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Text Comments (222)
30m3 (4 hours ago)
The rpice will down eventually once they build more facilities, but right now way too expensive for what it is.
Vincent Anderson (1 day ago)
Why doesnt someone try to colour the fuck out if the 4d sole, imagine 4d x boost or yeesy x 4d which will be commin...yeesy x off white would be so cool but could never obv happen.
Vincent Anderson (1 day ago)
+Hes Kicks maybe jst a really cool fabric pen/ marker design.. cheers
Hes Kicks (1 day ago)
Hydrodip? lol maybe.
Kuya Arbee (1 day ago)
Love my alpha edge 4D but you’re right 300-350 is a bit too much maybe at 200-250 range would be best!!!! They need to make more 4D shoes available and I love the stability and comfort and doesn’t have foot fatigue compared to boost
Tony Bland (1 day ago)
Wearing those right now.
Damien Jeremy Weir (2 days ago)
That shoe is really nice. I like the uppers and the colourway. I would cop for 200. 350 is just not it.
Austimotive (3 days ago)
Adidas are missing a trick here bigtime. They've been hyping up 4D for over a year now, on limited release shoes. Now they release the first shoe to have different colour (white) 4D midsole, and it's on a terrible Stella McCartney collab shoe. We should be seeing loads of colours, black, white, yellow, metallic etc and see them working with their higher end collabs like Yeezy & Pharrell.
erick yoon (3 days ago)
honestly if prices were 250-300 range i would but prices to high for meh
Demogorgo (3 days ago)
If you step in dog poop, you could never clean it off.
Ur boi Ignoid (3 days ago)
If these were half the price then I’d buy
mody15bles (4 days ago)
i would also like to check them out, but the price point is like my whole paycheck ;f
Fabianfeat23 (4 days ago)
I think it's not yet dead but ist too expensive
bearatts (4 days ago)
Just too expensive and too late. Kind of a novelty item at this point
Mr. Reanu Keeves (4 days ago)
Too expensive :/
Jack Breiter (4 days ago)
If Adidas lowered the price they would be much more successful. I have been fortunate enough to have two pairs of 4D (OG Alphaedges, and the first pair of ZX4000) I wore the Alphaedges a lot and they got super comfy. Also 4D is actually fairly competitive with boost over time.
Matej Novak (4 days ago)
I mostly want to know why you don't lace your shoes.
JabTrill (4 days ago)
Is it dead? No. People just aren’t tryna pay $400 for a shoe
brelaxed13 (3 days ago)
I just paid 500 for the white ones. I just love the look. Not getting that with anything else out there. Think it's a perfect summer shoe
Alan bettley (4 days ago)
Torsion came out in the early 90s. It was pretty much a plastic bar that was placed mid shoe to provide extra support and flexion to minimise the stress on the foot for athletes. Whether it worked or not was another thing
motherfucker be hating cuz they can't afford it.
TheHuskyGT (4 days ago)
I admit I am a Nike/Jordan fanboy, but I do have a pair of Boost crazy BYW hidden far deep in my closet, and I have to admit (very quietly) that they are the best shoe I've ever worn. So yeah, Boost all the way.
South Movie (4 days ago)
4Ds used to be made in Germany but looks like Adidas keeping the cost down now and they have given the 4D 3Ds contract to China and Vietnam this new ones are not made in Germany. That’s why these new 4D 3D is dead not moneys worth
Felix Garcia (5 days ago)
Flop, and boost hasn’t died. Maybe in the mainstream scene, but in the real world.
Felix Garcia (5 days ago)
I think yeezy’s are over shadowing adidas.
Felix Garcia (5 days ago)
Not worth $350, rather grab me a pair of 700’s
chanhee jung (5 days ago)
Please, can you show the compressing the hill really hard in every video!? I really get satisfied at that moment.
Adidas was supposed to make 100,000 pairs of 4D in 2018. Not sure what the exact numbers were for last year but its easy to say they were not even close. Then there’s the price point which is ridiculous. I think Adidas is decades away from having the technology in stores. The only model that I wanted with 4D was the Y3 MID in black which they never even made. So for me, the tech is dead. Nike kicked Adidas dick in the dirt last year and its going the same way this year. Adidas needs to do something different to think about competing with Nike.
Hes Kicks (5 days ago)
yeah that was surprising that we didnt see a push from them at all, still.
