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बांग्लादेश का तोहफा, भारत के लिए / Bangladesh opened there seaports for India

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Bangladesh has given a big gift to India. On Monday, the Bangladesh Cabinet decided that India would now be able to use two major ports- Chitgaon and Mongla. Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiullah said, while giving information to the media about the decision, according to the proposed draft, this agreement is for 5 years which can be repeated for another 5 years. To eliminate this agreement, one of the two parties has to give 6 months notice. After this agreement, India will now be able to supply goods in the north-eastern states of the country in a short span of time using Bangladeshi ports. Although the Government of Bangladesh has told India that to get this facility, it will have to accept the Global Rules of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT). Besides, Bangladeshi laws must also be followed for supply of goods. After this agreement, the Bangladesh tax authorities will take the bonds of duty and tax from Indian companies, while the fees and the amount of transportation will have to follow the GATT rules. visit - WWW.TTNNEWS.IN please subscribe for more latest updates.. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. WATCH FULL REPORT ... LIKE .. SHARE ...&. SUBSCRIBE like us on facebook by clicking - https://www.facebook.com/ttnnews/ BE UPDATED WITH LATEST BEST NEWS #ttnnews #news
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Text Comments (53)
B.S. B (5 months ago)
Agr Bangladesh nhi deta to Myanmar de rha tha.. Bangladesh nhi cahta ki India Myanmar k close ho.
Thaman Poon (6 months ago)
Sale ....nepal le china ko use garda ....india lae doka diyo vanes....aile Bangladesh ko use gardae xas??? Tah haru k banne....dont show ur attitudes coz we r ur backbone which u cant c....just feel
Gulzar Ul Hoque (6 months ago)
Go India go back
Suman Karmakar (6 months ago)
Thanks Bangladesh Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
Tuklu Roy (6 months ago)
Bangladesh hamara sabse bara mittro hain,,,,I love my India ,,
Daneshwari Hammond (6 months ago)
Indian Muslims now fear no coming back into Hindu fold. Because they fear no liar molana threats, that;" this is against our mazab and that you can't come back into Islam" . Indian Muslims know, that bhartiya are in wait to accept them , as well take them back into Hindu fold. So they fear not for uttering prarthna, or entering temples, and even bowing down to devta idols. They are now fearless. No more Islamic Arabs pressure on their head.
pulkit verma (6 months ago)
India already had many ports, what's new about it??
Mohammad amir (6 months ago)
Bangladesh is a bastard country
indian warrior (6 months ago)
Nic....Jai Hindi 🇮🇳 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Muhammad Ashiq (6 months ago)
Jese Afghanistan men beth k India Pakistan men Terrorism krwa raha he bilkul isi trah ab India Bangladesh men Terrorism Export kre ga, India ka Afghanistan men ane ka muqsad kia Afghani Ppls ki help krni thi No No No, Ye Hindu Banya ksi Muslim Country ka kabhi b dost nahi ho sakta, India ka Afghanistan ur Iran men investment ka 1 hi muqsad tha ur wo tha "Pakistan ko Destabilize krna" but India ki is sari investment ka kia hua? India ki Afghanistan ur Iran men ki hui investment waste ho rahi he kyun k Pak Army ne Pak Afghan Open Border ki Fencing start ki hui he ur Fencing Complete hote hi India ki Cross Border Terrorism ur Huge Investment khatam ho jai gi, America Iran pe Sactions impose kr raha he American Sactions k thru Chahbahar Port ek Wasted Garbage ban jai gi so India ki Pakistan ko Western Border se Tease krne ki policy ab almost apne akhri din gin rahi he. Pak Army ISI Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad.
Pandey Ranjay (6 months ago)
And above all act like a normal country and normal citizen
Pandey Ranjay (6 months ago)
Apne Bujurg se pata karo ki india ne Afghanistan me Bamiyan district me kitna bara iron ore mines acquire kiye hue hai
Pandey Ranjay (6 months ago)
Pahle Jano Ko india ke oil company ONGC ka kitna Bara oil aur gas reserve hai.Farjad-B block me
Pandey Ranjay (6 months ago)
Muhammad Ashiq Ek to tum apne 3rd grade text book Ko jalo dalo. Wahi 3rd grade book tum logo Ko backward rakhe hue hai
twentyfirst century ♾ (6 months ago)
bangladesh be careful...india is not a trustworthy country..so many criminals live in india..in the name of using seaport they may do smugglings,rapes and crimes...they might also transfer various diseases,virus and infection ...becareful..
