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WDTN's Dan Edwards interviews Jane Wicker

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WDTN's Dan Edwards interviews Jane Wicker
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Rico Jazz (2 months ago)
That's asking for it...
Sallent R (8 months ago)
For the record, FAA report shows her ex-husband was not the pilot that day. He is still alive.
Howard Stern (9 months ago)
She had it coming
ahiai barnes (1 year ago)
So much foreshadowing, if it was real, I would say this was horrible writing.
pianoman lee (2 years ago)
her first trip to Dayton would be her last. ....
Pedro Emanuel (2 years ago)
such a loss, she was so pretty, I hope her death were painless for real
Yılmaz DALKIRAN (2 years ago)
This video was published on June 22, 2013 and that day Jane Wicker died.
DothollaMusic23 (2 years ago)
im sure every time she did her stunts she was aware she can die ...i believe she was prepared rip jane
Spooglio BonVivant (3 years ago)
Oh no Jane, you're going to disappear from us just as you're sitting on top of the world. Too bad you didn't study Icarus from Greek mythology.
cranecitytramp (3 years ago)
She died, six hours later. Her ex-Husband wasn't the pilot on this occasion, so you conspiracy theorists are wrong. RIP Jane and Charlie.
Timohty Dunacan (5 years ago)
shit 2 sec still hurts a lot..... agonizing more than beaten for 2 minutes!
Kevin Mayer (5 years ago)
"You'll see me get off the plane right in front of the crowd"
alberigo degli (5 years ago)
aw poor little thing, she didn't know her brain was going to leave her skull within hours. At least she didn't had to suffer nothing but 2 seconds of terror. RIP.
The Drone Man (4 months ago)
she died 6 day's later
Reserved (2 years ago)
12dance4u1 (5 years ago)
and before you say i wasn't talking to you,and all that, here this ,,,,my problem with your comment is that you respectfully disagreed then you want to call the person out of their name on the end,it aint like he started with you. i hate that,,,i mean cant we just disagree and move on without unprovoked name calling
12dance4u1 (5 years ago)
once a fucking gain uploaders or who the hell ever wants to spam or block comments, i've been utube blogging for several years now,and i remember when comments were considered spam and blocked or hide for good reasons etc.religion,overly racist,overly sexist, now i read AmickProdutions hiding comment an i'm like WHAT, now scroll down to papalotia comment, ok can you see my dilema,one is no better than the other, soft, tender an sensitive people, should not be logging on to utube
Scottrchrdsn (5 years ago)
Son ( I presume you are younger than my 59 years), she was living on borrowed time. She was "walking barefoot on broken glass". She was...use an cliche you want but it was eventually going to have an accident. Fatalities happened to two other wing walkers the SAME weekend in 2011. The odds will eventually catch up with you. By the way, she had something like a 10 year break in her career so she was not at it for a full 23 years.
Scottrchrdsn (5 years ago)
Delusional. She was truly delusional. A lot of other people involved with her activities were (or still are) delusional also. There is no way that walking, let alone dangling, on a wing during flight is safe.
Rico Jazz (2 months ago)
It's not... that's why it's a "show"
mrme6805 (5 years ago)
Papalolita...... What a worthless piece of shit you are. Two peoples lives were lost and your useless ass posts a fucked up comment like that. May you burn in hell you fucking loser.
mikvance (5 years ago)
RIP :(
steakbbq (5 years ago)
I totally agree with you. This is the most dangerous thing a person could do. It's not like she did it for 23 years or anything.
steakbbq (5 years ago)
Only took 23 years before this "idiotic" performance that is obviously stupid to do and super dangerous to kill her.
Vadim S (5 years ago)
Her ex-husband was the pilot
TheNeemers (5 years ago)
it's not like she was a bad person, just because what she loved to do involved near death experiences doesn't mean you shouldn't feel bad that she died dumbass.
Stevo Reno (5 years ago)
She was extremely irresponsible , why because she had / has children that's why if she was single without kids i would say more power to her......anyways that is so sad.....PEACE
DudeTheXFilesRules (5 years ago)
I'm sure you are one of the few that walks on the wings of a plane... Because it's stupid to do and look what happens. How can someone feel sorry for someone like this? I mean really. She knew what she was doing and so did the pilot. It's idiotic.
SuperAerobat (5 years ago)
Sweetheart, with that logic, I can comment to your post in any way I want. Here's a hint for ya: don't make a presumptuous comment, post it on a public feed, and expect not to receive criticism. You know absolutely nothing of the relationship between the pilot and wing walker, so claiming it was may have been murder is absolutely insulting.
SuperAerobat (5 years ago)
Get your facts straight before you make an ignorant comment like that.
MrGreggl61 (5 years ago)
A number one MORON
Jessica L. (5 years ago)
Wow.my heart aches for her children,fiance,and family/friends.
FamilyFirst!! (5 years ago)
She was ridiculous for doing such stupid stunts to amuse people..ppl should stop going to these shows , someone always dies..stupid career choice.now her kids have to deal with her bad choice to fly on wings.rip
AmickProductions (5 years ago)
Ex-Husband pilot = murder/suicide. You heard it here first folks! Flashovr nailed it! Murder/Suicide. You're welcome.
Sallent R (8 months ago)
AmickProductions According to the FAA her ex-husband was not the pilot that day.
AmickProductions (5 years ago)
I heard her performance was a smash hit! hehe, did you see what I did there? Did you see that?
hilario flores (2 years ago)
Scottrchrdsn (5 years ago)
Too bad you could not convince her to end her air show career, but women, once they have their mind set, will simply not listen.
UncleSaat (5 years ago)
Irresponsible woman doing that when she had children. RIP, but very irresponsible.
varishnakov (5 years ago)
Luis Vasquez (5 years ago)
Gerald Tilley (5 years ago)
"WAS the only female"
jkand (5 years ago)
Ojala no haya sentido dolor, es una lastima, una pena.
Leandro Arteaga Vega (5 years ago)
She seems like a nice lady what a shame R.I.P.
Marcel van Dijk (5 years ago)
i hate accidents
Scottrchrdsn (5 years ago)
Roger Clemons (5 years ago)
Very foolish person
Nerion, Espy Of Wolves (5 years ago)
sad :'( rest well
Asi es esa actividad, peligrosa, Q.E.P.D.
Jim Dorman (5 years ago)
International Oppa (5 years ago)

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