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Woman Who Called Police On Black Girl Selling Water To Go To Disneyland Comes Under Fire | TODAY

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A white woman in San Francisco is coming under fire on social media after a video of her calling the police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water outside her home went viral, prompting calls of racism. The girl was apparently selling water to raise money for a trip to Disneyland. The woman, who claimed the little girl did not have a permit, is now defending herself. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports. » Subscribe to TODAY: http://on.today.com/SubscribeToTODAY » Watch the latest from TODAY: http://bit.ly/LatestTODAY About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: http://on.today.com/ReadTODAY Find TODAY on Facebook: http://on.today.com/LikeTODAY Follow TODAY on Twitter: http://on.today.com/FollowTODAY Follow TODAY on Google+: http://on.today.com/PlusTODAY Follow TODAY on Instagram: http://on.today.com/InstaTODAY Follow TODAY on Pinterest: http://on.today.com/PinTODAY Woman Who Called Police On Black Girl Selling Water To Go To Disneyland Comes Under Fire | TODAY
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Text Comments (28199)
Wow racist women, will you call the cops when you saw *WHITE* girls selling waters?
Enzo Gonzales (59 minutes ago)
loadi2 (1 hour ago)
trump supporters are everywhere .She needs to be arrested for lying and making false police reports on a kid
elarna- louise antonio (2 hours ago)
Shes wondering why shes disliked yoj called on an 8 year old. When were older we learn to deal with racism because we are older and have a greater pride in ourselvs But 8 years old might as well be child abuse
Mrs Moto TV! (2 hours ago)
Lets spread some love by helping each other. I would have purchased all the water... then asked if they could keep it down. Love, guys. It's 2018. ............ It's 2018.
Aari Dula (3 hours ago)
Wow get over it and I love how she stated that the girl didnt have a permit for selling water too funny
Isaac Veyron (3 hours ago)
1:12 Mother: She callin the police on an 8 year old little girl. Mother: You can hide all you want. Mother: The whole world gonna see ya boo 😂😂😁😂😁😂 boo?
Brian Winterton (5 hours ago)
this woman and those like her need a good swift kick in the butt!!!!
Abstract MGTOW Idiot (2 hours ago)
Brian Winterton i agree... Typical miserable kunt
Mary Kennerley (5 hours ago)
'Permit Patty' 'Barbeque Betty' lol, now there is 'Cornerstone Caroline' who was filmed calling the police on a 9 year old boy she claims grabbed her skanky backside as he walked passed her (he didn't, his backpack brushed against her).These women make such fools of themselves but they never learn.
Eric Last (6 hours ago)
I dont kmow that this lady is racist but shes a rotton picking on a little girl
Trav (7 hours ago)
What about the school teachers that scammed a 10 year old autistic child out of a half million dollar oil and gas lease? I'm sure that will never make the news.
Jester TCAP (13 hours ago)
There were boys selling lemonade and someone called the cops. They were white. Some people are just a*&holes. This professional victim leftist society is too much for me.
Tatrice Flowers (13 hours ago)
These European snow ape thugs and bullies should be jailed,heavily fined for falsely reporting crimes it is sickening.
Miz Reacts (14 hours ago)
That's so funny an 8 year old that's why she lost you calling police on the baby, it don't matter what color she is she's a child & God don't like you messing with his children. I bet you she had a AC in her window that's what happens when you want to being an a******.
Nura Kosar (15 hours ago)
Not thinking 🤔
WAVYSEASONS (17 hours ago)
What kind of human is she
TheGreatBros (17 hours ago)
Excuses excuses
loochboy (18 hours ago)
She's a gross cow what a piece of trash hope she has diarrhea everyday for the rest of her life and she slips and falls in it
franco j (18 hours ago)
Really so much racism un-freakin'-believable I think this lady gets lade by a vibrator and if the vibrator can talk it would demand Justice
Rollieo Gaming (19 hours ago)
It’s not a race problem l, it’s a mental problem
Marchant2 (19 hours ago)
What can you say? Trumpism is a mental disease.
Francisco Rivero (21 hours ago)
Forget the death threats. Im more upset nobody has killed her yet.
Z31Rider (21 hours ago)
Oh my god horrible images and threats. 🎻 🎻 🎻
Grant Riley (22 hours ago)
you cry now but now you know what minorities went through
Keith Hubbard (23 hours ago)
This is what happens when you don't mind your business.