Manjusha Deshmukh (6 months ago)
nepal bhi koi dudh ka dhula nahi hai agar india se food aur kaam band ksr diya jaye to bhukhe marenge nepali
Mithlesh Pal (6 months ago)
You bloody idiots all come to India for jobs and migration without any visa and still blame India. Why don't you go to China and Pakistan to study and for migration. Why Bangladeshi infiltrators keep coming in India.
rohit gosavi (6 months ago)
Hahahaha 1971 was the best
Sabab Gharde (6 months ago)
+twentyfirst century ♾ saram nahi ati hamare Des ko badanam karate ho
Sambhu Choudhary (6 months ago)
Great news
Welton Zmt (6 months ago)
Northeast India mai maal lane keliye Bangladesh road ka jaroorat nahi hai hamara india desh ka driver berusgar Hoga Bangladesh india forces Jawan ke khun se bana tha Bangladesh india forces ku bangladesh ke lug respect nahi kya hai bangladesh mai india forces veer Jawan ke koi bi Nisan nahi hai bangladesh future mai india ka dusman Hoga bangladesh ku phir se Pakistan kaabja Kar Lena chahiye hai
Bhim Singh (6 months ago)
Very good gestures by Bangladesh, thank you Bangladesh.
Digvijay Singh Rathore (6 months ago)
Long live india Bangladesh friendship
F C (6 months ago)
happy birthday sheikh hashina mam 28 sept.🎈🎈🎂🌷🎈🎈
Susan shing (6 months ago)
Bangladesh and China good frnd all word know. India Ko gaad marega Pakistan. china . Russia.maldip srilagka. Thailand..Nepal.bhutan. philippines..astrelia..maymar.. use. all country.. people want kill India people.
Amrita Bakshi (6 months ago)
Now Bangladesh will also grow....good...
Abhishek Sharma (6 months ago)
Amrita Bakshi kuch bhi
Pratik Gupta (6 months ago)
India Bangladesh will be always friend.
Nirmal Thapa (6 months ago)
Deta nahihe sala ghatiya chutiya modiya sala khudse xota deshko barbat kartahe lutke chaltahe haramkhor
Raj NeGii (6 months ago)
me bi himachal s hun ku comedy show krte ho yhn bi Tum sb bs ladai krte rhte ho aps me bina baat k Jo bi indians h thoda to smjdaar bno yr aps me lad lete ho fir k log dekh k has lete h fir Tum sb moka dete ho apni bjti krni ki
Karan Khatri (6 months ago)
+pemba lama hahah your neighboring biharis are equally dark and ugly like you flat nosed pig 🤣🤣🤣. We himachalis are the smart looking breed you citizen of a collapsed begging nation!
pemba lama (6 months ago)
+Karan Khatri karma showed who's the real monkey ,your the black dirty begger asshole who wants my shit 😁
pemba lama (6 months ago)
+Karan Khatri ham Kam karkey khata , Tu vikh mag key khata
Karan Khatri (6 months ago)
+pemba lama you monkeys need to evolve. I am a himachali we are taller fairer and smarter than you yellow monkeys
Nirmal Thapa (6 months ago)
maki yasika taisi banake chalrahahe madarchot modhiya
Shuraj Lakda (6 months ago)
sala chaina ka paltu kutte tum logon ka hall bhi porkion jaise hoga agar tum nahi sudhre to ,tumlog sale bhikhario chaina ne tum logon ko aarthik madad karke tum logon ko gulam bana raha hai jaise Pakistan,maaldeep ,sree Lanka aadi mulkon ki aachhi se gaad mari hai.
Dhruba Nath (6 months ago)
This is Indian power

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