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Remembering Drunk Driver Victims...

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This video presentation is dedicated to my granddaughter Summer Pitner who was killed by a drunk driver on September 26, 2006 & all other drunk driver victims I have met since opening a myspace memorial page for Summer. All the loved ones in this video & the families of these victims have touched my life profoundly! It is my passion to use my God given talents to make everyone who watches these videos aware of the serious issue of drinking & driving. The tragedy & shattered lives left behind by the family members who have to somehow find a way to pick up the pieces of their fractured family & keep their loved ones memory alive is 100% avoidable! If you want to drink, fine... JUST DON'T DRIVE... IT IS SIMPLE... CALL A FREIND... CALL A CAB... JUST DON'T GET INTO YOUR CAR & PUT THE LIVES OF OTHERS YOU SHARE THE ROAD WITH AT RISK!
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lalathe619 (7 years ago)
it's not right ..the driver lives but they die ?
Jesus Saves (7 years ago)
God bless you all
Harley Mosher (8 years ago)
I've been on this earth for 40 years and theres one thing you can't stop no matter how hard you try and how many videos you make....You can't stop STUPIDITY!!! It will never happen no matter how many people have to die! So i say make the laws tougher.... If you kill someone while drinking & driving charge them with MURDER at that point a car is no different than a gun. You choose to drive drunk you should pay!! Remember that word STUPIDITY cuzz a lot of people have it!!
ginasimmons (8 years ago)
Trevor Irving (8 years ago)
They should also show this in prision when they pick up people for DUI. Maybe some f them would think twice after seeing the video.
Maxharddrive64 (8 years ago)
So sad and so sorry for your loss...What's really sad is that I think we all know someone who has been killed because of someone decided to drink and driving...my note above goes out to you also..
Maxharddrive64 (8 years ago)
Ya know, My suggestion to anyone you ever meet who has a DUI or impared on their record and is complaining about how much it costs and the hassle it is...direct them to this video. There is no replacing these people who did nothing other than be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't even imagine the anger, pain and outrage you must be feeling, my heart and prayers go out to you. May God comfort you and may time take away the sting and help mend your broken hearts..
starr fisher (9 years ago)
Why is it that some of the girls look like they could have been famous? Is it just the "what could have been" that I see?
Laura Perez (9 years ago)
its so very sad but happends to much my little brother john was killed bye a drunk driver on 04/03/2005
Anthony Harris (9 years ago)
I dont know what iwould do if my wife and my unborn son were killed.
Batool (9 years ago)
sorry ............... God .
Batool (9 years ago)
That what too painful , May Dod helps all families.
Nicky D (9 years ago)
what's the name of that song.
Nicky D (9 years ago)
people stop fucking driving drunk.
Noora Ojala (9 years ago)
Thanks for this video, its amazing and I hope this will take peoples attention, it rly should. As Im now trying to make difference with my Summer's and Kelli's vids Ill but this video to my channel for a while to tell that there is way too many more.. :(

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