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YNW Melly x Wine 4 Me [Lyrics]

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I Am You
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Text Comments (867)
Layah Chan (13 hours ago)
Weave snatched😂😭😂😭
Gabby Davis (21 hours ago)
Ok so the only question thats on my mind rn is if YNW Kelly is Jamaican? (or partially jamaican)
Clara Bryant (1 day ago)
"I'm gradding your weave " im sister spooked 💀💀💀
łoßer_ãri flowers (2 days ago)
"Ride like you hate me" lmfao
AudeJah-Atira Liggins (2 days ago)
I did not know this song was called wine 4 me the first verse go hard
Terrion Jackson (2 days ago)
This is dope
Calvin2o9 (2 days ago)
1:08 slaps 🤷🏻‍♂️👏🏻
Trinity&Niyah Gang (3 days ago)
My part is 1:30
Litty Gang (3 days ago)
I ❤️ this song he said some bitch call me daddy
Sheesh (3 days ago)
Who else came from that lil boy wit the fake Bun💀
Gerlanda O'Brien (4 days ago)
Conclusion: he has a daddy kink!
Bri Hayes (5 days ago)
Me and I’m a girl his cozen
SamoanGamer3z (5 days ago)
I always love this song
Erica Barber (6 days ago)
haliya bells (6 days ago)
Like in class room
Jaylen Grigsby (6 days ago)
Who else reminded it before it ended or is it just me🤪🤩🥵❤️
DanPlays Games (7 days ago)
We go from touchin' to teasin' to fightin' and screamin'😒❤ I hate you i love you no fuck you im leavin' bitch where you goin' im grabin' your weave🙄😍 Now you grippin' the sheets as you screamin' my name for more🤤🍆🍑
Reakwon Liggins (7 days ago)
Do anybody got the instrumental
Whitney Montgomery (7 days ago)
Briana Howard (7 days ago)
Wine for me 🍷
Lxgaci (7 days ago)
Wiiiiinneee 444 meeeeeeee
Shaniya Xo (7 days ago)
He sounds like an abuser in the first verse
Ean (8 days ago)
So underated this song is so 🔥
Destiny Cobbs (8 days ago)
“Bitch call me daddy” “suck me like you love me”😲 OMG MELLY! ♥️😩😘😍
Jaquane Ayers (9 days ago)
The only thing e
Dajuan Collins (10 days ago)
Im still listening
Sheika Trichelle (10 days ago)
The Best
Aljeria Swan (10 days ago)
My favorite part is wine for me girl, wine for me girl , wine for me girl, wine for me girl Wanna see you wine for me girl wine for me girl, wine for me girl, Take yo take with me girl that's my favorite part I can't stop singing that part I love is voice LIKE IF YOU LOVE IS VOICE 😍 it's so sad because the bitch call me daddy part my girl can't call me that cause I'ma girl so I'mma be like bitch call me baby
funsizedomo love (10 days ago)
I listened to this in school and I got truble 😅😅
Destiney N (10 days ago)
“Wine 4 me”😍
sariyah Anderson (10 days ago)
Who's listening to this right now Only me okay
Chancla Cool (11 days ago)
Damnnnn he too fine 🥵🥵
waspoppin Zee (11 days ago)
qųҽҽŋ kҽʑʑʏ (12 days ago)
I'm HoOKeD😍😭😍
Erik Anderson (12 days ago)
Mane I be thinking I’m in a music video be moving in slow motion & lip singing 🤣🤣🤣every time hear this song ‼️
Trakinna Poindexter (12 days ago)
I love this song so much lol
Maryah Morris (13 days ago)
Sharlin Perez (13 days ago)
The first verse is all I came for🤣😭naw cuz it’s rlly dattttt fireeee
Jah'nyla Wilmore (13 days ago)
He thinks girls are the b word and girs don't wine but the song is dope 😎
Luis Ortiz (13 days ago)
Fucked up all the talent
comfy Friday (14 days ago)
Cant stop listening to this 😭💗
Funny Videos (14 days ago)
I’m cute add me on snap bruh1000000 no ugly bitches
Pyt_ Laura (14 days ago)
2 verse 🔥
Chylaney Garcia (15 days ago)
My nigga better love me to this song
Thatboy Dsean (15 days ago)
Yo like if melly is the goat
Mimi Washington (15 days ago)
Melly is bae for daysss
McKenna Calvin (15 days ago)
the way he says “call me daddy” dammmmmmnnnn
Queen Sanaa (15 days ago)
It need ta be a official video
Shortie Spice (15 days ago)
Who still listening to this in 2019?
