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R. Kelly - Playa's Only ft. The Game

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Music video by R. Kelly performing Playa's Only. (C) 2005 Zomba Recording LLC http://vevo.ly/DTLfB5
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Text Comments (322)
şukk kuşş (3 days ago)
Islandah Yardieee (9 days ago)
I learned this 5th grade and still remember the words
Tim Luc (10 days ago)
Badreddine Kells (2 days ago)
Tim Barnes (16 days ago)
Think that's the most Blue I've ever seen Game wear. lol
Khalid A (19 days ago)
So a perv like you is also not welcome R ?
ilies boughaddou (20 days ago)
Je m'en lasse jamais de ces voyous
JJ GOLDESH (21 days ago)
r kelly da best
Emily Bases (23 days ago)
Charles Williams (23 days ago)
Fredrick Odhiambo (24 days ago)
Lots of thanks to this surviving R Kelly thing. Day by day I am rediscovering Kells' hits I long forgot about
MRS BREAZY (6 days ago)
Fredrick Odhiambo they’re dumb ash you can just look at him and see this is old
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
god I don't see no niggas but they on that boat
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
Kendra what they going do when u close all this shitt and nobody don't know shit
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
Eddie long they going hate on him watch my golden child and she has a lovely soul
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
I was dreaming of a Latin chic
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
god I like the lady in red and gold
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
just ladies I don't know
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
he got a golf outfit on
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
they where telling the film where he was and he was going inside the boat yea
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
Kendra get all there accounts I mean take that shitt
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
they mad cause he didn't charged but he didn't do it
Lakendra Jones (25 days ago)
I don't see no cell phones
FrCrB Da real (17 days ago)
Cell phones were used to call and texting at that time
Big Country 88 (26 days ago)
'Peados only' haha
tavia141 (27 days ago)
I love me some Kell's
Anna Jordan (27 days ago)
girl at 0:26 in the middle is sexy
darkskinned chic (28 days ago)
Petrus Delassio (28 days ago)
Ricardo Gordon (29 days ago)
R.Kelly the Pimp lol
Pacc Mann (29 days ago)
Thats not what they say NOW when you say, R. Kelly....
Nemo Ehsani (30 days ago)
pep061775 (30 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 this shit still bangs
AC Slater (1 month ago)
Pedophile peeman and male stripper=🔥
Harls Lee (1 month ago)
See You Hell
Anderson Dot (1 month ago)
More like 'PEDOPHILES' only!
YG Luciano (1 month ago)
1:55 💀💀💀
jojo takeoff (1 month ago)
Pervert ft L.A stripper thats a weird collab 🤣😂
Terrill Rickmon (1 month ago)
I’m here watching the documentary...this dude is disgusting 🤢🤬😡🤮
nandor (1 month ago)
Jordan Feeney (1 month ago)
Idgaf im still supporting the pied piper in 2019 whos with me.
Secular Humanist (9 days ago)
Jordan Feeney ... The pied piper 😭 you do realise the pied piper story is that he played a pipe and it made all the kids of the town follow him 😂
marcel chalobah (11 days ago)
musically yes
oyster68000 (14 days ago)
DonnyG DonnyG (20 days ago)
+Eastrr McDaniel that's cause your mom didnt raise you right scum kelly, I just hope 1 of your female relatives gets touched then we will see if you will sing along with him after all the allegations
Cutie Gonzalez (24 days ago)
Eastrr McDaniel Was 💯
Erica Bullock (1 month ago)
106&park Days
Cavarious Avery (1 month ago)
I hella remember hearing this
Cavarious Avery (1 month ago)
I was 6
keamaoli (1 month ago)
2019...rkellly babyyyyy
Problems (1 month ago)
Does the game only know one verse? Because all of his songs sound the same, well most of them.
Typhoo Mantis (1 month ago)
Rkelly G.O.A.T
FrCrB Da real (24 days ago)
🎤🎵 *children only* 🎵🎤
kamsandhu85 (1 month ago)
R kelly the goat 2 many hits
mitchell wood (1 month ago)
he might like to do little girls but DAMN THIS TALENTED NEGRO CAN SING.
bri ree (1 month ago)
I still remember the dance my gfs n I made up to this 😂😂😂😂😂😂
maria jesus montenegro (1 month ago)
I love his song!
Brian (1 month ago)
Summer 2005
Zaghloul Mbamba (1 month ago)
trustnone ebkk (1 month ago)
2019 🔥
+trustnone ebkk k c kill crips
trustnone ebkk (30 days ago)
But i neva seen a blood wear so much bluee doee
trustnone ebkk (1 month ago)
+sport national you funny 😂
sport national (1 month ago)
#mutetrustnoneebkk for useless coment!
