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Flosstube 33 - Help!!!

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Don't forget to comment with your instagram, youtube channel, or blog for me to "Pay it forward" to you. You will also have to "Pay it forward" to 5 more people Also, just say "I want to stitch angle of love" or "I want the magazine" for those :) Stuff I showed: Angle of Love - Cross-Eyed Kat OOP, Sorry 16 white aida Regal Peacocks - Teresa Wentzler Just Cross Stitch Jan/Feb 1989 36 opalescent white evenweave from http://sewitall.com.au Stitches and Spice fabrics no longer available Under the Sea Fabrics https://www.undertheseafabrics.com/main.sc xJuDesign Fabrics https://www.etsy.com/shop/xJudesign Needle Minder Obsessions https://www.etsy.com/shop/stitchinmad Mucha - Brunette kit by Lanarte OOP, sorry And a Forest Grew - Rosewood Manor http://www.rosewoodxstitch.com/catalog.php?item=62&catid=12&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D12 35ct Natural Linen Tranquility Sampler - Stickideen Von Der Wiehenburg http://www.wiehenburg-online.de/patchwork/tranquility/ 1x1 32ct lugana, Cashmere Glitz by Silkweaver Hydrangea Stripe Blanket http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/hydrangea-stripe-blanket.html Japanese Octagon Box - Chatelaine https://chatelaine.de/downloads/of-chat-055-onl-011-the-japanese-octagon-box/ 32ct Mint Green Belfast Wedding Love - Stitchrovia https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/268411457/wedding-love-customisable-wedding-cross @cross_stitch_atcs on instagram to join the ATC exchange :) My Instagram: @tashage
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mibello aleman (10 months ago)
Hi Tash. I just recently discovered you and I love your videos so far, especially when you show your awesome needle minders, which I knew nothing about until recently. First, where did you get the one of the cat from? Secondly, I would use neither black or blue around the panels because it takes away from the panels themselves. They should stand out and if you add black (definitely not) and the blue they get lost and that is not good. They look beautiful without either added color. Thirdly, where did you get the chart for it, that is, not as a vase cover but as a flat wall hanging? Thanks.
Melissa Jayne (10 months ago)
Yes, yes and YES! to your additions to the Chatelaine. The black just makes everything pop, and looks exactly like you describe, looking out onto the view, and the blue green encloses the lozenges and makes the motifs really pop. Put it away for a couple of weeks, and then go back to it, and I hope you will agree it is worth the extra work. LOVE, love, love your range of WIPs, I always enjoy seeing what you are working on! Happy stitching, Melissa :-)
Hi Tash love your videos have just finished binge watching you over the last couple of days and what a day to finish on your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have had a great day. I am a fellow Aussie, Vic here lol. I think your Chatelaine changes (black and Blue ) looks fantastic and make the piece unique. If you still need more people for the pay it forward I would love to participate
Hi :) Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I hope your two monsters are letting you get some stitching done on this long weekend? I'll be happy to Pay it Forward to you. Do you have an instagram or something where I can message you?
Simunaya (10 months ago)
I would go for the black. Have a nice stitching time.
Karen Davis-Macon (10 months ago)
Yhe colors on the peacocks may be 80's, but I think the colors blend very well for 2018!! SUPER BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you start your Lanarte kit because Mucha designs are awesome. It is a hard decision, but the black looks like window panes and I like it, but the black and blue I think will weigh the beauty of the specialty stitches down. LOVE your videos!! HAPPY STITCHING TODAY AND EVERYDAY!!
Magdalena Koh (10 months ago)
Japanese Octagon Box _I think just the black panels only I am just thinking blue/green will look to heavy...??
Magdalena Koh (10 months ago)
Oops boo boo haha just realised its Angle of Love and will love to stitch it for my craft room! Brilliant
Magdalena Koh (10 months ago)
Hi still unclear for the Pay Forward .. (sorry I am thick here) but love the Angel of Love..does this require payment from me? Thank you ...
No, you don't have to pay for Angle of Love. I'll just add your name to the list and do a random number draw, and then if you win I'll just send it to you for free :)
Linda Savage (10 months ago)
Your Japanese piece looks stronger with the blue and black. I love it. 👵🐝
sandybstitcher (10 months ago)
I think those add in colors look good.
The Lazy Stitcher (10 months ago)
Puppy!!! Still can’t saying anything more coherent about her, but she is so darn cute! I think the Japanese Octagon box does look good filled in. I know what you mean though, it can be hard to tell and that’s a lot of effort to put in if in the end you don’t like it! I think it looks nice though. Lastly, I would like to stitch Angle of Love. Happy stitching!
