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Simply Three - Rain (Original Song)

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►New T-shirts and hoodies! Click here: http://bit.ly/S3Teespring ►Download "Rain" on the album "Undefined" now: http://smarturl.it/S3Undefined ►Get a FREE DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/S3Download ►"Rain" sheet music here: http://mnot.es/2kkVxez Our original song, Rain, started with Zack while he was watching an episode of House. There was a beautiful chord progression at the end of the episode that inspired him to create the beginning cello hook that starts Rain. From there, we wrote the melodies that bring the song to life. The chorus melody was actually written a while before Zack wrote the hook for Rain, but we felt that it fit the song perfectly once we began writing it. We named it Rain because the beginning cello hook that Zack plays reminded us of rain drops. Since we're from Arizona, rain has a special place in our hearts because it doesn’t rain a lot here. This song has quickly become one of our most popular songs; it is now our third most viewed video in less than a year! Thank you for listening, everybody! Special thanks to Eastman Strings for donating the instruments used in this video. 🎻🎻🎻 THE VIDEO Produced by Apairus Company. Directed by Bret Kalmbach. VFX: Dan Fusselman. DP: Bret Kalmbach. THE SONG Written by Simply Three and Peter Costa. Engineered, recorded, produced, and performed by Simply Three. Additional production by Peter Costa. Mixed by Jesse String. Mastered by Nathan James. LINKS Subscribe: http://bit.ly/S3Subscribe Facebook: http://facebook.com/simplythree Instagram: http://instagram.com/simplythree Twitter: http://twitter.com/simply_three Website: http://simplythreemusic.com Pandora: http://www.pandora.com/simply-3 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ZZVk8undJqXJqQ1GHCTp2 Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/simply-three/620128204 #SimplyThree #Rain #Undefined #Violin #Cello #Bass © Simply Three, Inc. 2017 http://simplythreemusic.com
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Text Comments (3999)
mireille morel (7 hours ago)
magnifique !
Julie Nobbs rayfield (14 hours ago)
Patricia Maldonado (14 hours ago)
Hermosa música 😍😘😘
supattra wansri (14 hours ago)
Beautiful 👍
jessie siloy (16 hours ago)
a very2x good music.
Patti B (21 hours ago)
Yasemin F. Kılıçaslan (21 hours ago)
What a beautiful music. Congrats! ♥
Pranav Sharma (1 day ago)
This is one of the best bit of music I've heard till date. Way to go. 😍😍❤
Lauta (1 day ago)
Sois increibles. Preciosa canción.
Jx Nightmare (1 day ago)
I hope you really reach 1 mil..I hope someday i can be as good as you guys
madalena rodrigues (1 day ago)
Nossa que linda 🤗😘 amo
이사카 (2 days ago)
Gosia S (2 days ago)
Nurlan Quliyev (2 days ago)
Marcia Corbin (2 days ago)
I could listen to this for hours....soulful class...nice
cristian silva (2 days ago)
Lois Mondejar (2 days ago)
Omggg. My heart is melting. 😍😍😍
leazer pereira junior (2 days ago)
Best of showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwmmmmmmmmmmmm
Silver Schooner (2 days ago)
Wood instruments in the rain...I hope they were props! 😜🤓
Timis Chevi (2 days ago)
Ayşe nur (3 days ago)
Enstrumanlar konuşursa konsepti.
mary anna (3 days ago)
Nádherná hudba,a k tomu video,super
Raahat Gupta (3 days ago)
Well, it seems rain drops are falling right through my computer screen!
ayodhyankit paul (3 days ago)
Simply Awesome :)
Evi Agustina (3 days ago)
Waw 💕💕💕💕
karol P. (3 days ago)
Que música linda! 😍
nzerofthemonth (3 days ago)
Beautiful thank you
Ahmed Bilal (3 days ago)
Heart and soul touching. So soothing and calming. Excellent piece of work.
Roger Sadler (3 days ago)
chillmotion (3 days ago)
Was für ein schönes Lied!
Renata Rodrigues (3 days ago)
Fantástica <3
Kate K. (4 days ago)
Formidable !
Như Quỳnh (4 days ago)
Galbe Bee (4 days ago)
Easy Living Portugal (4 days ago)
So from the heart. Muito obrigado Jack Bastiaansen www.easylivingportugal.com
Luu D (4 days ago)
Wow, it's so beautiful :')
menotangel (4 days ago)
О, это гениально, такие агрессивный мужички и такая духовная музыка))))
Tuby T (5 days ago)
Yash Sharma Fitness (5 days ago)
Thanks to YouTube we get to know about such artists. Amazing melody folks. <3
Whitney Houston (5 days ago)
beautiful Music 😍❤
nuunuu246 (5 days ago)
This piece makes me want to have faith in love and life. As if it's telling me everything will be ok. Just have a little faith and patience. Thank you.
arle chan (6 days ago)
Best thing I listened in ma whole life ♥️✨
Lucy lucc (6 days ago)
Bien joué🎶😍🙋
Lilia Kovalchuk (6 days ago)
Its superb!!!
Ronald Esquerra (6 days ago)
Liusha Huang (6 days ago)
I miss the Rain from Seattle.