This is dope!🥰it helps me get over crying😭
Nolan Terrell (16 days ago)
Keila Olivera (16 days ago)
I love this song
Makayla Green (16 days ago)
I love this so much he is my favorite rapper YNW Melly
Leiana Brenes (16 days ago)
Omg I have a huge crush on YNW melly 😍😍
Adorable Tube (16 days ago)
When i first heard i thought shii nasty but when i heard it a few times i was like shii lit😂💍
Jamal Gordon (16 days ago)
Fee him
Les Gaming Experience (17 days ago)
PRETTY SQUAD (17 days ago)
Ynw melly gets me in my feelings 💛😍 His voice is so cute❤ I just play this all over again😍
Bestie_squad 08 (18 days ago)
This my song and it’s dead 2019
Bestie_squad 08 (18 days ago)
This my song and it’s dead 2019
Destiny Hart (18 days ago)
Yall he singing to me xd
Zeriah Johnson (19 days ago)
Idc I just love this song
Parish McNutt (19 days ago)
This is my shit
Parish McNutt (12 days ago)
On god
Parish McNutt (16 days ago)
On gob
1kidblessed (19 days ago)
bruh everytime i listen to this song i think about that boy with the fake ponytail
Aljeria Swan (10 days ago)
1kidblessed wat bot with the fake hair
McKenna Calvin (15 days ago)
1kidblessed SAME
DuddyDBeats (19 days ago)
still fire in 2019 free melly lool
Netta Henry (20 days ago)
Who else no this whole song and still here2k19
Jayda Banks (21 days ago)
Talk to me baby, tell me you love me 😘❗️ * feel that *
Kaden Tate (21 days ago)
Somebody need to make an instrumental, so I can hop on that beat
Destiny Hart (18 days ago)
Im dead
Tamish the shepherd (21 days ago)
Immo join😂
KaTera Deon (21 days ago)
March 2019?
PACKS OF PORTS (21 days ago)
How does the lyrics have more views then the song
baybuzinezz (21 days ago)
Bruh he goes too hard
Mari’s Vlogs (22 days ago)
He does no wrong😩❤️
Ladaria Champine (22 days ago)
i love this song
Paul Vincent Feraren (22 days ago)
Who else can not stop listening to this song 😂
Paul Vincent Feraren (22 days ago)
Jay k 47 (23 days ago)
Free my cousin
Zyikira henderson. (23 days ago)
Man free melly period 💯💯💯
DEVZ LDN (23 days ago)
Makayla Brock (23 days ago)
🍷4️⃣ me 👧
Itzzz___ jayyy (24 days ago)
Nicole Parrish (24 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
Abrianna Adams (25 days ago)
is it sad that i know all the words to this song?? lmao
Tae Vlogs! (26 days ago)
“Talk to me baby, tell me you love me bitch call me daddy” 🔥
Iluhh youbillie (27 days ago)
I keep replaying this song😪
Kia Hart (28 days ago)
I don't why I just found this man❤👂
james gang (28 days ago)
I'm a big fan of ynw melly
Kayla Stanley (29 days ago)
xVisionBarz YT (29 days ago)
Did. Nxsk
Aaliyah MyLove (1 month ago)
That back n forth sexy asf♥️ fighting n screaming to touching 😍😍♥️
Chania Currie (1 month ago)
Ride like u luvv 😫❤️😩😘
Kidd Cholo (1 month ago)
the lyrics are perfect
Hannah Blackwell (1 month ago)
Take your time on me girl😩😩😩 i wanna take my time on a nigga
De'Aija Saunders (1 month ago)
Free Ynw melly
Free Melly till it’s backwards
Marcell Dwai (1 month ago)
This guys a straight goof killing your own homeboys your a lil bitch snake ass illuminati riding Satan dick what u killed them for the industry as a sacrifice is that why one of your songs have dead chickens hanging damn boi that's straight demonic shit just like your last name demons wonder why the illuminati picked u cause your easy to manipulate your spineless ass when this guy gets convicted for killing his 2ex homies I swear someone is gunna feed him lead
Keshia Payne (1 month ago)
Antoine johnson (1 month ago)
Wine 4 me girl aye😋😋😋😍😍
Play it on 0.25 this go hard creepy
Victoria Lampkin (1 month ago)
This is my song
Zuurhh (1 month ago)
🍷4 me
someyoutuber (1 month ago)
Ynw AlmightyDez rip Sak and Juvy #youngniggaworld #FreeYNWMelly

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