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R. Kelly - Playa's Only ft. The Game

8231 ratings | 1059452 views
Music video by R. Kelly performing Playa's Only. (C) 2005 Zomba Recording LLC http://vevo.ly/DTLfB5
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Text Comments (411)
slimdeala4life (2 days ago)
I hope yall got your players cards... cuz yall aint getting in 0:04
Danny.Dazzles (2 days ago)
just came across this song after totally forgetting about it! I loved it so much when I was younger! *downloading it quickly before R.Kelly gets muted*
Eric Mwango (6 days ago)
Fire 🔥
WhaChuWan (8 days ago)
Dont go peeing on her
Cocoa Femme (8 days ago)
6/7/19. Party time.....SOLO!!
Weechokills420 (10 days ago)
lol game hit a lick with this verse
queen Bitch Alvarez (19 days ago)
Pau Gasolina (23 days ago)
idc if he raped little kids HE IS DA KING OF RNB
killa khalid (24 days ago)
One of the most underrated song back in days
Levi Lutchmansingh (25 days ago)
Feel like 106 & Park 2019 🔥
Eric Mwango (26 days ago)
2019 Fire Baby!! Kell's and the G.A.M.E, haters eat a #DICK!!
Mara Botsinyan (27 days ago)
meatyhotpockets (28 days ago)
Still popping in 2019!!
mexia23 (28 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this shit was hard
Derrick McTerry (29 days ago)
Kells you the best
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
I grew up in the intercity of new Jersey had a hard life I love r Kelly i seen what he been threw with i pray 4 him all the time 😍😍😍
Hope Burks (1 month ago)
Game good in what do, God bless his heart
Hope Burks (1 month ago)
R Kelly going to always be number one 2019 forever, God bless his heart
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Hope Burks yes he is I love him! those women all thought they were going 2 marry him! not!😅😄😁😁😀😃😃they crazy
Runny kadjidja (1 month ago)
chris_brown_ #CMB (1 month ago)
Nostalgia 👌👏👏👏👏
Inferno (1 month ago)
Haven't heard this song in ages love it.
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Inferno me 2 !!😅😄😂😁😀😍😍
Marthe Nlend (1 month ago)
There is only one Kelly
Hope Burks (1 month ago)
Dam R Kelly handsome gentalman, praying for you brother
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Hope Burks I know rite me 2 ! 😅😄😁😀😃😃
Hope Burks (1 month ago)
I didn't listen to this song for years, R Kelly, Game sounding good breaking down.
Kathy L (1 month ago)
Sa xxss
Laverdiere Mani (1 month ago)
T'es le meilleur r. Kelly impossible de te mute. Depuis le Cameroun
T Streeter (2 months ago)
Well if they gave Game a card, I know I can get one.
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
T Streeter u a player!!every woman nitemare !!😅😄😄😂😀😀😃
Drama Lady (2 months ago)
Ohh sooo alt ...erinnerung nur Du und Ich auf der Tanzfläche ..wir waren einfach highlight....sonic/vloto zeit...😎😆
Bryan Fury (2 months ago)
Just playas get to the Dark Room Baby
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Bryan Fury thank you
Bryan Fury (1 month ago)
@Paulette Little Im sorry :D
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Bryan Fury u need 2 stop!!😅😄😂😁😀😃😃
Nina Mitchell (2 months ago)
Hey kills I believe you did not do that I believe that you are a good person and did you respect women
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
Nina Mitchell those women all want 2b the next mrs r Kelly!!😅😄😁😀😃😃 it ain't going 2 happen! hot tail young whores! it is what it is! pray 4 r Kelly
Troy Crith ll (2 months ago)
God bless me 🙏🥋😍🏺
Troy Crith ll (2 months ago)
Yeah I want to come out there on the boat with my ninjas
Troy Crith ll (2 months ago)
It's me the game is that a violation yes it is pay me all his money r kellz
Richie Pickett (2 months ago)
Kellz 2019 ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Jo Mannish. (2 months ago)
Issa Chi Town playa and we keeping him........ If they touch Kells, we're burning the City down, on Goddddddd👿✔💯🎧🎧🎛🎚📀💿No🎓
KC 2660 (2 months ago)
Yeah, do that! My Kelz for life
MarQ D (2 months ago)
Still Streamin in 2019 although R.Kelly was a well known Pedo for decades and not just in 2019.
s c (2 months ago)
Love this so much
Edgar Cardenas (2 months ago)
$#$#$# NASA SB CA 805 ER
Angel 1908 (2 months ago)
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 fire
Jcole23 (2 months ago)
Game recycling lyrics as usual
Streamer Minion (3 months ago)
Is The Game a Crip or Blood?
