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Naked and Afraid [Day 14] - Reuniting With My Baby Girl

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Today would have been my extraction day had I of made it the full 14 days of my Naked And Afraid challenge but I have no regrets about the way things went because the way things happen in life, happen for a reason. Last night I came home late and saw my beautiful wife Kristen and this morning I finally get to see my baby girl Chell Marie for the first time in 3 weeks. SEE HOW MY WIFE REACTS TO THESE VIDEOS: http://www.YouTube.com/LiveEachDay GET LIVE UPDATES ON MY TWITTER / FACEBOOK: Follow Me - http://www.twitter.com/smpfilms Like Me - http://www.facebook.com/WeLiveEachDay READ MORE ABOUT MY APPEARANCE ON THE SHOW: https://corporate.discovery.com/discovery-newsroom/follow-the-naked-and-afraid-adventure-in-real-time/ For the first time ever, the two survivalists will document their intense Naked and Afraid experience across social media. Fans of the series can catch daily highlights and low points of the NAKED AND AFRAID survival journey in real time. YouTuber Cory Williams and pro-surfer Anastasia Ashley, will both be sharing their Naked and Afraid journey in real time across their social platforms. Follow Cory and Anastasia in real time on their social media accounts NOW as they train and also during the challenge itself from Monday, February 20th until Sunday, March 5th. The new season of NAKED AND AFRAID premieres Sunday, March 5th at 10pm ET/PT and Cory and Anastasia’s episode will air later in the season.
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Text Comments (458)
Sara V (1 month ago)
Deanna Albrecht (6 months ago)
this touched my heart
Fandom Trash (10 months ago)
I’m watching you on the show right now!
kittymarioamber Ruiz (11 months ago)
I watch the ep
AlterEagleProduction (1 year ago)
I should be on that show, I was born Naked and Afraid.
Thecrafty Buck (1 year ago)
that was a beautiful moment. i remember watching you when you first started and its been years, the other day my daughter told me "hey the mean kitty guy was on naked and afraid!" lol shes only 13 but she remembers and i just now watched all the blogs from that, alot of it spoke to me for really real, havent watched the episode but i will. just want you to know alot of what you said i already felt, im not in the jungle lol but in a different state,different ppl making memories and just enjoying the beauty of life rn but im hitting my low point and not sure how to climb back up but i know i will. we talked years ago when i was on blogtv and jtv lol but im glad i started watching again, i feel you bro for real. feel like your my male twin,mindwise....idk if that makes sense but idc just wanted you to know your awesome, i told you probably 11yrs ago? lol then forgot about alot doing life shit and now im coming back to who i was,who i am. sry been drinking but main point this was all meaningful to me fr fr. [email protected] holler at me, last blog i watched so long ago was you proposing to your beautiful wife js ugh ok just yea. ive watched like 15 videos tonight and wanted to say something. hit me up some time, i do alot with bands,photography, working on a documentary rn thatll take a few years with this band but id like to network with you sometime.js. lol ok. missed your face dude,u probably wont remember me but its cool. :-P sry about the novel just alot of thoughts and ideas and feelings through my head rn .....p.s. thank you for being you.
Cjones80 (1 year ago)
Update on sand fly bites and if they really heal after getting so many?
Yoongi Snail (1 year ago)
Welcome back to technology
Tris A (1 year ago)
omg Corey u made me cry😢😢😭😭😭😭😭. your and awsome father to that beautiful little girl. thank u for reminding me how special it is to have that bond with your daughter which is for ever. u can actually come back to these videos wen her special day in white will be.
Laura Arnette (1 year ago)
Omg this video was great. When Chell turned around and saw you for the first time in weeks I got so emotional! It was so cute it looked like she was trying to figure out how you got out of the phone. So cute Awesome job on that show I wouldn't of ever done it lol
Luke Schiermeyer (1 year ago)
Her face when he said chill Marie was like "what the" what was kinda funny
No Body (1 year ago)
wow so like i used to watch mean kitty song a ton when i was like.. 7? 8? im not sure. i came back to this channel for cats and holy shit i found marrige and babies and older cats and just wow <3
JoseM336 (1 year ago)
Ur baby is cute 😂
Reagan Stone (1 year ago)
he picks her up and she simultaneously shits and throws up all over him
ndhzt (1 year ago)
man, you were one of my first YouTubers on here ever since I was younger, n I'm so happy to come back n see you with such a happy, sweet, n beautiful family 💙
jasonthecroi (1 year ago)
this is sparta
Best Daddy ever!❤️
DevilNinja (1 year ago)
Who remembers the mean kitty song?
Meme Master (1 year ago)
your the kid who made a cat vid
EK Ender Kitten (1 year ago)
Did Sparta die?!?!?!?
DVDPlus (1 year ago)
Is that Sparta in the back next to his wife?
Jose Luis Cerda (1 year ago)
do you still have the cat frome Evl Kitt song
Pastel_Screamss (1 year ago)
I found your channel again after like three years. I come back to nothing but naked and afraid. w h a t  h a p p e n e d
Pastel_Screamss (1 year ago)
like I just,, since when was he a dad I'm??
michael collins (1 year ago)
bcgrote (1 year ago)
Best 14th day ever. The look of disbelief on Chell's face, turning to hope and then joy, wow. Happy baby, happy daddy!