Yvonne Vigil (10 months ago)
OMG blue/green is a yes and so is the black .Would love the Just Cross Stitch Magazine. thanks
Jeri P (10 months ago)
I do like the black and blue fillings for the octagon box. Without them it looks too skeletal, like it’s not quite finished? Gorgeous stitching!
Melissa Eggleston (10 months ago)
I love the black and blue, but you have to do what will make you want to hang it on the wall :) I'd love to stitch angle of love, my husband would love it!
Marsha Kruze (10 months ago)
Love it all and I like both the black and the blue. Puppies take a lot of time away from stitching but it will be worth it when she/he is well behaved as an adult.
donna barker (10 months ago)
I love your videos. I want the magazine. Thanks.
Julie Tippie (10 months ago)
Tash, I really love both of the changes you've made to your Chatelaine. Really makes the stitching in the panels stand out.
You *know* I'm down to Pay it Forward!!! Insta @michellebendy is best. =) I love your change to the Chatelaine but it's going to be a LOT of work. So worth it. But a LOT of work.
Tash the Star-Crossed Stitcher perfect!
Yay! Pay it Forward! I'll message you about it on IG :)
Helen D. (10 months ago)
I think both the blue and the black look great. I wouldn't have known the blue wasn't called for, it matches so well!
Pat Van Bregt (10 months ago)
I love the blue and the black you added. I would like the just cross stitch magazine, really like that peacock! Cute puppy!!
thewitchywoman (10 months ago)
I think the black and blue look great. They really pop on the rest of the stitching, without taking too much attention away from the charted things.
Carla Mc (10 months ago)
I would be willing to pay it forward to 5 people. I am @carla_mc on IG. Love your finish on Angle of Love. I like the blue on the Chatelaine but not the black. I would like to stitch Angle of Love. First time watching and I will be back. Thanks for sharing.
Jennifer Fauls (10 months ago)
I love the black and the slate on your Japanese Octagon box. I think it really gives it extra life. 😊
Yolanda Rosa Colón (10 months ago)
Me pleasa for just cross stitch thank you
D T (10 months ago)
I like both the black and blue on your chatelaine, it makes it look more like a solid oriental box as the ones I've seen don't have much blank space
Liana H (10 months ago)
I like the blue. I am planning on stitching it next year, have the kit already. Love to see your progress and experiments.
Good luck with stitching it! I think it's an easier stitch for a Chatelaine. But it's just so pretty. I can't wait to have it finished!
Amylovestoads (10 months ago)
I’d love to stitch Angle of love. My daughter loves math and minored in math in college. I’d love to stitch that for her.
Tracey Allen (10 months ago)
Here’s my feedback on your Japanese Octagon Box. I love the black between the panels, and angled like that makes it look like shadow. I think the shape of the lozenge sections are what makes the piece so striking and you kind of lose that dimension when you fill it in with the slate blue. My vote would be in favour of the black but not the slate blue. Hope that makes sense.
Tracey Allen (10 months ago)
Oh and I looove your tshirt!
Lisa Blanco (10 months ago)
Your work is stunning. I love the black and blue. The black gives it dimension I would love to stitch the Angle of Love or the Cross Sitch Magazine.
Kristen a.k.a. Craftrat (10 months ago)
I like the blue and the black, but if you don't enjoy stitching them in it might not be worth it. Enjoy your loooong weekend!
Aww, your puppy is gorgeous. Love the blue, not so much the black. I would like the Just Cross Stitch magazine please.
Frosty XStitch Dawn R. (10 months ago)
Is that Bert & Ernie on your shirt? 😂👍🏻 I really like the black on the chatelain, it brings the separate panels together. I think the blue looks good but I also like it left open as it shows the motive better... so undecided on that. Happy stitching ✖️✖️✖️
Frosty XStitch Dawn R. (10 months ago)
Oh, I am getting old, I meant Statler and Waldorf! I have never had a good memory for names 🤦🏻‍♀️ Cool shirt in any case😂👍🏻 I‘m interested to see the finished project 😍
It's not Bert and Ernie, it's Statler and Waldorf... remember the two old guys who sit in the box at the theatre and heckle Kermit and Fozzie in the Muppet show? The shirt says "Haters gonna hate" at the bottom. hahahaha Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going ahead with the black and the blue
Marisa Maker (10 months ago)
I really like what you're doing with the extra colors on the Japanese Octagon Box pattern. Definitely think it makes the panels stand out, although my personal preference would be to do something less variegated for the blue, but I think it will look great with the thread you've chosen. So many of your projects really appeal to me and I would love to stitch Angle of Love, I like nerdy stuff. :) I really look forward to your videos, excited to hear there is another one coming soon. Happy Early Birthday! My own birthday fell on Easter not that long ago, makes it extra fun, doesn't it?
