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R. Kelly - Playa's Only ft. The Game

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Music video by R. Kelly performing Playa's Only. (C) 2005 Zomba Recording LLC http://vevo.ly/DTLfB5
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Text Comments (218)
Gio Karate (5 days ago)
I came here because I wanted to hear music of Los Panchos.  What happened here???
vegetai123 (7 days ago)
Lucas Bicske (8 days ago)
Scott Storch!!
oliverrando (11 days ago)
man i never knew like r kelly did a song with game but this song is ok
Quenten Philip (13 days ago)
Don’t Hate The Player 🤣🤣
X X (23 days ago)
Mahmoud Abozied (25 days ago)
is like Shakira the orange t0shirt girl
Jon Davis (29 days ago)
Someone tell me this song doesn’t destroy any singing song by Drake
Perfect 10 Perfect 10 (1 month ago)
Nothing and everything (1 month ago)
Song older, than most of lil pump's fans haha
sayd five (2 months ago)
When the game still had inspiration for good music
Tremain Worrell (22 days ago)
Kellz & The Game are blazing it in the video for the summer 😎☀️🌳🔥💦🚤🛳🌊
Juraj Brandobur (2 months ago)
peeiers only, why pee on you honey, peeirs only, small kids are lovely
Neptunfalls (3 months ago)
Im a Player and you? 😎👌
Garrett Reaves (3 months ago)
this shit fire
Rockstar R (3 months ago)
R Kelly is a legend
Young Don (3 months ago)
The game same lyrics in this is how we do
Ezra Kimutai (3 months ago)
The 2000's when music was real!
Ramzi Takidine (3 months ago)
Kel we don't know where you from hihihi we simple african hip hop knuckelheads!!! wu-tang mf
E.T guwop (3 months ago)
E. T
Chadd Smith (4 months ago)
A pervert and a legend at the same Damn time
Terrance McNair (4 months ago)
2018?? Kellz my dude Can't help but love good music.
Kaleem Akbar (4 months ago)
R Kelly Is A Child Groomer Dirty Sick Bastard
Thiago Diego (4 months ago)
Som do Caray brother
Soufyan Mohamed (4 months ago)
Old school music always sounds good can’t stop listen to this song I enjoy it every time I play
Official Che-d K. (4 months ago)
Damn mane this was high school days. Kellz will forever be the 🐐. #ChiTownLegend
Souly (4 months ago)
This shit bangs. 2018!
Duma (4 months ago)
everytime i search for this song there is a newer version ! wtf
robin Schäfer (4 months ago)
2018 still best Song
r kelly ft the game good mc sincèrely and good sound sincèrely chao
fab0 (4 months ago)
scott stroch truly kills the game...
Michael Nwobu (4 months ago)
jozef vano (4 months ago)
Sava 😎
vv vn (5 months ago)
only the beat is fire🔥🔥 game verse is wack
The Music Box (5 months ago)
I have to admit that I am a bit too addicted to your compositions. I know that I am supposed to be working on my own songs. Although I keep spending all of my time here. :-O 🖤
gaming with losky (5 months ago)
Rkelly the fucking mj of r&b music goat.
Home Care (5 months ago)
Nice song but Rotten in pinis
Home Care (5 months ago)
Sick but rich When Will R.kelly stop spreading herpes gonorrhea
Dj Teco (5 months ago)
2018 ... new
Thiago Barbosa (5 months ago)
Eu era apaixonado por essa mina de biquíni azul e branco💙💙💙
504BoyLuisLopez (5 months ago)
Remember when this was on Making The Video?
swifty 1998 (5 months ago)
1:38-2:14 lines of gems song this is how we do???
swifty 1998 (5 months ago)
games song*
Mars' Hand (6 months ago)
This would be more realistic if the girls were much younger
Diks Official 01 (6 months ago)
Gileno Gileno (6 months ago)
Quem dorme sonha e quem acorda realiza
DJ Liam G (6 months ago)
Angelica Sosa (6 months ago)
See y'all new kids wouldn't know bout this music tho💯 haven't heard this since 5th grade lol
Thin White Duke (6 months ago)
why would anyone mute this? it sounds great.
evalina bakker (6 months ago)
fav song
come on nice old school Etiopia i love this bumping
The One and Only RPG (7 months ago)
Banned from Spotify now...
Milos Novitovic (7 months ago)
Best days of Rnb music . EPIC BEATS
Clifton Toney (7 months ago)
Classic music
Russell Mills (7 months ago)
I like this song R. Kelly and Game got busy on this track and the beat is crazy, what happened to the music of today. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell mills may 22, 2017 and watch and leave a like or a comment or subscribe.