Leroy Williams (2 months ago)
Piru Bloods gang wearing blue because of the video
BLaziiN Aztec (3 months ago)
That nikka game used the same lyrics from how we do it wtf??
ilies boughaddou (3 months ago)
This Guy has problems 😱
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
ilies boughaddou we all do
Mirkhord Ali Jan (3 months ago)
Regardless what he is going through or done in the past but music says nothing about his personality 💯
the mvp of hotdogs (3 months ago)
Those girls might be a little old for him
Aj Richards (3 months ago)
Well to be fair, the music video was shot 14 years ago and the women featured were mostly in their early 20's.
new philmz (3 months ago)
Quit hatin' on a playa
R Tripp (3 months ago)
Not even a million views in over a year? Maybe this one's not as popular as it once was
Z (3 months ago)
How is kells not a victim of the music industry just like so many other artists are. You can blame him all day long and possibly convict him of these crimes but this won’t do anything but make the real criminals that much stronger.
Abdirahman Abdulkadir (3 months ago)
I hope you ll got your player card ak47
Trolling Vita (3 months ago)
Wait the game was CRIP or BLOOD at this time
new philmz (3 months ago)
Blood, but nobody was trippin over colors anymore. Snoop wore all red in his videos too. It's not 1990 anymore
Trolling Vita (3 months ago)
The man have style
Olema Roce (3 months ago)
ecosby100 (3 months ago)
To bad r kelly likes to pee on are children
FrCrB Da real (3 months ago)
**cellmates only**
Skoogie Magoo (3 months ago)
This spook loves to get into the panties of little girls, he's a fu**ing PEDOFILE!
şukk kuşş (4 months ago)
Janaika Richardson (4 months ago)
I learned this 5th grade and still remember the words
Tim Luc (4 months ago)
Badreddine Kells (4 months ago)
Tim Barnes (4 months ago)
Think that's the most Blue I've ever seen Game wear. lol
Khalid A (4 months ago)
So a perv like you is also not welcome R ?
ilies boughaddou (4 months ago)
Je m'en lasse jamais de ces voyous
JJ GOLDESH (4 months ago)
r kelly da best
Emily Bases (4 months ago)
Fredrick Odhiambo (4 months ago)
Lots of thanks to this surviving R Kelly thing. Day by day I am rediscovering Kells' hits I long forgot about
MRS BREAZY (4 months ago)
Fredrick Odhiambo they’re dumb ash you can just look at him and see this is old
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
god I don't see no niggas but they on that boat
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
Kendra what they going do when u close all this shitt and nobody don't know shit
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
Eddie long they going hate on him watch my golden child and she has a lovely soul
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
I was dreaming of a Latin chic
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
god I like the lady in red and gold
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
just ladies I don't know
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
he got a golf outfit on
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
they where telling the film where he was and he was going inside the boat yea
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
Kendra get all there accounts I mean take that shitt
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
they mad cause he didn't charged but he didn't do it
Lakendra Jones (4 months ago)
I don't see no cell phones
FrCrB Da real (4 months ago)
Cell phones were used to call and texting at that time
tavia141 (4 months ago)
I love me some Kell's
Anna Jordan (4 months ago)
girl at 0:26 in the middle is sexy
darkskinned chic (4 months ago)
Petrus Delassio (4 months ago)
Ricardo Gordon (4 months ago)
R.Kelly the Pimp lol
Pacc Mann (4 months ago)
Thats not what they say NOW when you say, R. Kelly....
Nemo Ehsani (4 months ago)
pep061775 (4 months ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 this shit still bangs
AC Slater (4 months ago)
Pedophile peeman and male stripper=🔥
Harls Lee (4 months ago)
See You Hell
Anderson Dot (5 months ago)
More like 'PEDOPHILES' only!
AB CD (5 months ago)
1:55 💀💀💀
jojo takeoff (5 months ago)
Pervert ft L.A stripper thats a weird collab 🤣😂
Terrill Rickmon (5 months ago)
I’m here watching the documentary...this dude is disgusting 🤢🤬😡🤮
nandor (5 months ago)
Erica Bullock (5 months ago)
106&park Days
Cavarious Avery (5 months ago)
I hella remember hearing this
Cavarious Avery (5 months ago)
I was 6
keamaoli (5 months ago)
2019...rkellly babyyyyy
Problems (5 months ago)
Does the game only know one verse? Because all of his songs sound the same, well most of them.
Sezer Kocak (3 months ago)
listen game's album and then you can say something
Typhoo Mantis (5 months ago)
Rkelly G.O.A.T
FrCrB Da real (4 months ago)
🎤🎵 *children only* 🎵🎤
kamsandhu85 (5 months ago)
R kelly the goat 2 many hits
Leroy Williams (3 months ago)
Oh yes sir
dodoshlodo (3 months ago)
greatest pedo of all time
mitchell wood (5 months ago)
he might like to do little girls but DAMN THIS TALENTED NEGRO CAN SING.
Katherine Boccuti (5 months ago)
I still remember the dance my gfs n I made up to this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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