Jason Kim (5 days ago)
They are dead cuz it’s not worth that price and plus adidas isn’t doing good. Adidas itself is dead right now.
brelaxed13 (3 days ago)
Please tell me why adidas is dead right now? That's such a stupid thing to say. Do you think it's dead because you are a sheep who just listens to what everyone else says without bothering to form your own opinion?
David Campos (5 days ago)
harder midsole, no comfort. .hard to clean midsole ..the dirt stock inside web midsole. high price. innovation failed for this 4d
Richard Lam (5 days ago)
I totally agree. $350? Yeah no way. Love how the 4d looks and the zx 4000 is a great sneaker to look at, but for $350 retail, there is no way I would buy it. Maybe 200-220.
Neil Rivera (5 days ago)
Can i have a pair?
β ζεφαηιελ (5 days ago)
wouldn't it be cool if it was caged (not fully) and the semi connected directly inside the shoe for max ventilation??
β ζεφαηιελ (5 days ago)
I want it caged just a bit because cleaning grime getting inside the sole would be hell.
Jordan T (5 days ago)
Well when you selling a trainer at £250-400 that is probably why tbh lol
Y0KII28 (5 days ago)
So ugly
dSnugs (5 days ago)
Sorry, but saying $200 is on the high side is a mistake for the 4ds, especially when people are paying $200+ for retro jordans. Yeah, jordans are great and the silhouettes are classic but the comfort and performance of the shoes aren't worth what they charge.
dSnugs (5 days ago)
Way to expensive of a price point. Not only that but their limited and slow releases definitely killed a lot of the 4d anticipation. Lets not forget, that once the outsole rubber is worn through, the shoe becomes a paperweight.
XNight _trap (6 days ago)
I think the shoes itself is dope but the price is sadly a nope..
Robert Zancu (6 days ago)
Lace yo fokin shoez
Sole Vice (6 days ago)
That pro ass unboxing is about to singlehandedly bring 4D back from the dead😂😂😂😂
joseph drummond (6 days ago)
I have 4ds and don't wear them because they are super uncomfortable. I hope it dies.
Alan Hoang (4 days ago)
Really cuz i have boost and im planning to get these
David Auquilla (6 days ago)
Imagine cleaning the shoes after a day of use.. mud, dirt, grass.... Shhsss I pass I'll stick to yezzys and ultra boost
enzo 912 (6 days ago)
Dead?? Are you stupid? Nobody have this sneakers!
Smoke O Loco (6 days ago)
Theses shoes are the only perk I've got from being an icon on the Adidas app
Scott Le (6 days ago)
Boost and 4D haven't died down - I think us sneakerfolk are in a bubble/echo chamber. I meet people still that haven't heard of boost technology and 4D. I saw an article by business insider telling people about Parley, LOL The general public is still sleeping on all of this - they're too focused on Jordan retros or Nike Tanjuns
Matt Wood (6 days ago)
expensive crap I still think boost is the way.
Hayden Eden (6 days ago)
Are adidas like scared of making high top sneakers like you could make such fire hightops with the 4D but no they just make a bunch of shit that looks exactly like ultraboost which weve had for like 5 years
Romain Abbas (6 days ago)
How would you clean that mid sole?
HOBOBOB1022 (4 days ago)
Compressed air or water
C. Mazz (6 days ago)
I really liked the original 3d's I thought at that point they were the future. Now since they made the color that green, I don't want them as much. They somehow look cheaper. They need to adjust the cost 200 or 240. I still want the orig 3d's in all black.
Anthony Levine (6 days ago)
that's a fire pick up, I think they're mad overpriced tho
nguyen phamkhoi (6 days ago)
the 4D midsole look cool but... it is NOT comfortable at all. that is a NO for most of sneakerhead I guess. maybe only if you have a lot of money or want to resell it to other then ok but... to wear it, hell NO.
A.Frank Blunt (6 days ago)
Bro.... is your CHANNEL DEAD? U are the ONLY one out of millions that bought those bullshits. They were never “alive” and u bought more than one so that says a lot. Ugly ass green bottom shoes, bcz Adidas can’t tell the fucktards who 3d print them bullshits to add a fucking dye to make them another color besides neon faded green. Foh
Kaff Don (6 days ago)
4D died on 2nd arrival with that RRP....literally a future collab killer. Who will now pay over 4D RRP for a collab and its unlikely adidas would drop the price for a collab which is the only way to build hype back....or change the colour of the 4D midsole but again, the price. I say this as a 4D fan and some 1 who wants everyone to try or own a pair.
