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Venomous sea snake washes ashore

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A Ventura County, California, surfer made a strange discovery when he stumbled upon a venomous yellow-bellied sea snake.
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Nor Cal Mentality (1 year ago)
What the fuck is he doing then
Logan DeMott (1 year ago)
Sea snake: leave me alone! I want to live here
Sun Wukung (1 year ago)
Grab the tail and fling it into the water don't touch it for any longer than you need to but don't let it die but seriously Jesus Christ don't touch anywhere near that things head it will kill you
Ibtehaj Ali (2 years ago)
Didn't survive because you kept it out of the water!
Shibby Marley (1 month ago)
They're aquatic reptiles....they breathe air...they're not fish
Brian J (2 years ago)
it breathes air dumbfuck
LIL JETTA TV (3 years ago)
The reason why he was able to get away without a scratch is because these snakes can barely open their mouths to bite somebody lol. I read an article about them. But since I'm black, I ain't fucking with none of them...
Fluffy UNICORNSS (3 years ago)
I live in oxnard I go to that beach scare
Raimee Cook (3 years ago)
First killer bees and now this? I guess Western Diamond back Rattlers just aren't enough anymore.
Mike McGlock (3 years ago)
The guy on the video.... yeah, keep touching it... yea that's what you should do to a VENOMOUS snake.
Cherp Perks (3 years ago)
Obama sunbathing on the beach again.....
We are watching the life in the ocean die before our eyes. Who can caunt the whales, seals, etc? The strange, rare fish washing ashore. But if say Fukushima and Fuktonium (FU) are to blame, that's an error, a coincidence.
(3 years ago)
Does this snake have anything to do with the southern slang 'Yellow belly'?
(3 years ago)
Does this snake have anything to do with the southern slang 'Yellow belly'?
Raimaels Mag (3 years ago)
I dont get it. WTF does Fernando Torres has to do with any of this?
Rogelio Caranyagan Jr. (3 years ago)
it should have been alive if they let the snake swam back to the sea... 😕😕😕
Psy Lee (3 years ago)
Send a cat to it
jimmy jon (3 years ago)
this is really goodnews. the whole world should know about this
hey....build a wall to keep out poison snakes!
RussiaNukesAmerica3 (3 years ago)
If the snake is venomous why is the cracker molesting it ? Most snakes bite when taunted, even of the non-venomous variety.
pierce (3 years ago)
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TONG PO PYRO (3 years ago)
lol, it has some of the most poisonous venom in the world, and the idiot in the video is handling it like it's some harmless garter snake
TheEggburglar (2 years ago)
This snake isn't very deadly for a human it is super docile and probably wouldn't release venom into humans
Cheski (3 years ago)
Fake crisis animals! Eye witnesses saw the snake swimming off a beach in Hawaii the next day. Liberal global warming hoax. #tinfoil
TheStrawbeery (3 years ago)
+Mongo Local780 Nah this is just the beginning of the end for California this is a ominous sign.
Kron Hertz (3 years ago)
Camera man wants to win the Darwin award. He's asking to be bitten.
TheEggburglar (2 years ago)
This snake is very docile and if it des bit him it probably wouldn't release his venom. The bad part is he is Harassing the snake
+Kron Hertz lol
צאַר האָלי (3 years ago)
Leave the poor thing alone, you could clearly see he's exhausted. That surfer should get sued.
Taseen Khan (3 years ago)
Wow, I hate snakes, but when I read the last statement, I got real sad.
Flash Headlines (3 years ago)
+Taseen Khan Hmm..Even I don't like snakes or say may be I'm afraid of them..
That Fishscale (3 years ago)
I bet that snake came out of Hillary's ass
Arctic Tofu (3 years ago)
Don't insult the poor creature, you rude fuck. Have some respect for the deceased.
Takehiko Mori (3 years ago)
That snake looks calm & even a bit friendly. To be honest, I love snakes but I don't want to touch them because they may bite me.
Bernard M (3 years ago)
''Pro Bernie supporters copy this and repaste in every video CNN has!!'' The last piece of credibility you had was lost after the Democratic debate, did you really think people would miss that Bernie won every debate poll out there, even your but still somehow you claim that Hillary won, based on what, who's opinion, yours?It certainly was not your viewers, all 15million of them. Your ''news'' channel is becoming a well known propaganda channel, just like FOX, you decide if that is a good thing...
didyoulisiten (3 years ago)
+Bernard M Root for the troops has nothing to do with it. The Constitution says that is the first and main job of the Federal Government. Just that simply.
Bernard M (3 years ago)
+didyoulisiten Hehe i see it makes more sense for you to root for the troops with all the televised wars, i see we have no common ground and in my opinion your statement was lacking common sense but sure, we disagree...
didyoulisiten (3 years ago)
+Bernard M Let me see. Local property taxes go for schools, roads, police and fire protection. Federal taxes should be used for what the Federal Governments first and ONLY job is, protection of the homelands, not goddamn research grants to find out why lesbian relationships don't last very long or why pig shit stinks.
Bernard M (3 years ago)
+didyoulisiten Of course it's tax payed, that is what i've been saying all this time, what the hell are you paying taxes for now? You get nothing, what is so scary about using those taxes and getting education and healthcare instead... 
chingon711 (3 years ago)
venomous just like donald chump.
CastrejonHDTV (3 years ago)
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CastrejonHDTV (3 years ago)
Chingon wey
David Rook (3 years ago)
+chingon711   But even more dangerous is slithery Hillary.
chingon711 (3 years ago)
+windinhishare you shore are ignert bubba!
Hola ^_^
Mike McGlock (3 years ago)
+Francis Kaled De La A Perero Speak English
Aaron (3 years ago)
Goodbye. Trump 2016

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