bobo greene Well i am not Jesus thats clear,but we may have not too much background on that case but sure the court does... And it sounds weard to my when he sayd to the judge -I know deep in my heart i am innocent-..... That sounds strange or not? I,if i was innocent would come up with evidence..clear evidence to let em know what was going on that day. It is not unusual for many ppl.to say after they have kilt or some that in his mind or heart they feel innocent...and they may see it that way for real. Sad story anyway...for all ppl.involved.
oliver bobo greene (2 days ago)
Olivia Cariani yes he could be innocent we didn’t get a lot of background
Olivia Cariani (4 days ago)
Billy Cru Gas are extreme? Not what he did but his sentence if it was for many of us are extreme?! Had he done nothing then we where not here speaking about the best solution for such parasite!
Vegas Mgtow (4 days ago)
But but he didn't du nuthn.
Stanley Nolly (1 month ago)
Silly BITCH Show up at Court Wit a DAM Rag on Her Head
Mary Soto (1 month ago)
I can actually understand short term memory. With the evidence and they still deny all, is a protection of themselves so they can say NOT GUILTY. Too darn bad.
Zoki L (1 month ago)
send them back to africa so the wild animals eat them thanks abraham lincoln
Eric Jones (5 days ago)
Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa, their natural habitat, but, at the time, it was not economically pheasible to do so. As for the other comments, you retarded baboons can't construct a coherent sentence! Now, shut up with your 75 IQ.
Michelle McKay (22 days ago)
History lesson Lol wtf 😆😅😄😃😂😁
ordonize holmes (1 month ago)
You need to shut your ass up punk we ain't no Africa dumb mofo
Stanley Nolly (1 month ago)
Zoki L : Long Wit PO White Trash Motherfuckers
another neger
Olivia Cariani (5 days ago)
+Michelle McKay Funny how the other half of the world calls u niggers hmm? U would know that if u could speak more as hoodrat english 😆😂
Olivia Cariani (5 days ago)
+Stanley Nolly Oh we know that STANLEY...we know that ur tribe are proud to be trash as ur good brother here! As long u do it to ur own tribe its ok Stanley- And ur mum a bitch or she knew where ur father are....
Olivia Cariani (5 days ago)
+Dominique Jackson And u need go back to a real school u NONE speaking German Italian French Spanish Turkish English and Arabic black donkey... U illiterate donkeys speak street made up english and can't speak no other language but say to others shit? No wonder u still at the cotton fields and never got out of there with such a small brain and a big nasty mouth! Try to evolving damn it!! Get some brain and first of all respect for urself and others also-
Olivia Cariani (5 days ago)
+Stanley Nolly Sireal killing are tha worst...? Wish u that brother of u make the same to ur family black donkey!
Eric Jones (5 days ago)
They, certainly, aren't advocates for literacy and reading! Educated intelligent people (Caucasians and Asians) can't understand a word they speak in any known language. They are a sub-species of modern human. They look and behave ape-ish, and they are proud to provide the evidence!
jon bee (1 month ago)
finditinlasvegas (1 month ago)
......”LynnTonio”........were the “F” do they come up with these names????smh
Eric Jones (5 days ago)
Gingervidas, laquisha, jayquandas, tayrod, ..... The product of a 75 IQ and being a sub-species of anatomically modern humans.
jason j (7 days ago)
Easy put letters A-Z in a hat pick a few make a crossword puzzle wala
Olivia Cariani (17 days ago)
When u high as fuck and never went to school and the nurse give u a paper to wrote down ur childs name and u have only 5 min.to think about... Deedronda or Ta'mi-ca pops up in them brain death fools!
finditinlasvegas (20 days ago)
Michelle McKay .....lol....good one.
Tom Floyd (2 months ago)
Single black mothers what more do you expect, Ghetto names and violence.
John Schramm (8 days ago)
Ghetto names are result of 12 year old mothers.
Carlos Degado (2 months ago)
I think the defendant needs to take some English classes before he talks. Damn he sounds stupid.
Jack D (1 day ago)
+Eric Matterson word!
Eric Matterson (1 day ago)
He can take classes in prison
Jack D (4 days ago)
He passed English in school. An Maf too.