A Stitch Too Far (10 months ago)
Your puppy is so cute! and i loved the fabrics by xju too, but i'm still debating if i want to extend my subscripion. Just because i have lots of fabric in my stash and it doesnt take long for me to order anything from her when i'm kitting up (since i'm in europe too). About your octagon box: when i'm not sure about how something will look i will take a digital image of it and fiddle around with it in paint or something. So i'd suggest you copy and paste the black and blue bits to the whole image and see what you think? I thought it looked really nice with both of them, but sometimes it's hard to picture the whole and this might help. I'd love to stitch the peacock from the just cross stitch magazine!
Great idea Ingeborg! I did try that at work the other day, it didn't look that good :P But I'm going ahead with the black and the blue because I obviously love doing hours of unnecessary extra work!
Ladybird Stitcher (10 months ago)
I love the colours in your Chatelaine. It looks amazing. Lucky you for finding Stitches and Spice fabric. Unfortunately Naomi (the owner of S&S) is no longer able to dye fabric due to her health, but she is slowly giving her Colour recipes to Linen and Threads. I haven’t even received my January FOTM from Tammy. It was supposedly lost in the mail. Ugh. Happy stitching and happy birthday for Sunday!
Ladybird Stitcher (10 months ago)
Linen and Threads have started selling Picture This Plus fabric as has JKs.
So it turns out I hadn't received my January FOTM from Tammy, because it just came this week. So disappointing. I remember that Linen and Threads had lots of fabbie at the retreat, but there isn't a lot to order on their website. I wonder why not.
Spruced Up Stitching (10 months ago)
Hi Tash! Always fun to catch up with you! Big Pain in the Bum - yeah that would be a major understatement for that Peacock chart - love her stuff but my goodness her charts were difficult but you are right the Regal peacock piece is gorgeous and i love your Angle of Love piece! What ARE you going to stitch on that fabric?! I am sure it will be fab! I love the blue green bits but I find the black as you say very dark so a bit strk and takes away from the beautifuls titching! The Octagon box is beautiful and it will look lovely not put together as a box. I actually also like it without the blue. Either way it is YOUR piece - it will be gorgeous either way. Now I need to get stitching a couple little mini gifts! Thanks for the inspiration to get started
Virpi R (10 months ago)
I like the black and blue in the Chateline. That Lanarte kit looks really pretty and so does all your wips. I would like to stitch angel of love and I would like to get the Just cross stitch magazine.
Annette Navarro (10 months ago)
Your Chatelaine is stunning! Absolutely keep both the black & blue. Here’s an idea - what if you stitched the black between the panels but stopping where the blue is and stitching the blue all the bottom around the mini framed motifs. What ever you decide it’s a masterpiece!!! But do keep both the black & blue. Fabulous!!! And thank you for zooming in and filming slowly so we could your beautiful stitches beads and just wow!!! Lol!
Melody Hurley (10 months ago)
Keep the blue-green looks amazing black I don't get
PaperSteven (10 months ago)
I really like the black and blue that you added. It looks beautiful.
Karen R (10 months ago)
Interesting video, love all your fabrics ! As far as I know Naomi Combe had stitches and spice she was unwell a couple of years ago so gave it up, she is a member of Stitch Maynia. I love her fabrics too ! The magazine would be fantastic I love that sampler.
Karen Craig (10 months ago)
The black and blue is stunning, really pulls the whole piece together.
mandy harkins (10 months ago)
The black and the blue green really are beautiful, gives a 3D affect 😊
MadeWithGlee (10 months ago)
Keep going with your color choices on your chatelaine!! I like the blue! Love your finishes, especially the regal peacock! ummm I'm hesitant, because I can sometimes be a flake, but i'll play... Pay it forward. OH and omg on that Lanarte kit!! I love it!!
Sherryscraftycorner (10 months ago)
Your wip are gorgeous. I love the black and blue in your Chatelaine!
jillipepper5353 (10 months ago)
Lots of pretty stitching and gorgeous fabrics, yummy. 🙋🏼

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