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Think like a Programmer

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Allen Downey talks about how thinking like a programmer will improve your code and your brain!
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Panos Panou (1 month ago)
if(time>=21){ beerOclock() } Been thinking like a programmer for quite some time!
Pedro Pablo Oviedo Vera (3 months ago)
I try with C, C++,Python but my war's horse is Object Pascal con FPC/Lazarus
Onur ISLAK (1 year ago)
i agree with this guy,it means every time if you write your own code and find some bugs,it means you evaulate your brain,your brain comes elastic and flexible,so you adapt yourself more complex programs when it comes to you.
Charles Wang (1 year ago)
I use Allen Downey's ThinkStats for reference all the time! This interview is excellent, too.
DistortedV12 (1 year ago)
I love python, it's like poetry: concise yet expressive
DistortedV12 (1 year ago)
I love python, it's like poetry: concise yet expressive
Dreaming Savant (2 years ago)
Where do dislikes come from?
Sagar Kapasi (1 year ago)
Insecure Programmers
Are you saying the more coding you do, could you say the more writing you do, writing in a state of a programming mind., writing with programming in own mindset. coding within the brain, you have to think code minded, you have to get the mind to practically think how to think computingly. It's not a easy task to do, The brain can train itself to think this way, and most of the time before thinking of writing code, one has no alternative but to think this way. Do you have to be assertive, or passive in ones thinking, I don't know, but being assertive logically with one's brain does allow one to unambigiously think in order.
ICONE ALGERIE (2 years ago)
ممكن توضح لي بالعربي اخي وجزاك الله الجنة وضح لي ارجوك
You pick a guide book on C++ for example, you follow along and you get the gist of what each small program entails. you get to know some aspects of how each program behavors, but when you are at your computer with no text books no guidance material, just you and your computer and you want to write your own made-up program. you then realize what it is to be a programmer. You then ask yourself I reference alot of material from books, but where is my mental reference collection of programming skills. ??? this is what matters. I walk away completely from the computer, from the books, from the reference material, I sit down with just a pen, pencil, rubber and white blank paper, I write and write, and write, this writing morphs into a algorithm, I then am able to psedocode steps, I then write more, and more and more, from my mental collection of what I can remember, I then begin to structure logically something connective, it's starting to form, starting to start. I feel levels of untested, unclarified success, I know that I now have some capacity to write programming. I am over the moon. I keep going, and going and face more and more challenges, I test snippets of code, some begin to work, many don't and I continue, continue, hoping to reach a understanding. What are your thoughts guys.
Justin Powers (4 months ago)
So literally writing out the steps line by line with a pencil and paper on the problem you want to solve is what you are saying before we even begin to write actual code.
your style is good, and definitely "Programming is thinking, not typing".
Michael B B (1 year ago)
I'd say you explained it very well.
Arwa Moath (1 year ago)
يتكلم عن انه لما تتبع كتاب برمجه تحس ان البرمجه بسيطه ويكون عندك مرجع وهو الكتاب .. لكن لما تفتح كمبيوترك ومعك مشكله حقيقيه صعبه انك تحلها لانك راح تكتشف ان ماعندك مرجع فمخك.. يعني ماتعلمت اساسيات البرمجه مثلا كتابة الخوارزميات
ICONE ALGERIE (2 years ago)
ممكن توضح لي بالعربي اخي وجزاك الله الجنة وضح لي ارجوك
Clummy (5 years ago)
I like his theories. Smart man.
Yong Boon Lim (6 years ago)
Like your book and talk! Thanks :)
Helam Moreira (6 years ago)

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