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Drunk Lesbians Play Celebrity (Feat. Niki Ang, Jordan Shalhoub & Karen Du)

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Team pizza is up 1 point, can Team pasta bring it back in this rousing game of celebrity!? The guessing game that combines catchphrase and charades?! Stay tuned to find out! To support queer content, donate to our patreon Patreon.com/GirlShipTV LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (69)
Hannah Cason (5 days ago)
second round is charades and third round is 1 word. this way was too easy
falls autu (9 days ago)
4:14 lmao. But true tho, i love brie
Nyibol Kuach (16 days ago)
Musical chairs?
Dy Dy (18 days ago)
Happy PRIDE MONTH everyone!!! Watching this while drunk (yup, I've had 4 beers already) I'm definitely having a lot of fun... And also CRUSHING on Jordan, BIG TIME!!! 😄😃😁
AJ S (18 days ago)
Loving Amanda's space theme shirt with a dash of magic and there's a wand too ❤❤❤❤
cat .gonzalezz (19 days ago)
Tessa Thompson can definitely crush me Also next time definitely use new names each round.
warriorwolfprincess (19 days ago)
Lucy lawless made me question my sexuality as xena She’s over there-carol Dog is still adorable
angelica lim (20 days ago)
Mariah Carey in Honey music video made me question myself. 😂😂😂
Ashley Anderson (20 days ago)
I'm living for the South of Nowhere shout out!
Master of None (20 days ago)
that second round was kinda unfair cause u could win so many points so quickly and ran outta cards. Shoulda had 30 instead of 20
Margo Sayre (20 days ago)
Please have Hayley kiyoko as one
Alicia Brown (20 days ago)
I want them to a season of love drunk lesbians watch because I mean Dominique provost chalkley is in it. Who doesn't love domonique.
Nike reck (20 days ago)
Niki I love you so so much
Pan Sexual (21 days ago)
I am glad I am not the only person who has a long list of people I would love to crush me.
itzjustk8 (21 days ago)
That Wynaught poster on the wall is beautiful!!
Sarah Grose (21 days ago)
Brie Larson can def crush me to! DEFINITELY
Elena Zennaro (21 days ago)
I love that you have a painting or maybe photo of Wayhaught in the background. I could recognize them from anywhere.
Dosmth (21 days ago)
Lmao 2 words part
Snowdrop 17 (21 days ago)
This is my favorite channel ever!!
ophelia leung (21 days ago)
Niki and I want the same people to crush us lmao
Vicki Ignaszak (21 days ago)
Just noticed the wayhaught poster on the wall 😂 that's so gay and i love it
Meryl Streep (22 days ago)
The Cate Blanchett cut out in the backround has me dying...but i kinda want it 😂😍Lol
CASPIAN PYLES (21 days ago)
Meryl Streep same
Flossie Sunshine (22 days ago)
Kari Garcia (22 days ago)
Drunk Lesbians should watch Sara Lance Queer scenes. Happy Pride!
kcmn00 (22 days ago)
Jordan's bi though?
B. A. (22 days ago)
the ellen page charades was fucking HILARIOUS
Laura Parrish (22 days ago)
Pleased to see Cate Blanchett still hanging out with the gang
Yang Cristina (22 days ago)
I love the "over there" every time they get Cate Blanchett. Happy pride month everyone!❤💛💚💜💙💗
Lil Wolf (22 days ago)
This whole video is just “which gay will sit the right way” I’m sorry just- 😂
Hannah Hassan (22 days ago)
"I was fucking nailing that!" 😂😂
Lil Wolf (22 days ago)
Noe Verduga (22 days ago)
"over there 👀" "Cate Blanchett"
Hope (22 days ago)
I love this but I also miss drunk lesbians watch
Eza Pettibones (22 days ago)
Should’ve used different names every round, but it was still great! ❤️ Love all these beautiful ladies 😍
Crazy Funny Films (22 days ago)
niki getting so defensive is my literal life
FBI Open Up (22 days ago)
Niki going for the high five but Karen not giving a shit had me fucking dead 😂
Kierah B Leach (22 days ago)
Your videos bring me back to, me as a baby dike living for the old school vlogs in the early days of afterellencom. That was quite some time ago. This is fantastic.
