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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Jennifer's Body" (Feat. Ashly Perez & Brittany Ashley)

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This week on Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda realizes just how gay this movie is... While Brittany knew the whole time. Ashly is there too. Check out Ashly's social media: @itsAshlyPerez Check out Brittany's social media: @Britt27Ash Brittanyashleyfunny.com sickersadderworld.com Check out our podcast: Queer As Fiction Find it on itunes and soundcloud Soundcloud.com/GirlShipTV To support queer content, please consider donating to our patreon: Patreon.com/GirlShipTV DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT
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Text Comments (1359)
Space Monkey (6 days ago)
I HATED Jennifer's Body. My friend at the time just kept rewatching it and I thought it was dumb. I like horror movies and I didn't think it was a good horror movie. No shade if you like the movie. I think my friend kind of had a hand in ruining it for me. I should probably rewatch and see what I think now.
PAULA ANDREA (17 days ago)
Brittany's face during the kiss, she was having a boner
key Nol (19 days ago)
Amanda, ashly, and Brittany queer and smart .
Dave102693 (19 days ago)
If only there was more movies where women are killing men...🤗
cVictori (19 days ago)
4:02 Fat Chris Pratt cameo, lol
Elena Dunn (21 days ago)
"Mmm... Fruit punch"
Ashley Rose (21 days ago)
meagan fox said that jennifer is a lesbian whoop
Daishie poo57 (21 days ago)
I’m 10x gayer for Amanda Seyfried now
Elena Zennaro (27 days ago)
Rose Thorn (1 month ago)
Brittany Ashl(e)y Perez is a bad ship name, but okay
Nina Jain (1 month ago)
4:05 is that Chris Pratt?
Alba Moraes (1 month ago)
Rae Menace (1 month ago)
It felt like Britney was watching her twin
Sarah Brown (1 month ago)
Oooooh y’all should watch Chloe
Alexandra Calzada (1 month ago)
Guys : disappointed that they didnt see megan fox nake. Lesbians : cheer every time Jennifer and needy make physical contact.
Alex Solo (1 month ago)
okay, first of all I used to watch this movie so much it was concerning and I didn't quite understand why I loved it so much UNTIL THIS VIDEO SOOOOO
Green Snake (1 month ago)
oh, and (if you don't have alredy seen it) if you're out for movies with lesbian plot inside, watch the absolute masterpiece of russ myers "faster pussycat kill kill"
Green Snake (1 month ago)
lol I've just watched this movie with a friend (he's super into megan fox, like, she's his "hot" term of paragon, like you can't get hotter than her) and we watched the movie for her, the horror lore and the lesbian scene that I foresee from the beeginning, even if I know nothing about this movie before this evening... btw, the movie sucks xD you want a really scray horror movie with the theme of a beutyful young girl? watch the TOMIE sere
Harper Carroll (1 month ago)
The biggest mood is the Carol poster in the background😂
Tess Niemy (1 month ago)
Oh my god there not supposed to be gay!!!
Tierney P (1 month ago)
"Just some bestfriends making out with eachother"
Kelly Mcsweeney (2 months ago)
How stoned is B? Such a variety of snacks!
SammietheAverageGirl (2 months ago)
I watch this video at least once a month
sophia lapidus (2 months ago)
B MO (2 months ago)
I replayed 7:01 so much that is so cute
Rosé is my daddy lmao (2 months ago)
Ashly looks hot in this vid. I mean she always looks hot, but this time I kept staring at her lmao.
Merab McFarland (2 months ago)
MoonSun is real right?? Idk what it is. Just comfortable and real Ashley is just so attractive...
I would love to see you guys watch nightmare on elm street 2, it is so insanely homoerotic in parts. Yes it is male centred gay but i think it would be fun to see
Hailey Buchanan (2 months ago)
I love this movie so much
antihackergrl 31now32 (2 months ago)
You know what I like that they gave Amanda credit, it's like giving Jane brady credit over marsha, sometimes these marsha girls can be very seducing, but can she read? She killed her boyfriend, and because of that she took out a she-devil, nice work, she's not that special maybe sexual, but I liked how Amanda got the last laugh over all of them and decided to continue her journey of going after a bunch of rock stars next, that brainwashed her friend.