Deshawn Jones (7 months ago)
New!!?Where you been locked up or a third world country js✌🏿
Truth Seeker (6 months ago)
Deshawn Jones LOL
Richard Leborgne (7 months ago)
Lamar the star (7 months ago)
This song is still 🔥🔥🔥🔥
TheAncient Tribalia (7 months ago)
i am here only because of car on 02:47!! because its made in my country lol :D Zoragy 4life!!!!
Sylvia Tina (7 months ago)
R Kelly is a genie I call him in His first video" My body s calling" your wish is my command. I coming to save the day...7 genies came to a need the color purple jedis. ... Father of black music ( Bobby br own) ( ARK Kelly) Nigga it's more than 7 blk genies.......which one my husband? White men said we don't always get to marry our genie. I'm marrying mine! Tyrese, The r ock! He can't sing! Sylvia was a genie TrUMP!
Darnell Caston (7 months ago)
Game wearing A Lot of blue smh
Kovalef Kova (8 months ago)
Yeahh..thos man and y music chit is good BECAUSE give ritmo and love to ALL woman in this 🌎 world teahhh..goodddd..give love babe y body is music ..yeah Rkelly y are the hest music love..move slow baby y are life yeahh..
Kenneth's Videos (8 months ago)
R Kelly need to come out with some new music it's been years man where he at I mean look at Tpain he still in the game nappy boy.
Nicky Leusink (8 months ago)
i thought the lyrics from the game sound almost the same as the song called how we do it from his debut album featuring 50 cent
Andrew's Picks (8 months ago)
Fantastic upload. Keep up the fantastic work! It pushes me to work harder on my own.
Killa Skrilla (8 months ago)
Hold up, aint tha game posed to be a hardcore blood? these niggas transformers lol #bustasindisguise
big Zini (8 months ago)
Why is game wearing blue tho
Michaelveli9 (7 months ago)
big Zini because he a wanna be gangsta
Andy Stevenson (8 months ago)
Storch’s Benz at the end
Brigite Prado (8 months ago)
Simplesmente o melhor para ouvir e dançar 😊
Martijn H (9 months ago)
I Just want to say fuck the game
RegTarg011 (9 months ago)
Pissers Only
Why You Trippin' Deebo (6 months ago)
RegTarg011 🤣🤣🤣
Christian Hoffmann (9 months ago)
Still great in 2018 😎!
Pobre Corazon (9 months ago)
gugugu gugugu
makavelimakn (9 months ago)
Back when you came home to catch this on rap city and 106 and park
Unique Records (9 months ago)
vlad andre (4 months ago)
Scott storch with cocaine in system
DJ Liam G (6 months ago)
braim tv (6 months ago)
Unique Records only few know abt this 😒
gta153 (9 months ago)
If there's was no Cut, then it was one of my Favourite Videos.
On Vacation (9 months ago)
Game is fake af wearing blue like a little bitch
God (9 months ago)
Only here for The Game and Scott Storch to be honest.
God (9 months ago)
R Kelly just alitle bit late uploading just llast year lol
Carlos Kerr (9 months ago)
Jay Poe (9 months ago)
Ninaz Poupé (10 months ago)
Top 2018
Paulo Djampou (10 months ago)
Delvin Seibeb (10 months ago)
"Kells, The King of RnB"..I got luv 4 U Homes..
Bojan Djuric (10 months ago)
The ZORAGGY car is made from my neighbour from Serbia in Ljig Auto ZORAGGY je naprravio moj komsija iz Srbije iz Ljiga
John F. Kenndy (10 months ago)
2018 😎😎
Ashton Guthrie (10 months ago)
Love it
kexada 31 (10 months ago)
Big Stud Muffin (10 months ago)
Even tho this came out years ago , This still My " new" theme song 😎😏🎧🎹🎶🎼🎵🎼📻👍
king spiky (10 months ago)
Old is gold
Manuela Alves (11 months ago)
top muito legal
Dominic Cropper (11 months ago)
Forgot game was on here but this old
Konnan Colbert (11 months ago)
Princess Diana Chinese America I got that John cannon inheritance downtown suppose to have a unit cta let them play MasterCard games
Konnan Colbert (11 months ago)
Bring them to me right now
Konnan Colbert (11 months ago)
King Israel Stacy twenty bags cocaine
Konnan Colbert (11 months ago)
Six hundred United States lyrics Microsoft word even eye service vibration
Konnan Colbert (11 months ago)
Fiscal Kelly cheated this eye service reserve or YouTube did they lied about immediate concert even GameStop, I hate that this man wants to be in middle of my trade cocaine even words phone calls , that's robbery not only that the area code Jamel Benton isn't my name it's my address box
Alsi Mergan (11 months ago)
Sheep Dog (11 months ago)
I love this one.
Ayanda Jimmy (11 months ago)
Kellz the maestro

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