Il Diavolo (6 days ago)
$500 u.s for these???? Definitely pass!! For that price prefer jordans.
Alex 1235813 (6 days ago)
I like 4d but not the new thick Sole. The consortium sole is much more beautiful
Cory Thayer (6 days ago)
I copped these n will keep but still love my boost. I like that everyone’s off the boost wave as it makes all the pairs cheaper to cop. I’ve been getting unreal deals on my boost fix.
Kirsty (6 days ago)
The editing was a little different on this video, especially at the start. I liked that. With the soundtrack used it popped a bit more.
Laava torakka (6 days ago)
Yes, it is
S KR (6 days ago)
Clickbait video with bs clickbait red arrow thumbnail...
Fureddo28 (6 days ago)
Great vid’ Hes! I think the 4D lack a design compelling enough to justify such a price point. This technology needs a marketing coup similar to what adidas did with the Ultraboost and Kanye. Think they should drop a super limited Yeezy using 4D just to reignite the flame. Yeezy has been milking it’s 350 v2 way too much as of late. This could help overcome customer fatigue. Stella Mc Carthney or Y-3 already had super exclusive pairs using 4D cushioning, but these were more for connoisseurs. Hypebeasts need something easier to understand, yet bold and of course limited enough to go crazy about it.
Black-Amaterasu (6 days ago)
dirt will pill up INSIDE the sole, thats new
thomasjehhh123 (6 days ago)
1:26 nike’s sneakers app?
Isaac Rivera (6 days ago)
it looks fucken ugly that’s why its dead
Adiel Abrahams (6 days ago)
Ok im not hating on this video but why is ur camera losing its focus so much on ur other videos its not this bad
King Song Sneakers (6 days ago)
I had my foot 3D scanned recently and got some perfect insoles as a result. Changed my life. I think 4D could be awesome.
adamgs351 (5 days ago)
+KiSong Smith Appreciate It!
KiSong Smith (5 days ago)
A store called “Fleet Feet”
adamgs351 (5 days ago)
where did you get them scanned? i am looking into getting some custom insoles as well Appreciate the info!
Definition_X (6 days ago)
niggas resale is way off the road
The Green Panda (6 days ago)
put 4d on some yeezys and instant hall of Famer and it'll 100% sell out
The Green Panda (6 days ago)
+Draz'Gul did you forget about the desert rats and every other 500 and yeah also the duck boots but those were pretty badly received overall
Draz'Gul (6 days ago)
+The Green Panda you mean the boots?
The Green Panda (6 days ago)
+Draz'Gul honestly they should try to expand the tech in yeezys but still keep Kanye's aesthetic they could make alot of money that way
The Green Panda (6 days ago)
+Draz'Gul and they still sell out
The Green Panda (6 days ago)
+Draz'Gul there are yeezys without boost though...
Angelo Alvendia (6 days ago)
Adidas was reaching by trying to do a $300-#350 retail for this shoe. They already were reaching by putting the Ultra Boost at the 180 price point 4 years ago. No way these shoes should be close to Yeezy 350 and 700s retail price
TiP121PP (6 days ago)
Dirt, Pebbles and Mud magnet. After a few months you are going to have all sorts of junk trapped inside that sole.
Hes Kicks (6 days ago)
yeah i want to do a cleaning vid on them to see how it is, working on that lol
Adam Tan (6 days ago)
I wish i cn have a pair T.T
Antwan Frazier (6 days ago)
Did it ever live to die lol?
Lim Sze Hong (6 days ago)
with $350 i would rather pick up a pair of Adapt BB instead
Juan Arroyo (6 days ago)
Chris Bailey (6 days ago)
Legit forgot 4D was still a thing they were putting out
Equality 7-2521 (6 days ago)
If they want this tech to succeed, they HAVE to figure out a way to color it. Pale green only works on so many colorways.
Hes Kicks (6 days ago)
Equality 7-2521 I think they have just not released
A_lot (6 days ago)
Yea if they were 240 or lower I think they would be bought, but 300+ is just crazy even for sneakerheads
ivan martoni (6 days ago)
Looks dope
Em-Plug-Ee 22 (6 days ago)
Best intro yet. Great video.
