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Reaction to GOT7 being drunk af for 4 minutes straight

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Hey guys, hope you enjoy the video! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvbZpN8vPA Twitter: https://twitter.com/emcybrown Instagrams: https://www.instagram.com/emcybrown/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/emmachaprivat/?hl=en Video rights: These videos do not belong to me. Owner is JYP entertainment
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Text Comments (44)
i recommend japan song of got7 they have many good song -angle https://youtu.be/LuGEfb-Yd_Y -unit mark and JB https://youtu.be/WSrvYABcjXk -unit Jinypoung and youngjae https://youtu.be/6ZCs8r5S8KY -unit Bambam and yugyeom https://youtu.be/71wiNon3htQ they are very good i want you to listen them. thank you
Emma Chaparian (3 months ago)
thank you for all the links💖 i will check them out😊
got7 forever (3 months ago)
In case you haven't watched it https://youtu.be/C9RnqIZlCg8
Emma Chaparian (3 months ago)
thank you for the link💖
Night Nightmare (4 months ago)
Night Nightmare (3 months ago)
+Emma Chaparian https://youtu.be/u7hQAxnqlaU #GOT7RealThai
Emma Chaparian (3 months ago)
thank you for the link😊
TATAR TT (4 months ago)
Do you watch " GOT7 Real Thai"? It's very funny! tmr ep.2
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
i havent seen it, but thank you for the tip💖 i might check it out😊💚
Shine ph (4 months ago)
I told you you should watch their Hard Carry show 😂😂😂 you'd never stop laughing at every episodes 😁
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha true😂😂
Stan GOT7 (4 months ago)
Yeah this video was based on their last episode of hard carry 😂😂
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha looking forward to seeing the series😂😂
Chonlada Phraibueng (4 months ago)
Can you reaction song 'u&i ' ost JB and Jackson sing for drama
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
I will add it to my watch list😉 thanks for the tip💖
Thongpak Khamsawat (4 months ago)
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
frtz __ (4 months ago)
Drunk or not, there's no difference when it comes to GOT7...😂 they are crackheads all the way... that's why i love them dorks...💚
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
lol crackhead7 for life😂🙌💚
Ainaokcat inae (4 months ago)
Yes.. Agree with u!!!!
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
glad to hear it😊💖
ino 7 (4 months ago)
I think there isn't a big difference, they are always like this 😂 Thank you for the video, hope you can react to hard carry S2 and S1 💚💚
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha crackhead culture is an everyday for got7😂 I hope i will get to do it too😊💖
Want to see smth that will make you die of laughter? Reacts to Idols exposing each other 😂 https://youtu.be/Gb1752vRjH8
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
omg lol, that sounds like a crazy video! I want to watch it then😂😂 Thank you for the link💖
Noe gt (4 months ago)
Hi emma💚 ,pleaseee🙏 react to this ,it's when got7 are doing freestyle rap together it's hilarious 😂 Got7 spitting fire https://youtu.be/-3DZoRg9hBU  ..4min Got7 the freestyle rappers https://youtu.be/PbCB518-7to  ..7min
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
Hi💚 thank you for the links💖 this is gonna be fun😂😂
hi my love 🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
Dina Lamis (4 months ago)
Hahahahaha i love this video glad u watched it The show is : hard carry season2 They are crazy talented weirdos thats why we love them 😍 Aaand i really dont know why i suddenly thinking about Yugueom's tattoo 🤔 Take care sweet Emma 💚
Dina Lamis (4 months ago)
+Emma Chaparian hahahha yes 👀👀
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
+Dina Lamis lo haha, in the pool you say?😏🔥
Dina Lamis (4 months ago)
+Emma Chaparian yeah its because the first time we saw the TATOO officially is when he did a VLIVE in pool so that's why 😂
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha glad i watched the video too😂 looking forward to seeing hard carry😍 Maybe you are thinking of it cause yugyeom maybe took the tattoo while drunk or something? i dont know the backstroy to the tattoo is, but it would be a little funny if it was from him being drunk😂😂 Take care Sarah💚💚
شاهد القرى الأسترالية و اجمل قران See Australian villages ، react Quran https://youtu.be/FnwoK0d10jo
Emma Chaparian (3 months ago)
Han Squirrelsung (4 months ago)
They really need to be named Crack7 or something😂😂😂
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha so true😂
Estelle Albis (4 months ago)
That is one of their funniest reality show. From hard carry 2. It really showed how they are which is fun to watch. Drinking alcohol is a very common culture among koreans I must say. It is how they bond with each other. It has become part of their culture to go out and have some drink after work or something. That's why even if they are celebrities or idols they are open about their drinking habits. Compared to other countries where drinking alcohol is commonly done at like parties or friday nights or weekends. In one of their appearance on a youtube channel called Dingo they mentioned their drinking habits. It was actually funny because they exposed each other. 😊
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha i noticed that about koreans😂 i dont mind them being more open with alcohol and doing it more regularly, they are having fun, no harm in that😊💖
Ellaine Vista (4 months ago)
Yes you have reàcted to this! Hope you got to do other fun videos expecially their dance practices.
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha yes, i will definetly be watching more funny videos😂 love the got7 crackhead culture💖😂
Raveena Arya (4 months ago)
Our crazy extra boys😂 That was hard carry season 2 last episode. I love hard carry series so much.
Emma Chaparian (4 months ago)
haha so cute😂💖 Looking forward to seeing hard carry series😍

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