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Big Brand Tire & Service Recruitment Video

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Big Brand Tire & Service in California offers reliable, responsible auto repair, automotive maintenance services, and the lowest prices on new tires and expert tire services. If you need tires and auto repair services in California, Big Brand Tire & Service is your trusted source for auto repair and tires for over 40 years. 805 Via Alondra Camarillo, CA 93012 805-388-0223 http://www.bigbrandtire.com/Careers
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Smokeasaurus Rex (2 years ago)
stay away from this company specially the atascadero location the manager there FRANK is a real piece of work he is a liar and a thief. they BLEW up my car and now they are treating me like cap they have no complaint department so it's all up to managers from other cities and they have been the rudest people I have ever dealt with they denied me a rental car and now I have 4 kids and a wife with no vehicle and they just laugh at me I have spoken to dustin, I have spoken to jonathan, I have spoken to Matt and I believe he's the regional manager they have all laughed at me I tried to speak to Greg Robinson or tom graham but they denied to allow me to speak to either of them. this is by far the worst company around STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE IF YOU LOVE YOUR CAR 5HE WILL DESTROY IT AND LAUGH ABOUT IT.. STAY AWAY FROM ATASCADERO LOCATION AND FRANK THE LIAR...God bless hope I can save someone the headache..

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