Aybeniz Xalilova (6 days ago)
Algis Storpirstis (6 days ago)
Rasha Al Dirawi (7 days ago)
Mimmo Raoul Serratore (7 days ago)
Complimenti, sto ascoltando queste note mentre sto scrivendo il mio libro...
Thais Regina (7 days ago)
Que perfeição
陳聖沅 (7 days ago)
I can feel the resonance create by our love for music
Babaft Moore (7 days ago)
Amazing! I'm hooked!
Neema Sanga (7 days ago)
Kaukiry (7 days ago)
strings players under the rain... it disturbing me X)
Yani (7 days ago)
I'm currently in the process of writing a novel series, it's been years since I'd begun, writing this tragedy... And yet when I listen to this, I can just envision my series having a happy ending... Even though I know it's impossible.
Lindo do mais valeu 😉😉🇧🇷
Satheeshan Surendran (8 days ago)
Perfectly blended song....felt like drenched in the rain...hu.
danny dourlens (8 days ago)
Roses are Red (8 days ago)
I have a playlist for when i feel like leaving this place and need reminding why i have to stay. This is on it now. Thank you.
アニメOtaku (8 days ago)
que buena música
Jahidur Rahman (8 days ago)
This Never gets old... No matter how many time I listen to it.
Is Amaizing piece of musical, I love so much this song, thanks guys is a nice work
Karllus Souza (8 days ago)
Amazing fabulous best excellent.
Sinan Öztürk (8 days ago)
Dinlerken ruhum canlanıyor, bir gökkuşağı oluşuyor içimde...
Azeem Sayed (8 days ago)
Amazing <3
Aris Ringos (8 days ago)
I just find peace in my heart listening to this music. Thankyou so Puch ❤️❤️❤️
黃薰儀 (9 days ago)
Beautiful melody…let me feel better and better … this afternoon my love cat is gone T_T, I hope that he will be happy in the paradise…Thanks my love Mono stay with me 18 years…I'm SO sad can't stay with you today because I'm in business travel foreign T_T
Amazing gift of talents. God bless you.
Ummara Rabbani (9 days ago)
Love...... 👏👏👏👏👏👏
SILVIO FONSECA (9 days ago)
Desiré París (10 days ago)
Sin palabras... El alma vuela... Maravilloso. Bienvenidos a mi vida. Simple Three. Felicitaciones.
Asdjkl Asdjkl (10 days ago)
Kelvin Kiune (10 days ago)
im curious, why would anyone hate this song???
Ho Dienan (10 days ago)
I cried when watching this video because it's very beautiful and touching my mind. Wish I were there to dancing under the rain with music <3
Me encanta, voy días escuchándola durante las noches y madrugadas, y en clase se las pongo a mis estudiantes mientras trabajamos. Me encanta desde como inicia hasta el fin, solo necesito escucharla mientras que cierro mis ojos y respiro hondo! Muy buena!
alan carvalho (10 days ago)
Alguém sabe se tem essa música sem ser tocado? Qual nome dela ❤️❤️ muito lindaa
M Trinidad (10 days ago)
This is treasure for my ears and I found it! Thank you for this beautiful piece.... bravo!👏🌹💐
Andy Nguyen (11 days ago)
I fukc up some nice instruments
Hariharan L (11 days ago)
Fav Always! 😘🎶
ADESO Divine (12 days ago)
i am in love with piece oh Godddd
army 93 (12 days ago)
I think this is real music, i want also listen live.
Vladimir Simashev (12 days ago)
Очень прекрасная музыка . !!!
Siryos (12 days ago)
Me encanta la hubieran hecho más larga y el final más repetido. Y el vídeo la caída de gotas lentamente excelente simplemente fantástica😃😃😃...
firman maulana (13 days ago)
Its so amazing music"). I hearing every days")
Cter TTG (13 days ago)
Damn...beautiful music <3
Eloisa Delgado (13 days ago)
So many things I've learned So many paths I've walked Its still not enough For me to give up So give me a light Hand me a map And let the flames rise Till there's no more gap Between you and me The winds and the seas There's so much to see They'll say we're crazy We'll let them be For they cannot see The world as we know it can be So come on now Come on, come on now Its alright You don't have to carry it all I'll shine a light And carry you home
Nacelma Santos (13 days ago)
iman ismail (14 days ago)
Nice and perfect thanks 😍
Bisma Septiawan (14 days ago)
this is one of beautifull music.... like this...
Norah Touati (14 days ago)
C'est puissant c'est magnifique 🎶💎😘
Kimy Anh (14 days ago)
Please sub for my channel and comment below. I will sub back for your channel ….
Cesário Simões (14 days ago)
Lembra-me "Vejo Flores em Você"! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yei-5Q1pOGs
lewes (14 days ago)
Абсолютное эмоция обычного счастья!
Bonnie Nolan (14 days ago)
Not being focused on one thing but all things is the balance people needs present. Spread the joy of...............
Robyn Morgan (15 days ago)
So much emotion this music gave me. I could not stop smiling! Thank you
MICHELA O. (15 days ago)
Sogno ad occhi aperti 🤗☀️❤️😍
Arek Koks (15 days ago)

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