Steven Porras (23 hours ago)
Her screams of happiness were awesome.
Yelyataylor (23 hours ago)
Bbq Becky Permit Patty Cornershop Caroline i cant with y'all😭😂
The Dragon (1 day ago)
Lady, How bout you get a permit for illegally talking bout stupid crap all day?
smk11685 (1 day ago)
Lol kids mom had to bring up white privilege. No need to bring that bs up lol we see how stupid that lady is. She should go to jail for calling for a stupid reason
Avionic7779x (1 day ago)
Im sorry, do you have a PeRMiT to ride that bike? No, ok PoLIcE ThIS MaN HeRE AssULteD Me RREEEEEEEEeEeEeeeeE
Oreokookie Crazy (1 day ago)
Permit patty 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
busybody1 (1 day ago)
Anyone can see there's nothing loud about the girl selling water, but suppose she was out there screaming? There aren't any noise ordinances during the day so tough sh#$ if you're working from home, close the window !! I wonder if she's enjoying her new popularity
Shadow Phace (1 day ago)
She said she was too loud, lady you live on San Francisco. The whole city is vibrant and loud.
bernardotz (1 day ago)
The moment I saw that woman I hated her
Gio Sloth (1 day ago)
I think she is wrong but I don’t like the way the mother says “she tried use her white privlage”😕👎🏻
Jαиє (1 day ago)
Lindokuhle Ngcamu (1 day ago)
They always act like victims in these situations and start to cry.
Nya Smith (1 day ago)
Tashara Holmes (1 day ago)
This lil gurl lucky
Makiba Uboke (1 day ago)
This is a result of gentrification.
rihanna rihanns (1 day ago)
She owes that child an apology.
Krystal Mattella (1 day ago)
Do you think she would have done the same thing if the little girl was white?...She thought playing that white racist race card would still work...Like it did for a lot of white woman in the past
Alfred Crow (1 day ago)
She's disgusting pig
Simone Price (1 day ago)
But the hiding? 🤔😩 Why are you hiding? 🤣
rick Simons (1 day ago)
Mom I agree that it’s not right to persecute a young person for having the idea of earning some money through her work. I would truly hope it wasn’t a racial thing. In our home town they have a pageant every year. When kids of any race or color try to sell water, candy, lemonade...... someone always makes them stop until they get a food handler certificate, a business license and a minimum of $ 100,000 insurance policy. Needless to say this kills any entrapenurial spirit these young kids had. It’s not racial in this case I have spoken of just self serving jackasses. And they come in all colors and sizes and both sexes and ........and.........and.......
Ohh watever that girl hasn't done anything luckily she's happy all supportive baby girl
Bradley Pres (1 day ago)
Permit Patty and BBQ Becky must be sisters....
Chanyeol Is a furry (1 day ago)
“ I got death threats” Me: did you see mine?
Chanyeol Is a furry (1 day ago)
Andrew Stella (1 day ago)
Them QoS signs in your teeth is funny ,Your a mess your the lowest form of life on earth ,You hate who you marry out of fear of letting go! You think we roll over ,Your getting wiped each day ,
Nah shes queen of the watering hole😭.
Even if they did sell water with no permit that gives u no right to call the cops on the kid wtf
Trivikram Jadhav (1 day ago)
That u ppl calling free country ?
phillip james (1 day ago)
There is alot to be said for minding your own business!😒
Arthur Writesel (2 days ago)
Not crap it's racaial motivated. Its embarrassing.
Arthur Writesel (2 days ago)
Illegally selling water without a water ... Please lol. Dumb
Jason Viper (2 days ago)
hahahahaha i find it funny she plays the "victim card" yet who was the one that *called the police* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SHE DID she did it to herself
MYBCBOY (2 days ago)
She said....when its hot out ppl have they windows opens😂😂😂 man stfu lol im from ohio and when its hot the ac is on mf 😂😂
JaysWorld x3 (2 days ago)
Lol she's lame
Velvet Hernandez (2 days ago)
That what you get 🤬🤬🤬
Gaming Ghost30 (2 days ago)
Hanaya Al-hasawi (2 days ago)
“Horrible images... and death threats” THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD 😭😩😩😩
Jennifer Velasquez (2 days ago)
I was mad at ''Allison" before now I'm more mad at her cause "Jordan" wanted to go to Disney land like Wtf
Maori Tane (2 days ago)
Must be frightening getting real pornhub by email lol
Tiff C (2 days ago)
This lady is making money off this story too. She is not sorry she did this to a child, she is just sorry she got caught on camera and everybody now knows. Girl Scouts be in front every store and not everybody is scout....we don’t complain about the cookies.