Landenloveslife 1 (1 year ago)
When dose any one know when his episode air?
dark Nick 222 (1 year ago)
so cute
Jerry Knowles (1 year ago)
Cory great job!! Hey what happened to that nice home/house you had in Thousand Oaks in California? Did you sell it?
Timothy Burley (1 year ago)
do you have the mean kitty
Musicteachersheff (1 year ago)
Wait wasn't there like a 40 min video up about your experiences? What happened to it?
keith dunham (1 year ago)
this whole idea has gotten stupid / who the hell wants to be out side with no protection ? very dumb
Lyrak (1 year ago)
Is there somewhere online we will be able to watch your episode, for those of us with no cable access? (Yay rural area... LOL)
Krista Funk (1 year ago)
Oh gosh thank you so much for the mid-morning cry, lol. This was so sweet. :)
Sara Samardžić (1 year ago)
This was so sweet,i just had to cry 😍😍
Lorie Parker Wade (1 year ago)
OMG! 😪😂 THAT was the cutest thing I've ever seen!!
4 Teens and a Baby (1 year ago)
This is too precious!! Great moments to capture. Chell is by far the sweetest baby girl! Sparta there in background at 3:11...he's like, yeah, let me in on some of that lovin'.
Caira MJ (1 year ago)
how sweet was Chell staring at you in the phone so intently, what a beautiful video!!
Ren Bee (1 year ago)
it's not about the conqueror or fail it's about the strength and the ability to take the risk and push past all boundaries that you had once set for yourself!! You took that risk, and you've grown and learned more about yourself.. No one can shame you, for they were not with you!! So glad you made it back home safely!!!
Bugaboo173 (1 year ago)
I love how Chell's name is so close to my sister's. Her name is Chelsea Marie, and one of her nicknames is Chel. I'm glad you finally got to see your precious baby girl
Brooke G (1 year ago)
Why were you only there for 14 days and not 21?
RipYuiChilled (1 year ago)
Even that he tapped out will he still be on the show?
CatGirlSnake (1 year ago)
*tears* ugh. I'm so glad you're home to your baby girl <3
poisonousviper5 (1 year ago)
Beverly Grimmett (1 year ago)
How long do you wear the necklace?
mrjockey87 (1 year ago)
Man you grew thin.. lovely reunion tho Cory :-)
Red Fox (1 year ago)
yep I cried watching this...
MilkFire (1 year ago)
The cats are alive!!!!
Linda Kordich (1 year ago)
really beautiful....incredibly touching! you guys need about four more children!
BriarEire (1 year ago)
Wow what a great moment!
Kandi Angel (1 year ago)
i didnt cry... no thats a lie im crying like a blubbering mess here!
Nike Rex (1 year ago)
I don't think of it as you going home early, I think you left on time.
That made me cry, so sweet Chell's reaction.
Caren Burmeister (1 year ago)
So much love and adoration. Beautiful!
Lynn Capwill (1 year ago)
I cried when you reunited with your baby girl, Chell! Such a precious moment.
duhsmersh (1 year ago)
dude ur not on the show anymore stop titling the videos like this u asshat
Michele Murphy (1 year ago)
We are proud of you too corey !!!!
Renlish (1 year ago)
Ok, who's chopping onions. STOPPITNOW.
Minerva Devora (1 year ago)
And you have to nake ne cry!! aaaaahhh! I'm super happy you are back! Mr Cory....haa!! 😂😉😉👍😎💝🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Melinda F. (1 year ago)
Welcome Home Cory! 😆 When you watch the videos Kristen did while you were away I hope you super proud because she did an amazing job. 👍
Itamar Casais (1 year ago)
That was so cute! :')
Lisa Smith (1 year ago)
How much does she love her Daddy?! So adorable! They are both have an amazing bond.
Carol Prinz (1 year ago)
Dang it, my eyes are leaking again! Welcome home Cory. Your reunion with Chell was truly beautiful. I knew she would remember you. So proud of you for the wonderful experience you had on NaAf. Can't wait for more vlogs and stories.
Amanda Elliott (1 year ago)
that was so cute :)
cheesestr4wz (1 year ago)
Can't stop watch CHELL !!! And Sparta & Lokie ! SOOOO SWEET !
Travis J Hayes (1 year ago)
When Chell realizes that the face that's in front of her is for real in front of her... 😊
Carr1422 (1 year ago)
Who's cutting onions? BUT ACTUALLY IS ANYONE GONNA MENTION SPARTA: RESTING BITCH FACE INFRONT OF KRISTEN??!?! hahahahaha I was crying but man I look at Sparta, and I'm dying of laughter.
FLBorn1 (1 year ago)
A beautiful reunion!
Melissa Buckler (1 year ago)
I'm so glade you are back home with your wife and daughter
Mesh Lol (1 year ago)
OMG YOU GUYS, totally made me cry! ♡♡♡ so happy my favorite youtube family is together again ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Male tears...