nazzylove (22 days ago)
I loved how they kept saying over there then in the last round she just pointed at the cardboard cut-out
Itchy Falconer5081 (22 days ago)
Do you have a wayhaught poster in your house 1:26 if you do love that
below.average (22 days ago)
the last episode will just be called drunk lesbians
Maeriye (22 days ago)
This feels like i have friends too :) a strange, alien but warm feeling
heather 3024 (22 days ago)
never seen anyone look more comfortable than jordan at the start of the video
Insomniatic Prattle (22 days ago)
Okay... I LOVE y’all and this channel and this whole concept of drunk queers play games... however, I feel like there needs to be more of a direction or speed to these games. Idk if it’s the type of games, or what. I can’t put my finger on it, that it factor that would make this up to the usual content, but I know it could be fantastic! (Specific to this game... 😬 it is just a little too repetitive in nature and kind of gets stale?) Ugh, I wanna give constructive criticism, but my brain just can’t think of that it factor that’s missing for some reason... it is just a little too casual maybe? Idk I love y’all... Whatever... 😂
Girl Ship TV (22 days ago)
I feel you. It's only the second episode, like any show it will definitely get tighter over time.
dayana zelaya (22 days ago)
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH Everybody!!! 🌸🌈💕
Victoria Vasquez (22 days ago)
I just noticed the Carol cutout syrdchvdrry (which I still need to watch btw)
Amanda Uribe (22 days ago)
love this queer content!!!!
Gen (22 days ago)
SOUTH OF NOWHERE WAS ICONIC and gets no fucking recognition! Ashley...holy shit. Love a girl with a raspy voice. *swoons*
Emily Greiner (22 days ago)
I love this series! Keep it up:)
Sarah Harris (22 days ago)
Happy Pride Month! I’m surprised Hayley Kiyoko wasn’t one of the answers
Yang Cristina (22 days ago)
Saaaame! Maybe when Ashly comes to play it will be
Milly Over It (22 days ago)
Love itttt
Sophie (22 days ago)
Happy Pride Month!!! Ma lil LGBTQ friends
死んでいるkr1nne (22 days ago)
I LOVE Y'ALL QUEERS♡♡♡ also,HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! Booksmart was so good and gay
LBguitarcovers (22 days ago)
This video made me laugh so hard 😂 i needed this after a long day
Eduarda (22 days ago)
Lesbians (& queers) feat Carol. Best channel EVERRRRR
Eduarda (22 days ago)
I love this channel ❤️❤️❤️
Marta (22 days ago)
Honestly this is my favourite chanel on youtube. Thank you for all the laughs!
Kynia - (22 days ago)
"She's kinda loud" is what sent me
Youtube is You (22 days ago)
Why are we promoting drinking this heavily
Girl Ship TV (22 days ago)
Hi, you must be new here. Welcome. IDK if you saw but there is a disclaimer in the beginning of this video to drink responsibly and also one person isn't drinking because they don't drink, something established in the first video. Thanks for the comment!
Karla María Raudales (22 days ago)
Damn I'm the 4th viewer. I've never been this early. And 4th like bc you know I don't have to see the video to know I'll like it.
Kamen Rider Geiz (22 days ago)
happy pride month to all of you :)
Reyes (22 days ago)
You are the reason why I get up early every Monday (starting last Monday, expecting to start being a tradition)
Marion D. (22 days ago)
Happy Pride Month Amanda and everybody ! 🌈
Random Non (20 days ago)
You are now my role model.
Random Non (20 days ago)
You are in legit everything gay.
Olivia Fisher (22 days ago)

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