Hes Kicks (6 days ago)
Jimbo Barrion (6 days ago)
This colorway looks better, and I like the hybrid term you used - futuristic retro :) The rugged look made a deconstructed vibe to the look. Price is still high for the shoe. Probably have a better outlook by the 5th generation of the technology. Trial and error and make it more accessible to the rest of the world with a lesser price point.
Ryan Loomis (6 days ago)
If Adidas hasn't gotten it to where its in store and ready to be customized to our feet then I don't think they ever will. Right now I believe it's just a marketing gimmick they are using as an excuse to WAYYYYY overcharge for a sneaker.
Mac McRae (6 days ago)
They look like they are made of hemp. They need a cool weed name.
yummdiddy (6 days ago)
the 4d cushioning is too expensive to be that mediocre
Junyi Li (6 days ago)
I got a size 5.5 anyone want to swap?
BertoBeats (6 days ago)
This will only ever actually be cool if they do what they said was their ultimate plan, to 3D print these in-store custom to the feet of customers. Otherwise it's just a wacky novelty. There is no point in selling these shoes unless they're made custom to your foot like they say.
sasaugebun (6 days ago)
I hope they put the upper on a ultraboost sole.
David Rothenberg (6 days ago)
These are the hottest sleepers of the year. I grabbed the day they dropped.
R I (6 days ago)
David Rothenberg oh ok thanks and was wondering is there any shoe close to this shoe comfort?? Just curious to know
David Rothenberg (6 days ago)
+R I They are very comfortable. Not as cushy as boost, but still good for being on your feet all day.
R I (6 days ago)
David Rothenberg are they comfortable?
Ben S. (6 days ago)
Honestly I’ve never been hyped to buy 4D technology, especially after watching reviews and hearing it was nowhere near as comfortable as Boost. To me comfortability is a huge factor, but hey that’s just me.
Carlito Anthony Bronk (6 days ago)
No way!! Great technology!! Actually it’s genius
Matthew Meade (6 days ago)
Can you do a 4D vs Boost comparison video?
SYA Playz (6 days ago)
It's sad that the hype on adidas was best at the GOT ultraboost... EVEN retro-ing 1.0s will be better selling
Moose Juice (6 days ago)
The shoe is hideous, but the 4D is cool
Ted Robles (6 days ago)
Did you went tts or high size up? If I have wide feet go tts?
Rick Novak (6 days ago)
Wore my Grey Ones today. I disagree...the materials are on point. The suede is fantastic. And the 4D is really comfy all day.
Mariano Kanyes Son (6 days ago)
Adidas in general has been dead for the past year😂
ace23 nyan (6 days ago)
How is it dead?
Danny C (6 days ago)
boost hasn't died down its just normal to wear now. It went from novelty to a mainstay. Sneaker youtubers cant seem to get that.
DirtyBrit (1 day ago)
77052 6 really? Name one sole that’s comfier than boost other than maybe zoom. 4D doesn’t even compare which is crazy as they are much more expensive.
DirtyBrit (1 day ago)
Teguh Aditya u high? UB have sales for as low as £80
Tony Bland (1 day ago)
Sneaker youtubers are cancer
77052 6 (4 days ago)
Boost has 100% died down. It went down the same road the Nike roshes did.
Rory Main (5 days ago)
+Christian Arteaga Agree
Abel Aguirre (6 days ago)
It’s not fucking dead dummy, unlike you, we don’t have all of the money in the world, 4d is a new technology and EXPENSIVE, hence if the price lowers more people will wear it
Warrior Panda 7 (6 days ago)
Think about if mud or dirt got into the holes of the sole that be a bitch to clean
Savy Voeung (6 days ago)
Nice I got me a pair too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gallivant (6 days ago)
Please tie your shoelaces. Doesn’t look good at all. I thought it was an 8 year old kid on the on-feet clips.
Johnathon Castro (6 days ago)
How can it be dead if it was never poppin???.
DirtyBrit (6 days ago)
Johnathon Castro never popping? Where’s been living? Under a rock? The never made, the Daniel arsham, the alpha edge, all were better than this pile of shit hes is holding. Never popping 🤣 sneakerhead you certainly are not.
Starlin_knows_kicks (6 days ago)
I got them uncomfortable but I was told they will get better the more you wear them so let's see
Stan Yiu (6 days ago)
I am right there with you Hes: Boost is still life. Still rocking Ultra Boost as they are still the most comfortable and stylish sneakers out there. For me anyway. As long as they keep making UB I will keep buying them.
King Cozy (6 days ago)
It was never really poppin like that it was just expo

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