Chrisanne Gordon (1 year ago)
I could never do Naked & Afraid in fifty million years. You did great!
You're such a wonderful, loving dad Corey! You and Kristen are both amazing parents. Chell is a lucky little girl. Love from Pennsylvania to all 3 of you!
A Melon Named Kate (1 year ago)
I love Kristen in the background
Penny Travis (1 year ago)
Lol, she is definitely her daddy's daughter, them sitting there sticking their tongues out at each other. =D <3
storm winters (1 year ago)
you made me cry with chell
MultiPurposeReviewer (1 year ago)
That's what I do with my cats when I get home from a trip.
Lorraine Currier (1 year ago)
now I know why you came home early..........crying
Dianne Linam (1 year ago)
summer_ shock (1 year ago)
It looks like you've gotten younger since that trip :)
woltarius (1 year ago)
|"l:l:l::kklkljkjkhjghgfhfgdfgdffs yNJOT IO LICKEDF. LUBIE TO.
spudkal family (1 year ago)
That video was so adorable
auntienem (1 year ago)
can't wait to see the show!
Melissa Beth (1 year ago)
BEST REUNION EVER!! So happy you made it home to see your baby girl.
Marleny Brennan (1 year ago)
Whats about Cats and Dog reactions to Cory's return?
Retired Tony 1970 (1 year ago)
seriously who is cutting onions? ugh...Guilty :) reminded me of my daughter she was that tiny.., "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRLS RULE!"
Charlene Ballou (1 year ago)
I am very excited to see your episode of Naked and Afraid. Your episode will be the very first one I've ever seen. Since I watch SMPFilms and LiveEachDay daily, I hope you will announce ahead of time when your N&A will air so I don't miss it. It's good to see you all back together again.
Charlene Ballou (1 year ago)
Oh, and I watch Kristens channel too. I love her Millennial Moms with Chell.
Anna Ortman (1 year ago)
Welcome home Cory!  We missed you!
Caden Rolland (1 year ago)
Glad you joined the show, got your liver levels down, did well on the show, grew from it all, and came home better than you left. It was a crazy adventure but worth it, like life!!!
Angelique Rossau (1 year ago)
OMG LOOK AT SPARTA GUARDING KRISTEN!!!!!! Now how AMASING is that?! Sorry dude, it was an eyewatering moment, but Sparta distraced me, who knew he got so attached to Kristen, WOW
werewolfbitevictim (1 year ago)
But WHEN will your episode air? I was very disappointed I stayed up last night past my bedtime to see your episode and it wasn't there!
Eliot Brown (1 year ago)
I was really torn... First, I knew you'd be safe-- there's that much of a "safety net" -- they don't want people dying or being permanently damaged. BUT! Seeing what you were going through was not fun to watch. Considering that Kristen saw that too made it doubly unsettling. I did comment that you were not "out" or unconscious, you were talking and making sense. Staying awake for 4 days is getting near the danger zone of halluncinations or in combination with starvation-- perhaps physical damage. Then you turned that around. I wish you could speak more of your partner. I can imagine that you are not supposed to-- but the presence of a partner would affect your determination. Being alone is tough in a different way. I only found out rather far along in your process that she had exited at day 4. Glad you're home. Awful idea for SMPFilms... have a nice day home, playing with Chell, the cats, Kristen, then see something and wake up back in the jungle (or whatever you've got, you know...). --Too soon?
Ryan V (1 year ago)
16 dislikes?! How can that be???? This video touches the deepest feels!!
Paula Taylor (1 year ago)
"I hope she remembers me " OMG Of course she will, you are the centre of her world along with her mommy. Such a beautiful reaction. Just loved it. Xxx
MerAngel12121 (1 year ago)
Yah, I'm getting all teary eyed. What about it? : ) So glad to see you back where you are Loved and needed. Chell got her favorite person back, her Dada, her play-friend, the person that brings Adventure into her life, that makes her feel the "Live", in What It Is, to "Live Each Day", to feel "Loved". Kristen and Chell missed you soooo much. I've got to hand it to Kristen, for helping Chell be barely distracted enough, to not be heartbroken about not having you there with them. She is super capable of and a natural , I might add, at all the rigamarole that is involved in posting these vids. She is funny too. : D She handled everything in stride and made it look easy. Proud of all of you, for real. From my <3
Carol Lee (1 year ago)
I cried during your reunion with Chell..... I just loved her reaction to you being right there with her (making her so very happy)! BTW, my son is now one of your neighbors, because he just recently moved to a house in your neighborhood with some friends of his. I know because I talked to him last night. (I miss him so very much!)
Amy Lynn (1 year ago)
Do they still air it if both parties tapped out?
Zoey Hilke (1 year ago)
there are 16 people who disliked this shame on you this is the cutest thing ever and cory is home safe!
mikesmaddie (1 year ago)
Man but this made me cry. :).
RsGirl (1 year ago)
I agree too Cory, i was worried for you when you were struggling and happy you are home safe
Daniels JL (1 year ago)
So darn sweet!!

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