SammieBear27 (2 months ago)
do one with Brittany and her girl friend
N.A. Jean (3 months ago)
I think the only reason they could be so connected was when Lottle Amanda sucked the blood from little Meghan's hand. That is why she always know something is up.
Sara Wolstenholme (3 months ago)
Tea time over here but Megan Fox's career was actually ruined by the director of Transformers because she refused to do all the fucked up shit he asked her too, he basically got her blacklisted which is why you don't hear of her much anymore.
Emily Madden (3 months ago)
Please watch "Circumstance" for this channel!!!
rihanna navy (3 months ago)
This vid was awesome
Bia MB (3 months ago)
"why would you stop that" hahahhaha
KeiarahMarie (3 months ago)
Do Chloe next !!
Steel1856 (3 months ago)
when i was younger i was obsessed with this movie and now i know why. so blessed to be gay
Christian Nguyen (3 months ago)
Id greenlight a remake or a sequel of Jennifers Body in a heartbeat as a nonbinary or genderfluid pansexual author comic writer & screenwriter
Saranzaya Munkh (3 months ago)
I can't believe they didn't appreciate Megan's beauty in the scene when she came out of lake. Like whuuuhhh
A fading no one. (3 months ago)
Come here for the kiss.
Vera Chauvin (3 months ago)
I go both ways 😂
Devander Morgan (3 months ago)
This is the movie that sparked my bisexual awakening.
Claudia M (4 months ago)
I wish there was a sequl to jennifers body; where jennifer isnt really dead & needy is hunting her down
soop girl (4 months ago)
Someone please make a “every gay moment in Jennifer’s body” video
Holland Kerr (4 months ago)
Watch Mädchen in Uniform from 1931, its before the modern concept of gayness (obvs) but it still follows the 19th century definition of plutonic friendship which is really gay by todays standards. Its also a pre nazi german film, so its full of this turn of the century optimism towards comfort with homosexuality (as much as people would allow themselves to in the thirties). Its a really interresting historical moment in gayness.
NewBookSmell (4 months ago)
I watched this movie when I was 12 and knew straight up that I was gay.
NewBookSmell (2 months ago)
Or at least bi.
ALJJ Ink. (4 months ago)
This is another one of those moments when I'm like "I should of known I was gay when I watched this as a kid and never forgot it."
veronica Boykin (4 months ago)
Another good queer movie like this is all cheerleaders must die. And with Halloween coming up it'll be good.
milesandemilyrock (4 months ago)
I lowkey want Brittany and Ashly to get married just so Ashly can be Ashly Ashley.
Jenine S. (4 months ago)
Drunk lesbians watch lost girl
Agnes Volt (4 months ago)
What's the title of the song that Ashly is signing at 0:08?
Wolfsblut LP (4 months ago)
Did you watch the end scene? She goes after the band and kills all of them because they "killed" her best friend.
Phoenix (4 months ago)
You make some really transphobic comments in this video 😞
Girl Ship TV (4 months ago)
Oh yes, I remember now. Because this video was back in April we've already had conversations about those comments and have taken them out of our vocabulary on future vids. I do apologize, we definitely have no intention to hurt any part of our community, we're still learning as well.
Girl Ship TV (4 months ago)
Oh shit, where?
OneTake Blake (5 months ago)
I’m all about Amanda! I love her!!
Sparrow Flea (5 months ago)
When are you doing more carols a demon!!!
