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French Style Slow Cooker, Cassoulet!! Noreen's Kitchen

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This time of year seems to be busier than most. With the kids back in school and county fairs and fall festivals and the upcoming holiday season, there can sometimes be little time to worry about what to make for supper. Tonight I am sharing my recipe for Crock pot Cassoulet. This dish is a traditional French dish, that is normally cooked in a covered clay vessel which the dish is actually named for. You can usually find recipes involving mutton, lamb, veal, pork or chicken cooked in this way. In any case this is a dish that always has meat and always has white beans, in France they traditionally use Haricot beans, but for mine, I usually use white navy beans. Along with being tasty, this dish is economical. You can throw this one together for under 10.00 and it will feed 6 to 8 people generously or my family of 4 twice. Give this one a try, I know you will enjoy it. AND with fall in the air and time at a premium, you will also love coming home to a great warming, filling meal. Serve this with a pan sauteed green and a loaf of crusty bread and you will be full and satisfied without going broke! Look for the recipe on my blog in a day or two and as always, Happy Eating!
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Molly Smith (1 year ago)
While home recuperating from the flu I've been binge-watching cooking videos and after seeing an outrageously difficult (but no doubt gourmet-level-good) cassoulet on Food Wishes' channel I knew there had to be easier and less expensive versions. And low and behold I find yours. Knew you'd make it simpler but tasty too. When hubby and I feel better I'll make this in a smaller quantity and my only change will be to add some bacon. Because...bacon. Thank you, Noreen!
Noreen's Kitchen (1 year ago)
I hope you give this a try. It is really delicious and super appropriate for the autumn. I know that there is a "traditional" way and a "chefy" way, but in the end if you are using a proper cassoulet and slow cooking int he oven, what difference does it make to use a slow cooker? No I didn't brown the meat and I probably made some chef's roll their eye hard, but who cares? Taste in the king here. This dish is delicious and I Hope you enjoy!
Gina G (3 years ago)
Thanks Noreen!
Suzanne Phillips (3 years ago)
thanks for the help.  I wanted to make sure I could use a pork loin, instead of the pork shoulder I've seen in other recipes~
Scott Postin (4 years ago)
I've got this in my crock pot right now but instead of canned tomatoes I am using pico de gallo to give it that southwest kick. 
TopMaid (5 years ago)
This is the source.. Sources: FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition.
TopMaid (5 years ago)
Sorry if you are offended I am only pointing out the risks involved in cooking dreid beans in a slow cooker These cookers do not reach a high enough temperature to kill the toxins that may be present. info from many sources all over the internet. I have know this risk for years and red kidney beans are the highest risk but lots of other beans are included in this risk.
Noreen's Kitchen (5 years ago)
There is absolutely NO food safety issue regarding dried beans! I don't know where you got your information, however it is not good information. I have been doing this for years with absolutely no problems. Dried beans are perfectly fine to slow cook in this manner. People have been doing it for a long, long time.
TopMaid (5 years ago)
Hi Noreen i loved your video but one point i would make is to reccomend boiling the dried beans rapidly for at least ten minets before cooking in the slow cooker for food saftey.
limpingoatfarm (5 years ago)
I especially like the fact that you cook to have leftovers for future meals, that makes goo sense.
Cindy Robertson (5 years ago)
Hi Noreen! I made this cassoulet yesterday and had friends over..it got a two thimbs up!! it was delicious!!! thank you!!
say what (6 years ago)
can you can this?
redhenful (6 years ago)
Can i use regular balsamic vinegar? And how much did you use? Thanks!
sachmoe2648 (6 years ago)
can i have dinner at your house every night?
Noreen's Kitchen (6 years ago)
If you go to my channel and put this in the search bar: How to make simple veggie side dishes, you will find the video where I show my brown butter breadcrumb cauliflower.
ted radecke (8 years ago)
whare is the white wine ?
crazypeg2008 (8 years ago)
I'm watching all your videos today:) I will be cooking this for the in-laws lol THANKS FOR ALL YOUR RECIPES!!!!! You and your hubby are so cute together :)
Noreen's Kitchen (8 years ago)
@mellowroast You are right, the beans are not pre-soaked, I just threw them in after I rinsed them really good. Use whatever you want, legs, thighs, a whole chicken, use pork tenderloin or whatever, it will be good. Traditionally, cassouet, is made with chicken thighs and sausages. thanks for watching and commenting! Noreen
elinorsantiago21 (8 years ago)
I love your videos! The food you make looks awesome. I can't wait to try some out. I just got married (I'm 22) and I know how to cook but I just love learning new recipes :) and I also want to start baking some treats and desserts! Especially now that the holidays are right around the corner. Keep making those videos!
pgmaxtwo (8 years ago)
yum..I want to eat at your house :O)
birddog2017 (8 years ago)
This looks so tasty and easy. I will be making it this week. Thanks for another great dish!
kanenite1985 (8 years ago)
I bet some chorizo would be great in that! ugh! too bad I don't have a crock pot =(
Cyanical2000 (8 years ago)
Hi Noreen! I love your videos. I'm looking forward to the Holiday ones. I'm looking at eBay today for vanilla beans :)
Debbie Hensley (8 years ago)
I always look forward to watching your vids! They are always the best, keep it up.
steelhorses2004 (8 years ago)
That is so easy! You don't have to pre-soak the beans?
katzcradul (8 years ago)
Oh, my gosh! That's the most exciting thing you've ever made...in my opinion. I love any dish I can make that is so loaded with flavor, AND cooked in the crock pot. I could taste it when you served it up. I'm going to make it this week and serve it with a slice of crusty cornbread and a spoonful of homemade jalapeno jelly on the side. Beans & cornbread...it's a southern thing. Ewwwwweeeeeeee! (to quote Ironhead41). lol
Haremsforbidden (8 years ago)
Love your recipe's they are all so yummy looking, and I'll bet tasty. Have the best day hun.
Noreen's Kitchen (8 years ago)
@TheKenAlanShow Doesn't everybody have a big bag of garlic over their sink? Thanks for watching and commenting! Noreen
TheKenAlanShow (8 years ago)
Everything looked great, loved the big bag of garlic over the sink.

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