Craig Lynch (2 months ago)
Black on black crime. It's non stop
City Eastwood (6 days ago)
+Richer p Sickert. 😂
Richer p Sickert. (6 days ago)
So white on white doesn't happen huh? I hate you notherfuckas.
Country Boy_10 (7 days ago)
John Schramm it’s more whites on food stamps and government assistance than blacks.
Krazyness *** (3 months ago)
Vocational Training In Minority Neighborhoods. Auto Body, Plumbing, Electrical Training, Welding, Masonry & More! #thenewmiddleclass Contribute: patreon.com/theiconiumfoundation
Wil Robles (3 months ago)
Leniency? Sure. 37 to life.
tnhammerrider (3 months ago)
Wait a minute, how can this be? I thought only white cops killed blacks, that's what all the kneeling is for. You know, black lives matter. Seeing that blacks actually kill each other makes me think they're hypocrites or just full of shit.
Mark Lanton (1 month ago)
They're hypocrites AND pieces of shit when they gun down other people. And they do it a lot.
CARAMELkimmie Kim (3 months ago)
Wow Jesus take the wheel
WAR LORD (4 days ago)
The Lamborghini convertible he took.
Olivia Cariani (17 days ago)
Well girl...there are no more wheel they sale it for drugs 😩
Jack Ryder (3 months ago)
Black people killing each other is making pretty scary numbers in Canada. More and more young black boys are involved in murder's. What is happening with family structure and elders, community is in the verge of catastrophic dysfunction as a normal humans, you bloody dont say this is racist rather this is epidemic. Face it the way it is. May God help and guide us all and keep United
ordonize holmes (1 month ago)
We our worse enemy of all kind we bring other down that's a fact
Pangur Ban (1 month ago)
Same in the UK. The murder of black boys by black boys has become an epidemic in the UK London is the worst hit.
Jack Ryder (2 months ago)
Return back to true teachings of prophets and worship true on God. Look into Ahmed deedat
70's Aerosmith rules (3 months ago)
What planet have you been living on for the last 80 years?
Thomas Levan (4 months ago)
I don't know why The suspects families upset hell this is what they do N****** are just stupid they do stupid shit like this he going to prison join the rest of the stupid N****** they can be one big Happy family in prison where they belong
angela knowles (5 months ago)
Michelle McKay (5 days ago)
+James Combs so you are referring to me?
Michelle McKay (5 days ago)
+Eric Jones that is terrible
Olivia Cariani (5 days ago)
+Camiel08Erin11 And found it funny to not know what pathetic means...God Good!
Eric Jones (5 days ago)
They have not yet evolved past savagery. They have been amongst civilized societies for over 500 years but still swing from vines in their ghetto jungle habitat.
Olivia Cariani (17 days ago)
+Lataezia Brown Ok LATAEZIA 😂😂😂
Devon Gonzalez (6 months ago)
F*** America f*** disorderly conduct f*** America f*** America f*** America f*** America f*** America America too many crackers I can't stand it f*** the USA it's garbage I don't like the laws in America
emond67 (7 months ago)
lynntonio dindu nuffin
Dick N. Uranus (8 months ago)
“Didn’t do nothing”
Krazyness *** (3 months ago)
They never do
Dick N. Uranus (8 months ago)
dindu nuffin
Jerzey Devil (1 year ago)
Boom lacka lacka boom lacka lacka
roadking99 jokerst (1 month ago)
Hey, JD. Sly Stone reference, cool.
A Charming Life (1 year ago)
The judge looks like shes a Skeksis from the dark crystal lmfao
randomgamer 9780 (5 days ago)
123tominator007 (6 days ago)
Ha! Dang I'm old
el taco (7 days ago)
A gelfling lol
Chris Williams (3 months ago)
That shit was funny tho
John Texas (8 months ago)
Betcha wouldn't laugh if you were in front of her, loser.
Eric Allen (1 year ago)
Never had a chance with the name Lynntonio.
Mike Shack (6 days ago)
Darryl McGee (6 days ago)
+Steve Smith You are both very ignorant and racist!
el taco (7 days ago)
+Miguel Bermudez you dumbfuck feminism is jewish not white dummy
Miguel Bermudez (8 days ago)
Black women never give kids a chance thanks to them selling out to a white supremacist feminist agenda.

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