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Interior Design - Classic Bistro-Style Kitchen Packed With Storage

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Architect Gillian Green gave this small, dated kitchen an update in both form and function thanks to bistro-style finishes, smart storage options and a 250-square-foot addition. While the home was well-proportioned, the kitchen was particularly small. By expanding the kitchen into the homeowners' backyard, Gillian Green was able to give her clients the space they needed. A black and white colour palette brings cohesiveness to the newly opened space and creates a classic bistro-style feel. The white subway tile backsplash and black-and-white mosaic floor tiles, inspired by European bakeries, complement the aesthetic. Gillian added storage with a large kitchen island, along with an array of cabinets and drawers. Floor-to-ceiling metal glass doors overlook the backyard, and an oval Saarinen table complete with a curved banquette and bentwood x-back chairs provide the perfect dining space.
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Text Comments (8)
Vinny Verma (5 months ago)
This kitchen is SO huge!
sunita rajadhyaksha (1 year ago)
Liked the designer's approach
girlintheairport (1 year ago)
That kitchen is humongous and gorgeous at the same time! Love it
Janae Carter (3 years ago)
loved this! A teenage girl or young women bedroom would be great!
Yao Yao (3 years ago)
It's fabulous!
OutofControlVlogs (3 years ago)
I love the drawer behind the drawer style. So very space optimizing! I love good organization
Mermaid Kan (3 years ago)
I want bedroom deco idea........
AlexanderBe (3 years ago)
Sometimes I get the feeling, that you have a completely new home :D Amazing job! well done. i like it.

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