LadeeDream (2 days ago)
If she thought her claim was justified she woukd not have hid
abe olurin (2 days ago)
She wants to go to Disney land and you reporting a 8 year old
Rox Riggen (2 days ago)
Typical psychopathic worker of iniquity. The devil receives her show
Drop a couple hundred pounds and the heat aint so bad
No Filter (2 days ago)
Remix: Cops break in YOUR house, shoot you, eat your BBQ and give you a ticket for not having cold enough water
OnePunch Man (2 days ago)
Selling WATER without a permit......huh?
Matthew Harrigan (2 days ago)
She deserves it
N Omar (2 days ago)
So the the little girl was louder then all that street noise?
icyjethatsme :3 (2 days ago)
OwO (2 days ago)
wanna hear what the dispatch said to her on the phone? https://youtu.be/TVzyLdNKcLQ
Red Sunshine (2 days ago)
james morgan (2 days ago)
Patty unstable
KW Entertainment (2 days ago)
Everytime she cries about the backlash an angel gets its wings.
Joe Nathan (2 days ago)
can someone pls help call the police on this woman for being stupid....please
big boy (2 days ago)
qué no sea pendeja dios mio, qué tonta son la gente de mi país
Steven Chacon (2 days ago)
Her tears bring me joy
K D (3 days ago)
michelin man neck
Ian De leon (3 days ago)
What did she expect on calling a cop on kid working and who's just trying to fulfill her dream. Did she expect to be a hero of the day bullying a kid like that. It's what she deserves being bullied back by other people for being racist. 😠 Very happy for the kid who's going to Disneyland. 👍
MobileMaster (3 days ago)
I hate racism
handlebar41 (3 days ago)
The white chick is no victim...
Raw Loke (3 days ago)
Now she wanna play the victim!😡
Caes Kissezxx (3 days ago)
Shame, dats what Chu get racist old lady
hugh nguyen (3 days ago)
Ignorance comes from all races just not white!
DEE MC (3 days ago)
Yea but not one black person calls the cops on little white girls for selling bottled water
carsAndfootball (3 days ago)
it may be a serious matter, about racism, but it's always the right thing to forgive
Krystalann (3 days ago)
No I’m sorry, but an apology can NOT do the trick 😘 god bless that little girl, safe trip ❤️
Samuel Allan (3 days ago)
That lady didn’t have to throw fists and bring white privilege into it smh
Peyton Hannon (3 days ago)
Antonia Lunarius (3 days ago)
I feel nothing for this woman. That woman’s apology shouldn’t be accepted. Calling the police on a little girl selling water is ridiculous.
Harvard Chickie (3 days ago)
Are you kidding? This dumb hoe called the cops on a little girl selling water? I hope the dumb hoe keeps crying- trying to keep a little girl from Disney. Her and Becky show become BFFs
max quinones (3 days ago)
She lives across the street from at&t I dont like the giants but thats pretty cool.
Omar Ramirez (3 days ago)
I understand that the girl was trying to raise money to go to Disneyland, and that’s nice, and I don’t mean to upset anyone when I ask “$2 for bottled water?” Seriously, isn’t bottled water normally $1? And if it is, I think “Permit Patty” could’ve accused her of “Scalping”, which, if I’m right, is hiking up the price of something for your own personal profit, and I’m pretty sure that THAT’S illegal. Again, I don’t mean to upset anyone. I understand that the little girl is just trying to raise money. I’m just bringing this up because I think my dad got scammed like that once and I didn’t call the cops because the kid was raising money for his soccer team or something.
Jamie Brown (3 days ago)
Watching her cry made my day🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I could watch that all day!
Roshanalee Flemming (4 days ago)
Beautiful kids, great entrepreneurs at a young age. This woman is pathetic shame on her for doing this to these poor kids..was calling the police necessary for 8yr olds ? You called the police on kids as if they where criminals.
Tyra M (4 days ago)
The names have me crying 😂😂😂😂😂
Begone thot

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