girlofthebooks (5 months ago)
I recently binged all of New Girl and in one episode Jess asks Megan Fox’ character how she is so perfectly dewy all the time. Megan responds with “I made a deal with the devil a while back”. I laughed so hard I had to pause the video 😂😂
Khadijah Frye (5 months ago)
I believe it's more the other way around- Like Jennifer was the one secretly in love with Needy. And yes, this was the most gayest non-gay horror film ever
Buzzin Boi (5 months ago)
Below her mouth is a lesbian movie but it's not very good tbh too much s*x scenes (never thought I'd say tha)
Jasmine Van Lehn (5 months ago)
#LostGirl reference ❤
Baby gazelle3190 (5 months ago)
The Native Tiger would absolutely approve
N.A. Jean (3 months ago)
Nina's Heavenly Delight is another good one
TheBlasianPC 9902 (5 months ago)
Those glasses are really working for you, Ashly. [thumbs up]
Jayla Seymour (5 months ago)
Megan Fox. ....omg....Megan Fox...i can't. ....im gay
Brenee Tucker (5 months ago)
The dislikes are homophobs
Lin Benzo (5 months ago)
hottest lesbian scene everrrrrrrr
brandelynmarie (5 months ago)
"No backsies!" 😆
MIL (6 months ago)
I remember I had my first lesbian experience with my ex bestfriend in the movie theater when this came out, I was in like 6th grade edit: wait no, this was second.. micheal myers movie was the first
radames x (6 months ago)
Inky McTaggart (6 months ago)
the transmisogyny was annoying tbh. disappointing ass terf talk in this one 🙄🙄
Xrvxncai Pasuquin (6 months ago)
Please watch Gia Carangi
Cosette Garzon (6 months ago)
“Just two best friends Making out with each other” My new theme song
Kathleen Williams (6 months ago)
Seeing as this is 1) the movie that made me realize Im gay and 2) my ALL TIME favorite movie, I LOOOVE this!!! Also ashly’s reactions were exactly what my girlfriend sounded like when I showed her this movie for the first time!
please subscribe (6 months ago)
I honestly have no idea what this movie is about😂
beatrixx on the beat (6 months ago)
ummm ashly looking like a full meal 👀
Chemical Blood (6 months ago)
I only knew about this movie because of Panic! At The Disco
Ferra Hill (6 months ago)
Does anyone watch The Bold type? There's a lesbian couple Kat and Adena , they are like CUTE couple with real couple issue.. i really want you guys to react on it 😍.. Especially with Kat exploring her sexuality
StephWorsnop (6 months ago)
Oh oh oh watch mullholand drive!!!
StephWorsnop (6 months ago)
Also you should try watch yuri anime haha
StephWorsnop (6 months ago)
And blue is the warmest color???
Jonnie Neuhart (6 months ago)
Try High Tension if you want a twisted Lesbian Horror Movie. It's French and Torture Porn but one of a kind.
Chris Palacios (6 months ago)
damn i remember my dad watching this movie like a year ago or sum. then i saw a gay scene and decided to stay and watch the rest 😂, but then my dad took it off lol
Alexis Odom (6 months ago)
I love lost girl
Kyra Brown (6 months ago)
Now I know why I love it so much...this movie was my sexual awakening. 😂😂😅🏳️‍🌈
KeeblerElf (6 months ago)
Ashley’s intro sounded like Jon Cozart
Kiki Kyami (6 months ago)
you guys should watch Chloe. its a pretty cool thriller lesbian romance movie! it has Amanda Seyfried in it as well!
Amber Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Megan Fox is so goddess
Liv Boden (6 months ago)
i didn’t realise how gay this movie is! fuck it’s hot! 😂
Shizuma Kom Skaikru (6 months ago)
I watched jennifer's body when i was in high school. I remember repeating that kiss way more than i should have. 😂
Madeleine VL (6 months ago)
Brittany is so beautiful. I love her. 😍
Crazzy9598 (7 months ago)
I should have known I was bisexual - I was obsessed with this movie when I was thirteen.
Wendaddy (7 months ago)
Emma Tamai (7 months ago)
I rewatch every dlw cyclically, the show is great I love it , and I just felt the urge to say that you three seem like the perfect homies. Also. Brittany. You a snack.
Allea Bennett (7 months ago)
To this day all my siblings will say “my tit” if they’re even slightly inconvenienced
PasaNosos (7 months ago)
I enjoy every video of Lesbians Watching. You have great taste of humour grls.
elle parsley (7 months ago)
ashley jsut looks ugghhh
Sheepymoo (7 months ago)
Jenn (7 months ago)
How am i just finding this channel? I am so happy i did - fulfills all my lesbian comedy needs. Amanda watch a movie with me please!!
Lez-bean forever (7 months ago)
i kept on saying die bitches when she killed them
Arthur Alexander (7 months ago)
Ugh. 3 of the most unattractive lesbians I have ever seen.
Laura Restrepo (7 months ago)
Why Brittany looks like Nomi from Sense8? no ofense

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