Abubaker Machatha (1 month ago)
Snoop should give up his pimp status to kellz. realest Pimp ever.
young city (1 month ago)
Kelly found her in the slumes lol game knew
The girl at the 2 minute mark looks young asf. Kells probably found her in the slums...
Pause at the 2min mark....she look young asf. She got up quick to acknowledge him then he walked passed her with other girls and she went back to chilling not looking at anyone else (just like they allege in Surviving R.Kelly). That's questionable considering he makes songs about "the girls". The girl braiding his hair in the song "I Wish" was also one of the girls. It's so creepy. Yes his music is good but his character sucks.
F And (1 month ago)
Game likes little girls too. I remember that teenager he left his wife for
James Jones (1 month ago)
HURSHGS (1 month ago)
why game recycle that?
Claudio Dio (1 month ago)
I hope y'all got your Paedo card
illusive_nezzy88 (1 month ago)
Surviving r kelly
Rasheda Broussard (1 month ago)
And STILL the 👑king 👑of r&b!
Nlmb G-Slim150 (1 month ago)
Surviving R-kelly brought me here 2019! Who else?? 🎼🎼🎼🎼
Gustavo Jaime (1 month ago)
Fire asf
BigMarv Madison (1 month ago)
NBA tv brought me here
yuNGDeLaPhoNtE (2 months ago)
Gio Karate (2 months ago)
I came here because I wanted to hear music of Los Panchos.  What happened here???
vegetai123 (2 months ago)
Lucas Bicske (2 months ago)
Scott Storch!!
oliverrando (2 months ago)
man i never knew like r kelly did a song with game but this song is ok
Quenten Philip (2 months ago)
Don’t Hate The Player 🤣🤣
X X (2 months ago)
Mahmoud Abozied (2 months ago)
is like Shakira the orange t0shirt girl
Jon Davis (3 months ago)
Someone tell me this song doesn’t destroy any singing song by Drake
Souly (1 month ago)
Jon Davis facts
Perfect 10 Perfect 10 (3 months ago)
Nothing and everything (3 months ago)
Song older, than most of lil pump's fans haha
sayd five (4 months ago)
When the game still had inspiration for good music
Kellz & The Game are blazing it in the video for the summer 😎☀️🌳🔥💦🚤🛳🌊
Juraj Brandobur (5 months ago)
peeiers only, why pee on you honey, peeirs only, small kids are lovely
Galatasaray (5 months ago)
Im a Player and you? 😎👌
Garrett Reaves (5 months ago)
this shit fire
Rockstar R (5 months ago)
R Kelly is a legend
Young Don (5 months ago)
The game same lyrics in this is how we do
Ezra Kimutai (5 months ago)
The 2000's when music was real!
Ramzi Takidine (5 months ago)
Kel we don't know where you from hihihi we simple african hip hop knuckelheads!!! wu-tang mf
E.T guwop (6 months ago)
E. T
Chadd Smith (6 months ago)
A pervert and a legend at the same Damn time
Cocoa Femme (19 days ago)
Chadd Smith: I've realized that most legends/geniuses/mavens have an ugly/tragic/perverse side.
Roman T (1 month ago)
Chadd Smith 2 pervs
Terrance McNair (6 months ago)
2018?? Kellz my dude Can't help but love good music.
Kaleem Akbar (6 months ago)
R Kelly Is A Child Groomer Dirty Sick Bastard
Thiago Diego (6 months ago)
Som do Caray brother
Soufyan Mohamed (6 months ago)
Old school music always sounds good can’t stop listen to this song I enjoy it every time I play
Official Che-d K. (6 months ago)
Damn mane this was high school days. Kellz will forever be the 🐐. #ChiTownLegend
Souly (6 months ago)
This shit bangs. 2018!
Duma (6 months ago)
everytime i search for this song there is a newer version ! wtf
robin Schäfer (6 months ago)
2018 still best Song
r kelly ft the game good mc sincèrely and good sound sincèrely chao
fab0 (6 months ago)
scott stroch truly kills the game...
Michael Nwobu (6 months ago)
jozef vano (7 months ago)
Sava 😎
vv vn (7 months ago)
only the beat is fire🔥🔥 game verse is wack
The Music Box (7 months ago)
I have to admit that I am a bit too addicted to your compositions. I know that I am supposed to be working on my own songs. Although I keep spending all of my time here. :-O 🖤

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